2022 – 2021 = 1¢ = 5hiftin' from 4-to-5th gear az we l∞k FWD 2 IB5N 22-2 + mayB 5um hip-E 5hit in th ∆


2022/1/1> nu yrs day > a¢tually stayd up til midnite la5t nite witch we nvr du, watchd Apocalypse Now (★★★★★) 4 mayB th 20th ⊕ 30th time (redux off cour5e) > 2day reflecting on 2022, az u5ual we re5olve 2 naught make re5olutions + az u5ual we re5olve 2 lo5e wait... we way ~177 now, aught 2 lose 10-15 lbs, down 2 ~160 + az u5ual we'R sh∞ting 4 a dry january tho la5t yr Jan 6 came along + we 5aid fuk dat > az u5ual we aught 2 B m0re moder8 in everEthing, l0wer intake, physical 5tuff NE way (f∞d + h∞ch), mentoll intake kin inkrease ⊕ @ least inkrea5e quali-T of > 2day on stationarE bike (raining) we li5tend 2 1st chaptr of Nietzsche's The Anti-Christ... how much ring5 tru 5till 2day, tho much wor5e, modurn 5illivization self-annihil8ing it5self 2 kingdum cum > 5aw Gas Food Lodging (★★)... perty randum + B-grade, but trying 2 give sum of tho5e 5leeper indie films from th 90s a chants b/c we saw few movies from thi5 time period @ the time, @ least til 1999 witch = probly be5t year ever 4 film > we als0 think '90s was the worst decade az far az mu5ic 2  

> NEway, we'R spose 2 B l∞king FWD, naught back > C-ing Pig + Power of the Dog tward the end of 2021 gave us hope 4 film... was worried waht covid wd du 2 film > al5o watched a few epi5odes of How2 w/ John Wilson (★★★★), in particular the 1 abt how2 make risotto, witch 5eams he filmed in th beginning weaks of covid in NYC > mu5ic-wise we listN 2 sum of the5e best of 2021 playlists + think they'R all crap, tho haven't checked out The Quietus' list yet (listening now), wich we'R mo5t aligned with (xcept in resent yrs they'R straying in2 that glit¢hy 5hit) > musical-E we'R in R one m∞nd0ugh, 5till living in th '70s + '80s > az 4 R next album, thinking wd B c∞l 2 do sumping a1ong 1ines of 1st 2 B-52s albums ⊕ early Talking Heads but in 5cheming 4 their 5abatical (1ater thi5 yr) R bedder-½ wants 2 write a hip-E f∞d b∞k abt the time period B-tween 1968–72 + how dat changed f∞d 5ystems + we got 2 thinking we cd make N album 2 coinside w/ dat hip-E vibe... thinking we'd g0 all out + get a VW com-B + B no-mads, driving around th we5t coa5t + meXico b-ing hip-Es, but wheel C... dat wd mene overcoming R hatred of cars, but if we detest air travel 2 how Ls we gonna get around? R othr non-re5olution for 2022 is we want 2 B-come a 5toner + mayB eveN try 5hrooms (aftr all, they'R legal now in DC + weave never eveN tried M), but think we've re5olved thi5 b4 + failed but az Beckett 5ays mayB thi5 time we can fail bedder

> we'R gonna carry 4th R nu-found ob5e55ion w/ the #5 (th past 8 yrs since The Becoming + ending w/ 4ier X-forms has bin all abt th #4) > 2 thi5 end we rebranded 5cense.com ba¢k 2 waht it'5 alway5 bin (aftr a 2-yr hiatu5 az The Daily Noose + la5t yr az Life in the Blog of Ghosts)

> if 2021 = year of river, then 2022 = yr of D-riveratives, naught in th journihili5ti¢ art-¢riti¢al 5¢ense where 5umping aint originul, but in th mathemati¢al 5¢ense where D-riverative = how output ¢hange5 w/ re5pect 2 ¢hanges in input (4 eggsample th D-rivative of N objet's po5ition w/ re5pect 2 time = veloci-T) > if U wand 2 riverse th oper8ion u can integr8 the veloci-T fcn 2 find where U @ + off cour5e thi5 al50 tie5 in2 th Copenhagen interpret8ion of QM (almost rote th «Nina Hagen interpret8ion of QM» witch wd B intresting 2 ponder), where the m0re U n0 abt veloci-T th less U n0 abt po5ition + vi¢e-ver5a > D-riverative = change, repre5ented by th delta ¢haracter, Δ

+ off ¢our5e thi5 all rel-8s 2 R ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2 project, witch hopeful-E wheel fini5h in 2022, mayB on R berthday witch thi5 yr ha5 sum ni¢e 5ymetry 2 it (11/22/22) e5pecial-E 5ince we'5 born in '66, sew real-E 2022 = ∀ll abt ISBN 22-2, 5tay t∞ned

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