We the Animals + U th ∀dobe iD/ƎND User of iSBN, iUD, COViD-19 + pro-genie of MA + db


5/5/22> 5till honing in on what 2 call author of iSBN (+ 5¢ense, ware we methud act projects in progress)... we 5tarted 2 rite i5BN in 1st person plural (as weave bin writing 4 abt a deckaid now, 5ince The Becoming) under th guise of anon I'm us, but az mayB U noticed, uue 5witched 2 2nd persun abt 1 month ag0 (around post 1006), where U = User, ƎND-USER > U think of U az fewchair version of Ur5elf, dat reads/Uses 5aid i5BN User guide... ⊕ rather, iSBN Uses U th User > U gunna take what Terrence McKenna postuL8ed abt plants («Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around.») + xtend iT 2 b∞ks + th technology 2 cr8 b∞ks, i.e. humuns = ∫umping invented by b∞ks 2 write/read 'eM > in particular, Adobe In-D-zine Uses U 2 rite iSBN, s0 technically U = iD User, ⊕ iF U want 2 keep anon I'm us initials, a.I.u. = adobe In-d-zine user, tho 5ince U'R Using cunvention of writing i's lower-case + U (4 User) always UP-er-case, then A.i.U = Ur nu initials

> i.U.D. = intresting invention... hear U halve thi5 D-vice dat has conned humuns in2 replic8ing iT + 5ticking iT in their 0ne reproductive wombs 2 5top humun reproduction

> wierd, rite? iUDs halve more cuntrol over humuns then their One evilootion > U onely wish more D-vices worked in cahoots 2 stem humun over-prolifer8ion > + now Roe v. Wade rears iT's ugly head 2 add 2 th cesspool of unwanted zom-bay-B overpopuL8ion > U shd also menshun dat wile U = U, every 1 else = them (B-sides inanim8 objets, witch = iT, 4 eggsample iUD = iT) > in part this 5kirts gender issue (in loo of she ⊕ he) but al5o b/c 4 th purposes of iSBN U generalize ppl az iF they = Unit of ¢urren¢y ≈ dollhair bill > 4 eggsample, when U refer 2 Ur pairunts az MA + dada, they don't represent specific individual mother ⊕ father, but class of objets, s0 User (when U B-come reader) kin associ8 Ur 0ne image of MA, dada ⊕ whatever N-E name conjures w/o imposing gender tr8/bias ... even mother + father needn't B associ8ed w/♂ ⊕ ♀ ... 4 eggsample, U halve 1 friend (hi Q!) whose father 5witched 2 ♀ after fathering them, s0 father = ♀ > mother/ MA + father/dada shd B thawt of m0re generuley > Ur dada (father figure) in particular (in iSBN) goes by name db + Ur MA (mother figure) = margana (emordnilap 4 anagram... + db also = emordnilap iF written in lowercase)

> earlier this week, Ur m8/bedder-½ got COViD... after 2+ yrs of avoiding iT (unless they = 1 of 1st ppl 2 get iT, 5ince they devilipped symptoms in Jan 2020 after B-ing in Milan in NYC) > covid kicked 'eM in th butt on th way out > ain't n0 big souprize az in th last few months weave bin going 2 concerts, bars, restraunts + 2 NYC x3.... just 5hort of trying 2 get iT! last Friday we had a friend over + wile we BBQ'd + 8 outside, aftewords we watched 'M drink a bot-L of wine while U 8 a bunch of chocolate cookies 2 compens8 4 nu-found sobriety + got a ripping vestibular migraine az U documented already in last post > th next morning Ur m8 hung out w/ them (outside) but U din't b/c U felt ≈ 5hit + then they cot a plane home 2 Ithaca + th next mourning (Sunday) they testid positiv > U know U din't give iT 2 'M (4 those thinking mayB U had covid 1st instead of Ménière's/vestibular migraine) but this covid+ friend travelled 2 D.C. w/ another colleague who also tested positiv + U din't even C thi5 other individual > Ur bedder-½ 5tartid 2 feel crappy on Sunday but 5till testid negativ (az did U) 4 covid , then Monday they testid positiv

> 4tun8ly U BBQ'd chickin (1st time this yr we cooked chickin, b/c we wanted 2 BBQ wile whether was nice + b4 mosquitos come) s0 U maid broth + als0 ⌂-made noodles 4 Ur bedder-½ + they felt bedder.... pretty B9 considering mass media terrorized us 4 th bedder part of 2 yrs 2 live in fear of iT ≈ black death > U maid no a'tempt 2 avoid Ur m8, 5topping 5hort of kissing 'M 2 infect Ur5elf on purpiss, but iT's 5 dayzzz L8er + U halven't devilipped symptoms... then again, hard 2 tell w/ yr Ménière's + allergies this time of yr > @ this pt U feel left out naught getting iT, az iF covid = rites of passage 4 modern era > COViD virus = another eggsample of thriver meme, posthumun reevolver dat Use humuns unwittingly 2 propag8 iT's 0ne code > iF U = good host U adapt + assimiL8, live in symbiosis w/ these competing viral 4ces.... weed g0 s0 far az 2 5ay «reciprocal altruism» but there's nothing 2 B gained 4 humuns, Xcept popuL8ion CTRL....

5/6> last nite we watched We the Animals (★★★★)... not onely do U sorta know th writer of th b∞k th movie = based on (Justin Torres, student of broLo who U published in Sleepingfish 0.875), but U know th director Jeremiah Zagar (younger brother of Ezekiel (none 2 U az Zeke)) ... in fact, U nu Jeremiah when they 1st emurged from womb in2 th world @ age 0, when their parents brot them 2 Ajijic > must halve bin a difficult movie 2 make, naught just b/c they had 2 work w/ kids but th jist of subject matter = hard 2 do rite, wich Jeremiah did > love th title 2

> last week also watched Operation Hyacinth (★★★★) witch is abt ∫um fucked institutionalized program of same name in Poland in th '80s where corrupt police registered gay ppl's data in ∫um db 2 keep tabs on/blackmail 'M > + also watched Looper (★★) (M-barking on time-themed movies 2 prep 4 next Sound Furies album + Looper deals w/ time travel) ... also finished last Ozark season + trying to get thru Seinfeld (on season 5) so we can cancel NetFlix

> b∞kwise, officially released Summertime in the Emergency Room on May 1 + th launch party was last nite in Ithaca

+ just a few minutes ag0 we sent Hist by Matthew Klane + James Belflower 2 the printer! 5peaking of Adobe in-D-zine, they did all the work in iD but U th iD User added bleeds + got iT print-ready

> probly th last Calamari public8ion 4 th year, in part b/c U need 2 w8 4 revenue 2 come in + als0 b/c who nose ware th hell y'all will B after ~June 15 (when Ur bedder-½ goes on 5abbatical...)

> b∞kwise on input front, U haven't done a round-up in a while... b∞ks dat come in2 Ur liebury b∞x dat U holed on2 thinking U mite 1 day read, but Ur 2-read pile is mushrooming out of CTRL + U'R running out of b∞ks 4 Ur liebury b∞x > unless otherwise st8ed, ain't no particular reason U'R naught reading 'M Xcept there's 2 many others U'd rather read more... guess U cd call them failed iSBNs, from 1 reader's P.O.V.

  • Nineteen Nineteen by John Dos Passos
  • V by Thomas Pynchon (U red this but got 2 thinking U mite RE-read iT b4 thinking life = 2 short)
  • Zeitoun by Dave Eggers (Eggers yet again writing ∫um1 else's 5tory + putting his name 2 iT (C post where U met both Eggers + Valentino Achak Deng, th subject of What is the What?)
  • NY Times Footsteps—«literary pilgrimmages arond the world» dat U skimmed, but skipped writers U weren't s0 familiar with ⊕ din't care 4
  • Paterson by William Carlos Williams
  • Turing by Christos H Papadimitriou—5tarted 2 read this but seems iT's more abt romance than «a novel about computation» ± Alan Turing
  • The Mexican Pet by Jan Harold Brunvand—U found this in a box on the way 2 Ur bedder-½'s foot doctor a week or 2 ag0 + red a few of th animal-themed urban legends but found iT hokey
  • Pere Goriot by Honore de Balzac
  • The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai
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