ixNay th cryptSay: 5leep on iT in ma55aged 5keletin key of Đ♯


7/25/22 > 2 RECAPituL8 th weak, inheirant earth > 2 Đ-Liber8 = Đ-Liber8, 2 knot 5et free (topillogically) > in4m8ion a-cumuL8s @ hire speed then = possible 2 fatHum, knead 2 tap in2 reelTime daily noose feed, un5crypted > U = time traveLer (2 edit e-missions backwoods), 2 all the5e pLaces in m∞vies + b∞ks + muSickle 2ns (now plane: Metal Machine), yr CPU re#ing 2 regurgit8 > memewile BwO = 4tress, thO diz-Z kites spyrule down thru GUACamole dub-L heLicks > ctrL K-OS 2 whack-a-mole, bee zen abt iT > bin 2 WestWorld knot shore witch side of fen¢e, host/humun hybrid? fend off para5ites/freeLoaders, seal off house from out5ide moondough (w/ moldy cheese), but U halve 5hared walls, r@ts everyware out in 5treets rifling thru garbage cans fool of godshit baggies, daily 5hootings, 15 seconds out5ide + U get bit 5x, pavement laid over 5wamp, far cry from Đirect Current, crank ALTern8ing Conditioner az conduit > cot 1 mouse + reset iT free in Malcolm X (4ever under con5truction)

Klein bot-L evolution in time

> finished Mike KleinE's 3rd Whirled MagiX (after w8ing reQuested 2 weaks) > reQuest = reSearch > th inQuest contin-Us, but all 2 what ENĐ? 2 keep X-prez in headLines til next round, nØ hope 4 humming mana-Ts > Riden falling off his rocker > th world heating up in all 4 coroners > knot onely did Đrumpf hijack th day yr dad died, (O yah, alsO saw The Day the Music Died: Amerikin π), but 1/6 also = epiphany ... th day G-zus capsized > alsO red Fidelitoria (fixed ⊕ fluxed) by Candice Wuehle + 5tarted wattCHing Yellow Jackets but knot sure y'all will contin-U > quit Netflix > 5ined up 4 Paramount+ but naught sure worth iT > lasted 5 minutes in2 The Offer, much az U diG Dogfather (watCHed iT again this weakened, even Coda witCH 5till = joke) > frigorifero wint south, kaput ... knot sure iF iT = EXT.urnal heat humidi-T? > 5topped making ice + temp wint up to 65° + y'all thawt U'd lose all yr food, D-Liber8ed watt 2 due, figured U'd «sleep on iT» > next mourning rose @ 4 a.m. az usual 2 5witch on coffee, do downdog/child pOse, check mouseTrap (nØ dice) + ice box 5till @ 65°, nØ nu ice > s0 U hit iT ≈ fawn-Z (nØ dice) then staired iT down ≈ Donnie DarkO, contempL8ing inner workings, 5tarted drOning LO in key of D♯ 2 kick5tart resinant freakwindsea + fridge 5tarts gurgLing + churning ≈ ice machine in MosQuitO Coast + LO + B-holed, now iT works! tru story, but dozen't matter, th onely proof = thi5 tXt... B-Leaf iT naught R.i.P > 5peaking of River Phoenix, saw Parenthood (had nvr seen iT) w/ Joaquin az lit-L tot + 5peaking of Yellow Jackets, saw Mermaids (als0 1st time) w/ Christina Ricci az prepubescent lit-L sea urchin, far cry from Misty Quigley> PROBabiLitY other stuff U input thru 5enses but they wint in 1 ear + out th other

bedder-½'s bread

i/O 5witch (allow 4 processing time) > 5tarted 2 record nu
Sound ƒury 2ns, ∫umware B-tween B-52s + MBV w/ dada
O5triches + 367.88 ms D-Lay > finished tXt 4 seX–
ion Ø1Ø of iSBN codeX + on2 seXion Ø11 witch
may may knot 5hare commun GRNĐ w/ off5h∞ts ± 5¢/daily noose—

1st 2n $trings 2 Đ=A=Đ=A=Đ=A (dub-L OS-tryptch) + pLuck
feather from REEĐ in5trawments 2 drone in Đ 2 commune-
a-cake w/ MAchenes + com& 1 2 come 2 grinĐ–
Đing ha1t ∴ on 1 dime 1 can ReL8 N–
tropE 2 word QUANTA + RE:cur5ive gr&Fathers h&Write (retrO–

active) AB–origina1 5pider-bots in C 2 dReam Living
doQuments 4ever in track changes in dyadic search 4
N-E dad U 1-der wi1e wandering tip of aNY–
City (+212) 2 capture cap5ized st8 of mined (REM–
ember 2 ask 4 itemized reseat 4 ob5¢ure undead

roaming from W 71st > 60th > in (+1) they sensor
genita1s + reVei1 i.Đ.entit-T + vice-ver5a rest of wor1d
(OK 2 show body but b1ur face) > in X
vain, U inkorper8 L–ements of N-vironment + water coo1er
banter > reworking corerections from th ĐK (must Use b4

Loot 5poi1s, akin 2 bow1 oƒ breeding maggots, ho1e
nether can oƒ worms > rePYSCHLing 1Ø1, back 2 bay6
> both cauze + soLution @ root, th sown TTH
5tart 2 grOw + a–Sume nu deMarked kind of
branCHing body: anthr0poMorphic 5hape-5hifter fLeeceS 0ne taxi–

dermis > Y = mouse when iT 5pins in nestiD
L∞pS 2 X-communic8 prayer whee1 in Lit-L house, 4
1 takes marCHing orderS from time MAchenes 2 cross
gr8 waters > Mbrace work, don°t reCoiL iF U need 2 remoove
stagn8ion + coreruption, pour catch up in synch

w/ anaCHronistic UnicornS + borromean moraLS 2 counter corerupted
fat5hits n8ure > D–Liber8 3–dayzzz, then C iT thru nites
2 aVoid reLapse > O-Limpet 5ports trivia prevei1S > D-ci5iveness N-
urgeY takes th pLace oƒ inertia + indifferen¢e dat
takes (Dis)com4t in dam-Licking iBex + creepy denuded

doLLS, iRL 2 URL > bLown wind Leads 2 ĐK
L0w on anaLOG mounT–in, freeLance rock 51ide Đ-basing in–
gRained @tti2dS + fa5hions dat corerode hi–5o¢iety type 2
5trengTHEN + «tranQuiLize» zom–Bs az ∫ummit 5ubPorts nu–
riched piece + Quiet (he1ps 2 Đ-capit8 1-5e1f b4

peeking) > 5neak bag of son-maid® ray5uns 2 su5tain harmonic
n0de 4 iF U can°t a-ford airea in yr5e1f
ware pure non5ense happens then U = dead in5ide
> A11 dat = ℝEAL = 5pooky W.i.P. N–tangled D.O.A.
2 diz-Zing heights-driven hippocrazy (how hippies ruined phy6)

1026 <(current)> 1028 > weather U nØ iT ⊕ naught U harbØr L-enfant ĐNA, ware L = LatchKey Kid, L.L.T.T. 2 Đ-raiL
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