MAgic trip on rode 2 n0 ware 2 fLiP O-bleak str@t-a-Gs + moove-
ment uv free 5peəCH uʍop ǝpᴉsdn in REBEL KEY


(yr CPU on 5¢ense)

6/29/22> K. KeyZ's magiↄ bus = on yr mined from la5t po5t, so U ⌚'ed Magic Trip ... 4 deↄk-aids L8er they finelly peaced 2gether foot
–edge of KeyZ + his Mary-chained b& of pranksteers 2 make film th pranksters nvr manedged 2 EDiT 2gether (B-sides B-roll rolling az baↄkDROP 2 ACiD tests) 2 B-get official reLease

7/1> (... just can't w8 2 get) On the Road a-gain—U always = reluctant 2 ⌚ adaPt8ion (din't care mush 4 th b∞k 2 B-gin) but since U saw The Magic Trip figured may az well ... U nvr got th hype abt kneel Cassady, such a bra (az waz Kerouac) + 2 learn Cassady fathered 5 kids? dat jean pool kneads m0re bleach > als0 watched iT 2 get in2 th spearit sin¢e last nite = OFFiCIAL eve of yr bedder-½ 's 6-month 5abbatical! after reading abt ∀ll this summer travel K-OS y'all Đ
–sided 2 nix yr X-country road
–trip... just doesn't seam ≈ fun 5pending arm + leg on gas/car (+ CO2 e
–missions) 2 drive thru hostile red st8s w/ mill
–ions of families + theyr kids on same road turning N
–tire US of A in2 disneyfied theme park 5pectacle... still gna do a mini-trip down thru Blue Ridge mtns 2 test th waters, but post-
¶oned iT few dayz til post-July 4th K-OS $ub$ides
> ¢elebr8ed 1st nite of 5abbatical (+ als0 yr bedder-½ officially going in2 men-O-
[ || ] (1 yr w/o period)) by E-ting 5ushi + then blew yr str8 edge 5treak + drank bot-L of cava ... din't make iT to 100 dayz, but managed 70+ w/o 1 drink > ½ bot-L of cava + U slept ≈ crap + halve headache... just ain't worth iT but 5pose every few months U half 2 remined yr 5elf

> July 4: brain Ǝ-nose OBLiG8 REQUEST 4 th day = TURN iT UPSiĐE ĐOWN + pass 2 L h& side

> U OSciL8 B-tween ⌚in9 in ℝEEL time ⊕ thru VU-finder 2 docQument algaeRhythm, circum5tantia1 eviden¢e oƒ trueth dat Ǝxists B-yond reef (unclear what % = Lo5t in transL8ion > octO-π 5kin dieL8s when X-pOSed 2 error, ƒlushed 5hades 5pan hole vis-à-bell 5pectrum in2 infrared + ultraviolent > 10-DRiL tips feeline th error, even SEVERed 1s ... untel, in time, 5pasms rescind > from 1 LOPPEĐ OFF arm 1 can 9row ho1e nu bodE ≈ C-5tars (≠ true fish), secondid in 2nd 5kin

> take n0te by h& in mole5kin 2 get GENiUS/ORĐƎR str8 (2 rƎVErse inGeneear iF need B) az they Đi-5ect 2 marin8 in 0ne ink, boggy palm grog + Lime 2 tendorize, Đ-n8ure proteen > 0-rings oiled in 0ne (brut) juices, by topLess knotty dotter [footnode: FREE-ĐiViNG (snorkeL, n0 oct0pus nor B.C. (Buoy
–antsy Cuntroll) 5hell-diver a-pears out oƒ n0where ≈ MAgic ] w/ bayB on th brain, 4m oƒ circumcisized Xorcism in virGin 5pittin' ima9e > ⌘+S bra 4 1st aid kit in 1 pinch > menewile, knackered hunters (1 (th B-1ayer) w/ groWing groin + other (weltid + bruised b8) w/ E-go Đ-fL8ed) E-t glazed doughunts in dinghy Đ-basement+ Lis-10 2 polka mu5ic in ¾ time,

[inkorper8 Raft Manifest fla5hback]

ware Đ-tooned 2ba 5ounds az iF iT had blown GASkits (unLess battrees = dyin9 in porTab1e raydi/0) > Liarix 5tem from FSM (naught 2 B cunfused w/ FGM) pro-test 2 gr&father in [<<] 2 '64 ... U C REBEL KEY?

movement of F.S. thru KEY REBEL G8

> Reechoes MVP Men Feet? Cheese Freemen Mop TV? Chemos Peeve Ferment? Comet Peeve Freshmen? Cheep Fever Mementos? Ohmmeter Fence Veeps? Emcee Freshen Poem TV?

> Go ManGo! (5peaking of plants inventing humuns 2 move seeds, underLying premise of iSBN):

iF U L∞k @ iT from distance, iT = TREE but when in FRUiT, U = in awe ... what = this 5pectacle? (pointing 2 tree's dents branches dat curl out ≈ 10-tacles of oct0-,π + iF U C thru yr mind's i, U C dat this = @ once tree, orchard + collage 4 whirled mang0s

—MONKEYS WRITE (V-a N⅄ ʇᴉɯǝs) overlap
–ping in2 spillover event

> issue = M-i/0 S-i/0 's anger = mispLaced, Rage Against MAchine vs. MAchines of Loving Grace? Stick iT 2 th man, man > take MAN out of maCHinE + U left w/ Chi ... a.k.a. Qi, ever-circuL8ing vital 4ce > Braut
     –again liked 2 think (iT has 2 B!)
     of cybernetic Ecology
     where we = free of R labors
      + joined back 2 n8ure
      returnd 2 R mammal
     brothers + sisters,
     + ∀ll watched over by
      MAchine of caring gloves

> in addition 2 con5ulting iChing az 4tune-teller, U consult Brain Ǝ-nose ObliQue 5trategies (Equitable Tiger S.O.S.?) 2 decim8 binary iSBN in2 100,000 word 5pin-off 2 SEEK FRACTALS 4 SLACKER F8 in5ide Cast-L

> Last nite ⌚ed Logan's Run (worth iT 4 '70s clothes alone) + in last week REwatched Donnie Brasco + finished Stranger Things (worth iT 4 '80s music alone) + ∀ll 9 seasons of Seinfeld ... chemistry of those 4 = unpara||e|ed > red Push by Tommy Caldwell, @ least th parts ware he pushed captors off cliff 2 S-cape rebel terrorists in Pakistan... also An Archipelago in a Landlocked Country by Elisa Taber dat in absence of reel-moondough travel transPorted U 2 menonite colony in Paraguay, a st8 U onely bin 2 once b4 i.R.L. passing thru Asunción errorport in early '90s on th way 2 Good Airs + even in errorport felt ≈ time bub-L, stuck in '70s + U started 2 read Third World Magicks by Mike Kleine + was digging iT (brot U back 2 times U worked @ Napster in early naught yrs) but then ½-way thru iT th author com&s U 2:

please wait 2 weeks b4 reading further

(in consolas font b/c iT's onely windows OS font w/slash thru 0, 1 reason U used iT most of 2016, inkLooting post w/ pulpy moohare dancing 2 polka mu5ic) + temptiĐ az U were 2 keep reading U felt iT wd vioL8 intended experience s0 now U halve 2 w8 N-tire 4tnite 2 C what happens in th ƎND (witch D.N.E., FYi)

1022 <(current)> 1024 > time-traveLing 2 Vesuvius (VA) via VALiS when th times, they = ch-ch-changin'
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