Helium dream (@tomic #2): Laika th 404 astr0naut in hot error whether balloon/drone


8/12/22 > yr neighb⊕r = hack invent⊕r w/ ∫um sort uv hot air balloon conTraption dat on imPulse D-sided 2 test out (conditions = perfect 4 whatever droning project they had in mined, u5ing hot air whether ball∞n 2 surveil suRRounding L&Scape) u5ing yr bedder-½ az occupant /guinea pig ... ⊕ rather shd say ASTRONAUT az th pa55enger carriage = more ≈ 5pace cap5ule > they hadn't asked yr perMission + U ≠ happy abt iT, couldn't B-leave yr bedder-½ agreed 2 g0 up in thi5 hack (untested) conTraption > U watch nervously az balloon lifts off then 5tarts 2 veer off course bumping in2 powerlines + bldgs + not getting dat high off th grnd > U chased it + went up on 1 rooftop dat it = headed 4 + grabbed the trailing anchor cord of th balll∞n az iT careened off th roof, relieved iT barely got off the grnd > yr neighbor/sighintist reels in th ball∞n wile U run over 2 the tiny cap5ule 2 get yr bedder-½ out > when U pop th hatch iT = empty! + U start 2 freak out looking everywhere 4 ∫um sorta sine of 'M, but there = nothing but a few food wrappers + wrinkled tinfoil blanket > U ask yr neighbor how this can be possibel + they say (az if calcuL8ing in their CPU) dat th onely weigh iT = possible = iF they nvr got in th cap5ule 2 B-gin > U call out 4 yr 404 bedder-½ 5tart 2 + look 4 'eM > earlier yr neighbor's partner (actually, yr neighbors = Leadbelly + Logo, who U've talked abt b4 on 5cense) wanted 2 show U there nu duckling, but when U went in2 their backYard iT = n0where 2 bee found + Leadbelly specuL8ed th duckie = shy + hiding > well, now when U g0 in2 their backyard U see th lit-L duckLing, tiny w/ black sheeny feathers > Leadbelly pointed out th duckLing but U were in n0 mood az U were diStressed that yr bedder-½ = 404 > Leadbelly maid small talk w/ ∫um 1 leaning against th wall that had shiny black hair w/ sheen 2 iT ≈ duckLing + U thought mayB this = yr bedder-½ but they = dolled up w/ a wig + glittery freckles + U couldn't recognize 'M > they were acting all sassy smacking gum + asked iF U wuz looking 4 «Laika» witch apparently = fake name they gave 2 Logo 2 put on passenger manifest 4m 4 th weather balloon/drone + @ this point U knew iT was them s0 U run over 2 hug them tite + U start balling, sane U = s0 happy 2 see 'M + they act all casual az iF they pulled th ol' switcheroo 2 teach y'all a lesson > U tell 'eM U nvr wanted 'M 2 g0 up in th 1st place, dat iT = all Logo's idea + U keep crying, s0 happy 2 C 'M + when U wake up yr pillow = wet

> n0 doubt this had ∫umping 2 do w/ wizard of OZ (th0 U haven't seen iT 4 a few yrs) but als0 b/c last week ∫um guise = flying drones around over yr ⌂ + hood > U were a-noyed + wanted 2 say ∫umping 2 'eM but iT seamed ≈ «official business» ... there were 2/3 of 'em catty coroner 2 yr ⌂ in front of the ab&oned church, not sure Y they chose dat coroner > there also = more police bizness on yr block last week, 2-3 cop cars interrog8ing yr neighbors > U tried 2 eavesdrop but all U herd = cops comPlaining that th 3 neighbors (th 3 ⌂'s next 2 yrs) all had 3 diffrent 5t⊕ries > 1 of 'M in particular (th 1 dat made Time magazine's «Heroes of 2020» list 4 5heltering ~100 proTesters during th seige on Swann st) = rather ⊕rnery + 5t&offish, calling th cops dicks + assholes ... nvr did find out what happened > 2nd ⊕ 3rd such police activity in front of yr house in recent months, few weeks ago iT = woman B-ing robbed/raped @ gunpoint + seems 4 a wile there 1x per week ∫um 1 = ODing on yr doorstep B4 paramedics casually give 'eM naloxone + last week cops harrassed ∫um 1 sleeping in garbage bag across the street

> coincidentally, after U had this dream U looked in yr Liebury Boox + ∫um 1 left these images in there... s0 thanX whoever left 'eM! must B 2ned in2 same high alti2ude wavelength

13 Aug> als0 0-cured 2 U after th fact dat Laika (fake name yr beder-½ put on th flight manifest 2 foil 'eM) = name of doG th Rushins sent in2 space... 1st animal 2 g0 in2 space in fact ... not dat Laika wanted 2 g0 > U figured U'd Use th above az 5tarting point 4 th 1st nu song 4 th next Sound Furies album:

Laika (atomic # 2)

U're in my Helium dream
in a droning machine
they send in2 space
high in th sky, riding th rails
2 measure th spin, of their daily grind

lurching 2 + fro
the capsule left th earth
no 10, 9, 8, untested machine,
unchartered skies, no 3, 2, 1
no kiss + fly

the capsule wobbled unsound
scarcely leaving th ground
by th dangling cord, i pulled U down
opened th hatch, searched th bay
but U were neither
here nor there
lost in th aether in-between

≈ 5chroedingers cat
th wave hadn't collapsed
i searched thick + thin
4 a sine U were here, found a duckling
w/ a black 5hiny 5heen, in this 5hape-5hifting dream

i wasn't sure it was U
U were sassy + shrewd
wearing a wig, th name U put,
on the manifest, wasn't yrs
U got th last laugh

+ i hugged U tight
2 never seper8 w/o B-ing

tethered 2gether
ionized in ⊕rbit
th sun sets in eachother
every atom's eve

U wake from Helium dream
pillow wet from tears
from all the fears, they launched U away,
in2 thin air, th ionosphere,
⊕ 2 th moon

in this hot air balloon
2 measure tempo's refrain
ioniz8ion 4ce, dat bonds our cores,
weather ⊕ not, from soular storms
⊕ unidentified 4ce
⊕ 2 see how we look from outer space

tethered 2gether
ionized in ⊕rbit
th sun sets in eachother
every atom's eve

... th0 who nose iF y'all will end up Using these lyrics... 4 1 yr bedder-½ ain't crazy abt halving s0 many words 2 sing > ya'll also want this album 2 B about «time» + Laika isn't about time s0 much az space ... or az X said in «i must not think bad thoughts»

Astronauts go back in time to hang out with the cave people
It's about time
It's about space
It's about some people in the strangest places
Woody Guthrie sang about
B-E-E-T-S, not B-E-A-T-S

> Speaking of, watched this gr8 X: the Unheard Music documentary th other day:

> also 0-cured 2 U dat th above dream had ∫umping 2 do w/ th Camper Van Beethoven song «The Day That Lassie Went 2 the Moon», especially the line abt how she packed her bags + got in2 a hot-air balloon...

... naught dat th Sound Furies «Laika» will sound N-E thing ≈ this CVB song ... «Laika» mos def sounds '80s, but more ≈ The Cult ± Gene Loves Jezebel... U'll halve 2 w8 tel iT's mixed 2 here iT

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