5hining 3rd, 4th + 5wann 5treets w/ 5ecrets + 5now, 2 5cale


2022/1/2> 5trolled 3rd + 4th 5treets 2day 2 Xtend R Microcoscmic DC project, ~10 miles + lot5 of liebury b∞x down thru Capitol Hill













> watched Secrets + Lies (★★★★★)... saw it once or twice in the 90s but don't think we've seen it since, classic

1/3> 5ignificant 5now 4 th 1st time 5ince weave bin on Swann st... 5trange 2 think ye5terday temp = 65°F + we wa5 walking around in a T-shirt > watched The 5hining (★★★★★) 4 mayB the 20th ⊕ 30th time, figured it'5 N appropri8 film 4 B-ing in th 5now in 5elf-isol8ion > watched th 1st ½ of it a few weeks ag0 on th plane back but it mu5t of bin ¢en5ored b/c they edited out th scene where th psychologist talks 2 Danny + U learn about Jack abusing him, wich seems kinda critical 2 the film

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Swann St



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