bringing an olive alive into ghost architexture of polygonal Pogliono


12/28/22 | Torre Canne, Puglia > Woke up near Fasano + walked around the borgo + tried to go to the Chiese Rupestre rock church but it was closed, then shifted close by, taking our time thru olive groves to another spa-type place but not as ritzy + on the beach. Walked south for miles (10+ miles) on the beach poking around in tidepools.

hard to tell where the ocean ends + sky starts


just when we were saying Italian tidepools were devoid of life spotted this little ghost shrimp


inland estuary






"figs of India" as they call them here, or tuna as they call them in Mexico






the Grinch after Xmas?



12/29> Pogliono del Mare> shifted back north of Monopoli a bit... our trajectory seems a bit random, but there was a reason why... perhaps certain places were booked. Staying at this little place overlooking the apparently famous cliffy cove (we say "apparently" b/c we went from visiting ghost towns of Puglia to suddenly having hordes of ppl taking selfies on the beach below our room... must be geo-tagged our featured in a TV show). Went for a walk south towards Monopoli along clifftops then came back + had a makeshift lunch on our terraza, absolutely beautiful out, sunny + 60°+... most of the day in a T-shirt (much to the shock of Italians who are bundled in wool coats w/ scarves... it's really a phenomena).

Speaking of ghosts, every new room we occupy we imagine all the people that have stayed here before, as if an accumulation of spirits is present. In the last post we talked about oil + cars + (in the context of thRiver meme) + how our world is shaped by them. Architecture is also interesting to think about in this light, how a cluster of buildings are able to self-organize, using humuns to create symmetric order from the chaos of the natural environment.

Polignano a Mare (view from our room)








the 1st book box we've seen in Italy (+ it was a doozie)




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