mosaic Red Desert for eel dessert in the Po river delta to unearth Dante


12/12/22 | Chioggia > The 2nd night in Chioggia, we walked into town in a cold drizzle to find a bacaro to find cicchetti (Venetian version of tapas) but nothing was open, so walked back + ate near our hotel.

Chiogga at night


Next morning headed south into the industrial region where the Po enters the Adriatic, the area featured in Antonioni's Red Desert, which has made us always want to explore this area. Not as stark + desolate as in 1964 when the movie was filmed though. Stopped in Commachio + walked around.


Po delta







Sofia Loren selling cans of eel


Then continued onto Ravenna. Navigating into town w/ a car was no fun, but once we managed to find the hotel (a converted palazzo), went back out to check out the mosaics Ravenna is famous for, and also Dante's tomb... Dante lived out his final years + died in Ravenna + when the papal powers + likes of Michelangelo appealed to have his body taken to Florence where he was born, Franciscan monks hid his body elsewhere so they returned empty-handed.




where they hid Dante for a year


Pashcal calendar (for determining when to celebrate Easter from AD 532 to 626)


basillica san vitale



rorschak marble





time's still ticking on the big decision

1054 <(current)> 1056 > our wave function collapsed eating olive ascolano + raw fish on the spur of the boot w/ a Vieste vista
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