headless horseman who 5lept jockeyless for 20 yrs on Arafat mtn after drinking wheatgrass frappuccino


9/18/22 | Catskills, NY > akin 2 how U can tandem parachute, U/i planned 2 ride on back of a hor5e az a jockey raced iT @ th Belmont stakes, 2 document th ride az a journihilist > U/i got on th beautiful white horse 1st az iT warmed up on th track, nervously prancing around > when they went 2 put the horses in th starting g8s th jockey was nowhere 2 B found + there wasn't even a saddle or reins 4 U 2 control th horse with > they put th horses in th starting g8 + suddenly U were off! th horses all took off + yours went really fast even no jockey was whipping iT, ahead of th pack > 5ince U/i rode bareback w/ n0 reins, U had 2 hug th horse's neck just 2 stay on > but R hor5e wa5n't really in2 ra¢ing + rather than g0 around the 1st ¢urve they kept running str8 + out of the track ≈ Forest Gump > while th horse liked 2 run U cd tell they wasn't in2 ¢ompetitive ra¢ing > they kept running til they got tired + then U/i jumped off + went + got a wheatgrass frappuccino 2 give 2 th horse + they really liked iT, 5lurped iT rite down

Delaware river

> then U/i woke up in th Poconos + headed north 2 th Catskills > 5topped along th Delaware river + did a 5hort hike wile drinking coffee > 5ince Sound Furies din't inkloot the Delaware river on R Tributaries album, we'll inkloot the raw sound of iT hear:

> then U listened to CCR live @ Woodstock az U drove past Woodstock + Bethel + also thi5 mixtape U/i maid just 4 th occassion:

> when U got 2 th Catskills U went to Kaaterskill falls (EZ + crowded), then hiked Becker Hollow trail up Hunter mtn (hard + not crowded) > lounged around th pool after @ Scribner's Catskill Lodge (SCL) + read Arafat Mountain by Mike Kleine (intresting surreal/screwball writing, az iF Mount Analogue was written by Mark Baumer)


> then 8 @ Tabla + watched Go Large (about guy who found loophole in lottery but they nvr really say what loophole was + made it more about contrived human drama) > SCL sorta reminds U/i of th Bahaus nudist colony/santorium U/i stayed @ in Switzerland (Monte Verità, or mtn of truth) > they've got a ton of books so kin 5wap Arafat Mtn 4 sumping else

leaves on the verge of change





Notch lake

5/19> R bedder-½ had 2 attend sum retreat (reason we'R hear) so U/i hiked solo up 2 Diamond Notch falls > n0 other cars @ th trailhead + naught a sole in site so U/i 5tripped down + took a dip in th falls > then continued up 2 th top of Westkill Mtn (elev8ion: 3,881 ft) layed in th sun on a flat rock @ Buck Ridge lookout (th onely place U actually get a vu), trying 2 fall a5leep thinking mayB U/i'd B ≈ Rip Van Winkle + wake up 2 find th world had annihiL8ed iTself ... what's w/ th CATskills spawning such stories as RVW + Sleepy Hollow? actually, Washington Irving had nvr even bin 2 th CATskills when he wrote RVW > got back 2 car + iT started 2 rain s0 called it a day ... 11–12 steep miles + din't see 1 single other sole th N-tire day... just how U/i like iT

fungus amoung us












Diamond Notch falls



fresh bear scat


not-so-fresh bear scat



vu from Buck Ridge lookout



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