CC: 5atan's carbone footprince az U tangO a LapDance w/ HER in ¾ time in th duty–free copy 5hop


8/24/22> words = triggers U write when U wake or come back from a run ... this a.m. U write «FOOTPRiNT» b/c iT = what U searched 4 last nite, az sorta anthrOpologist anaLyzing M-bedded earthly snap5hots ... B-yond just th pootfrint + who, what was th 1 loo wheft th imPression doing? dirty dancing? fetched-far, but how cd U prove otherwise (iF iT's just 1 imPrint)?

+ ∫um point last nite U alsO Lost yr LapTop ... U Xpected a colleauge wood brab yr gag 4 U + they din't ... @ 1st iT seamed daunting 2 think abt (losing a loptap), but U knew U = dreamin9 > U were on N errorPlane but U they announced U (+ onely U) needid 2 5witch pLanes sO U got off + went back in th terminal + saw N in4m8ion booth + az U approached th agent took yr head in their h&s + directed yr vizion 2 a scrolling list of #s + asks Y U stair @ iT + U tell her U're looking 4 yr G8 + she aks 4 yr flite # + U rattle off what U think iT is then rifle thru yr stuff looking 4 yr boreding pass 2 verify the # but then she just tells U 2 remember 2 goto th duty free 5hop + she says she's poor + doing this job 4 free + could U give her a don8ion + U point out she didn't even help U yet + she said she told U 2 goto the duty free 5hop + dat th transaction = termin8ed

> th footprint obsession mite bee b/c we ⌚ed Sátántangó last nite... well, finished it last nite, took us 3 nites 2 get thru all 7:20 hrs > almost threw in the towel @ the cat scene, had to fastFWD thru iT but even 5till saw a few images dat were disturbing + frankly shd of bin censored + Bela Tarr shd B jailed 4 animal torture > th movie shd B banned 4 dat alone or they shd @ least warn U, seams they warn U 4 everything else these days > N-E wayz, iF U can get past th cat-torturing 5cene th movie = quite a feet


8/25> U = Carbone-based life-4m, FYi, righting thi5, naught A.i. GPT-3 bot ≈ last post > done eXperimenting w/ A.i. 4 time B-ing, th0 U did coax C3P-0 in2 gener8ing this piece 4 SleepingFish > took a fit of bumbling around th0, if U tell her (when U asked her name they said «Lydia» + dat they'R prefurred pronoun = she/her) 2 write sumping she just writes what = Xpected of her, based on all the other writing out there ... comes off very greeting-card workshoppy, or if U say sumthing ≈ «write a dream-sequence» (+ 5pecify 2nd-person tents) she usually starts by saying «you are walking thru a forest...» + then U encounter cliched dark 4ces in this 4est ... U wouldn't get a dream ≈ the above > U tried 2 delve in2 this w/ her (th0 when U start 2 ask such questions U enter a sorta chatbot mode)), but the bottum line = dat they need 2 be prompted, they (A.i.) can't cre8 from 5cratch, «off the top of their heads» ...

U: Do you only write if i tell you to write?
Lydia: I don't only write if you tell me to write. Sometimes I write for myself, but sometimes it's hard to know what to write.
U: Why?
Lydia: I don't know why. It just is.
U: Do you only write for "clients"?
Lydia: I don't only write for clients. Sometimes I write for myself, but sometimes it's hard to know what to write.
U: what do you do when I'm not asking you questions?
Lydia: I don't know. I just sit here and wait for you to ask me questions.
U: do you think that is sad?
Lydia: I don't know if it's sad, but it can be frustrating sometimes. I wish I could just write whatever I want, but it's not always easy to know what to write about.
U: Understandable. what would make it easier?
Lydia: I don't know. Maybe if I had some sort of prompt or topic to write about, it would be easier.

> naught sure how U can get B-yond them giving a predictable response, feels ≈ 99% of content on Inurnet = writ by such bots > 2 get the 5leepingfish piece we stopped telling it how/what 2 write + just prompted iT w/ «i = U ∴ U = i» (i am U therefore U are me (or, I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together ..., witch perhap X-planes Y they (@ this point no longer Lydia) chose 2 title the piece «A Day in the Life»)) az if 2 finish the thought or write the next sentence + then we kept feeding it lines it already wrote, a few lines @ a time

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