N-trope 4 «monkeys write» LOWly French Dispatch 2 B-get 2 B-get


3/23/22> 2:44 > woke up @ 1:22 + laid there 4 N hour b4 figuring may az well wake up make cof-E since U had 2 get up 2 N-E-way @ 4:30-5:00 2 ketch 5:50 train 2 NYC > Low show in D.C. sold out so figured U wd C 'em in NYC... of course Ur bedder-½ found x-cuse 2 go 4 work, ∫umping 2 do w/ googol ± climate change > un4tun8ly got notice from UPS saying boxes of Math Class scheduled 4 saturday + U'll B in NYC still... + aftr signing up 4 acct (w/ required 12+ letter passwd w/ all 5orts of wierd ¢hara¢ters, #s + capitaliz8ion U were D-nied b/c sum 1 else @ this address (Ur bedder-½) already has acct... is there really no house w/ more than 1 person living in it T N-E where? does N-E 1 Ls take offense 2 these «I am not a robot» captcha things? there'll come a day when these will B considered robotist... what if U don't feel humun ≈ u5? ½ the time U can't figure out tho5e dam captchas, ⊕ identifying streelights ⊕ motorcycles ⊕ whatever Ls they thr0w @ U > + Y shouldn't robots b aloud 2 sine up 4 UPS ⊕ po5t b∞k reviews on goodreads, etc.?

> ⌚ed The French Dispatch (★★★★) last nite ⊕ mayB iT was nite b4, ... naught sure what 2 think of Wes Anderson, original 4 sure but ∫umtimes he val-Us style over sub5tance 2 much

> losing 5team w/ these word-Ls... SHALL.... really? + LOWLY (2days word-L) took U 6 tries just b/c U couldn't bring Urself 2 type iT b/c U loathe th adverbial word s0 much, but come 2 think of iT, coincidence LOW is playing in NYC 2nite + NYT comes up w/ the word-Ls? spook-E enough dat «New York Times» = anagram for «Monkeys Write»

> got 1 of those 4-seaters on th train, knocking knees w/ 2 annoying ppl talking loudly... travelling really sucks > reading Marcus Pactor's Begat Who Begat Who Begat, nice language but 2 much ℝeal world 5tuff abt kids + suburban home improvement... it's laced w/ surreal/absurdist touches witch makes iT bearable, but 5till U cringe when U see words ≈ Applebees

> staying @ Washington Square hotel but can't check in so walked around village > weird how th second U get 2 NYC U feel more relaxed than U do N-E-where else on east coast, whereas most ppl say the opposite, dat they get all 5tressed when they hit the big ap-L... it's like NYC normalizes U > walked by hotel where Gian died x-actly 1 year ag0 2day

> 8 @ Hasaki w/ L + M then went 2 Low @ Webster then after went 2 bar on 1st ave w/ them + 2 other friends... everything bizness az usual, is pandemic finally over? 24,281 steps (10.3 miles) in all


on the Bowery



Low @ Webster Hall

4/1/22 | NYC> paid th price 4 drinking las5t nite, fuck's w/ Ur 5leep + gives U brain fog > walked around downtown thru Tribeca, LES, EV, etc. > hung out in W.V. in the eve > only 19,186 steps



Great Jones


04/02> word du jour = TROPE, U can live w/ dat > walked across Williamsburg bridge + up W-burg waterfront across Pulaski bridge 2 Queens, 8 tacos then walked back across Queensboro + down east side > sat in the sun in Union Square ppl watching the back, 24,454 steps in all + the day's nau9ght over

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