ware th 5ky meats th home-cosmography uv aNYCity vs. itLE + th error tastes ≈ metal


10/2/22 | aNYCity (LES) > s@t ⌚ing rain then cheɔked out of pɹɐpuɐʇS ǝɥʇ + walked further south 2 th Ludlow Hotel in th Lower East Side > 5till raining s0 eXorcised in their jim then wint 2 eat @ Gnoccheria ... 8 there on purpiss in lite of R itL.E. vs. aNYCity D-cision > w8er = Napolitan0 + we a5ked what they'd do in R position + they chose itLE ... but then when we a5ked Y they lived in aNYCity (Rockaway 2 B X-act (ware we wint yestrday) + had 2 commute 2 th city) iF dat = th case + they hemmed + hawed + said, well, of coarse aNYCity = gr8 place 2 make a living ... s0 wile we agree itLE = gr8 place 2 retire/live iF U don't halve 2 work, aNYCity = gr8 place 2 get 5hit dun > th other w8er = younger Venezuelan + they both tocked in ½ italian/½ 5panish (5in¢e th Neopolitan0 had lived in Colombia 4 a 5pell) s0 we s@t tocking w/ them in italo–span–glish abt merits of aNYCity vs. itLE, COViD, C turtles, etc. 4 mayB 1 hour (we = onely ppl in restraunt) ... yet another ✓-mark in favor of aNYCity b/c ware else can 1 hang w/ all sorts of types tocking abt real down-2-earth 5hit + B-sides, 1 can eat good italian food in aNYCity + in addition gr8 su5hi, Mexikin, Tie, etc. s0 even th0 when R bedder-½ 1st got th JHU counter-offer (had 2 admit iT = Nti¢ing) we leaned twards itLE, now th 5core = 65% aNYCity, 35% itLE


Ludlow lobby


GE bldg @ 570 Lexington (ware R bedder-½ disappeared in2)

10/3 > D-spite rainy 4cast U/i walked bedder-½ 2 their meating on Lex + 50th + continUed up thru Central park + up west side in 90s up Bdwy > 8 @ Tom's Diner @ 112th then continUed up thru new Manhattanville campus (ware bedder-½ wood work) 2 C what = changed in last 7–8 yrs 5in¢e we lived t/here, up to 130th then down Riverside + cut in around th 90s + str8 down Bdwy 4 th most part, back 2 Ludlow hotel ... sum 15 miles + then another 1–2 walking 2 dinner @ Siagon Social + oysters + prosecco after, 36,980 steps/17.5 miles in all 4 th day > things U/i concluded in R wa/ondering + dwelling on pros/cons of itLE vs. aNYCity:

1. NYers get 5hit done, most afishant + functional place on th planit
2. pede5trians rule, n0 need 4 car, gr8 place 2 walk + gr8 public tran5port
3. culturally most diverse place on planit, true melting pot
4. U/i reL8 2 NYers more than Italian ⊕ NE other ppls
5. gr8 restraunts of all types + markets + concerts
6. even tho itLE = more central 2 rest of mundo, we probly wouldn’t live near major airport
7. w/ regard 2 US politics/gun violence/MAGA types, etc. (main motiv8ion 2 get th hell out of dodge b4 next election) aNYCity = bubble + itLE has issues of its one now
8. iTLE mite B new/different eXperience iF we'd nvr bin, but we already lived there ~5 yrs
9. aNYCity surrounded by water + U have Central + Riverside parks (wich rock), itLE has very few accessible waterfronts ware 1 can walk ⊕ run + 5hit 4 green space/parks
10. everything just = EZier in aNYCity, 1 can get/do N-Ething @ N-E time, whereas itLE there = s0 much burrocrazy w/ everything + establishments never open when U want them 2 B

> s0 after tocking it over more w/ R bedder-½ over vietnamese soft-5helled crab, th 5core currently 5t&s @ 90% aNYCity, 10% itLE (mayB hire, but NY offer = contigent on 10-ure, witch they wont find out abt 4 months) > retreated from rain 2 hotel + continued reading Thoreau's Walden ... most of iT after th 1st chapter = boring had-2-B-there musings of life on th pond, th0 he has a few profound things 2 say in th conclusion, best 5ummarized by hym quoting thi5 po-M by William Habington:

Direct your eye right, and you'll find
A thousand regions in your mind
Yet undiscovered. Travel them, and be
Expert in home–cosmography

> D-spite feigning worldly authority wile B-ing a hermit on Walden pond reflecting on th virtues of 5taying 5till in 1 place, Thoreau nvr travelled outside Amerika B-sides 1 trip 2 Montreal > U/i wd rather apply th above home-cosmography po-M 2 R current situ8ion, in dwelling on R next home ... after spending 55 yrs travelling th whirled, U/i seek 2 B hermit (2-gether w/ R bedder-½) in 1 place ≈ Thoreau, but naught in solitude on N idlyic pond, but in city ≈ aNYCity where U halve everything U cd ever want @ yr fingertips + halve th least impact on th rest of th planit > nice 2 think we cd all live in n8ure, but iF th hole whirled lived on ponds in pristine woods there'd B lit-L n8ure left 4 th rest of th animals

who needs Walden pond when U got central park?


> this WaPo article = intresting/timely in regard 2 R thinking abt aNYCity + R distaste of cars/junk food (did U/i mention we haven't eaten ⊕ stayed @ 1 single chain establishment this N-tire month-long trip?), illustr8ing th correL8ion B-tween driving (onely 7.7% of Manhattanites commute by car) + fast food chains (also lowest prevalence in NYC then N-E-ware else)

… the chains have followed the interstate lanes, creating a quick, transactional filling-station-for-the-human-body experience that’s essentially the opposite of the unique atmosphere and gastronomy available in the independent restaurants that dot the nation’s waterfronts, ski towns and walkable, historic Main Streets ...

> B-ing «off th grid» 2 U/i menes B-ing on a 5elf-sustained + afishant grid s0 1 dozen't need 2 rely on highways + consumer chains driven by MAGA-brainwashing capitalism > wile Italy definitely doe5n't halve a lot of chains, iT definitely = car culture

nu CU Manhattanville campus



brain institute


falling gym climber


sadly Fairway @ 125th = closed down


happy October




tugboat restraunt


10/4 > walked bedder-½ up 2 Lexington + 51st again, then cut across the 50s 2 west side + walked in th rain along th Hudson river 2 Battery Park + then back up along east river side but iT 5till = mess w/ con5truction projects (did same walk in March), cut in thru projects 2 LES + went 2 Katz 4 lunch ... onely ~11–12 miles (25,347 steps) this a.m. but w/ th 17.5 miles U/i walked yesterday well over 1 marathon in last 2 dayz > embarked on Where the Sky Meets the Ocean and the Air Tastes Like Metal and the Birds Don't Make a Sound by Mike Kleine + Dan Hoy


ware error tastes ≈ metal


pO-t8-O famine monument + nu WTC


lit-L i-L&






where Sally faked N orgasm

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