reci-P 4 fea5t of 7 »«(((°» π 2 celebr8 dad's death/birth in th M-urgent-C r∞m on 1/6


1/6/2022> R dad died 40 yrs ago 2day + was born 87 yrs ago 2day > January 6 has always bin th day we celebr8 R dad + now it's bin co-opted by Drumpf's mutinous MAGA mob > it's als0 All King's day... not that we'R religious or nothing, but we lived in Mexico + wherenot where Jan 6 = the 12th day of Xmas when gifts R sposed 2 B given + feasts R had, the day them 3 kings visited bay-B G-zus, if U B-lieve that shit [fool disclaimer: the chef has bin listening 2 N audi0 b∞k of Nietzche's The Antichrist this past week + has determined (bolstered by Nietzsche) that the judeo-christian tradition is largely responsibull 4 all that's wrong w/ Amerika, if not L mundo... last yrs riot/rebellion wd not of happened if it weren't 4 them covidiot buybull thumpers]

> NE-wayz, most folks make «feast of 7 fish pie» on Xmas (R f∞dee friends (the Irrational Parsnip) did, where we got th idea) but we figured Y not make it 2day on All King's day ± 2 honor R dad? since we've returned 2 D.C. (after 5 month c∞king in airbnbs w/ shitty kitsch-Ns) we haven't talked much abt the 4th + 5th census (5mell + ta5te) hear on 5cense (wa5 the la5t time cicada tacos?) so figured we'd blog abt it hear in th kitschen w8ing 4 things 2 simmer + bake

1. like mo5t g∞d things, it 5tarts w/ broth... most reci-Ps (like this NYT 1) call 4 chickin stock, but that's weird 4 »«(((°» π, no? + B-sides, we've 5worn off eating land animal5 + does C-f∞d 5tock even Xist 2 buy? we just got a bunch of fi5h-heads + bones + whatever el5e we cd find + 5tuck em in a pot > 5peaking of pot, that was R anniversar-E present 2 R-selves (B-sides R Tributaries album), a 7-piece GreenPan pot/pan set from Sur la Table, that + a new cutting bored... aftr all, seems this pandemic ain't over quiet yet + we've spent the last 2 yrs u5ing the hell out of R cheapass cookware (as the persun who house-sat 4 us 4 the last 5 months called R previou5 pots + pans)

2. c∞k up 2 large leeks, 6 cloves of garlic + 2 anchovies in sum butthair + olive oil... unlike the NYT reci-P we also added sum celery, carrots, potat0es (micr0waved 2 soften em a bit) 2 give it 5um 5ub5tance + 2 roasted habaner0s 2 give it 5um kick, 0h + 5um ginger > just s0 happend R bedder-½ randomly got a care package of various f∞ds + 5pices from the Israeli govt 2day, so figured it appropr8 to inkl∞t sum of that in2 R 7 »«(((°» π since that's where bay-B G-zus was born, rite?

3. since we'R all abt 1 pot meals + less di5hes 2 wa5h we almost 5kipped the part abt putting the above aside 2 make the pseudo roux, but wa5 afrayed it mite end up clumpE + we had an Xtra pot NE-way from making th C-food broth > mix ½ a cup of flower w/ the 4 tablesp∞ns of melted butthair + mix in broth from step 1 til it feels abt rite > unfortunately we din't have clam juice, we had sum leftover from when we made vongole last week but already u5ed it 4 sumthing else

4. turn the heat off (U don't want the fi5h 2 c∞k yet!) + mix in the »«(((°»... we used 1 lb of chopped 5wordfish, C bass, 2-na, 5almon + whatever ketch-of-the-day + ½ lb of 5hrimp + ½ lb of 5callops 2 make it a proper 7 »«(((°» π > 0h + sum frozen Ps > 5pice it up w/ fresh taragon, the above שום ופפריקה + of course O' Bay since we live in D.C. > 5peaking of 7 »«(((°» π, a few posts ag0 we mentioned ketching 3 mice in 1 day but reckoned there were m0re critters left 2 ketch... we cot 2 a day 4 next 2 dayz 2 make a total of 7 (2 adults + 5 littler 1s) + reloc8ed them all 2 Malcolm X park + haven't cot NE since so think we got th hole fam damily > this is waht happens when u leave yr house for 5 months... u come back + a family of mice moves in! reci-P 4 ketching mice? a Captsure® trap b8ed w/ jalapeño jack + we scatturd a few nuts in front of the trap 2 lure 'em in

this 1 waved back in thx b4 we set 'em free (tho we felt bad 4 the 2 we set free that cold snowy nite)

5. NW-ways, back 2 th 7 »«(((°» π reci-P, wich doesn't call 4 mice FYI (tho isn't a bad idea... 2 kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone) > NYT said chill the concoction 4 @ least N hour if not 24 but we don't got th patience 4 that, tho we did put it in the fridge 4 may-B ½ N hr wile we butterd the π pans + rolled out th dough («puff pastry» 2 B X-act > we R by no menes bakers BTW, not abt 2 make R one crust, so just bot the pre-maid Du4 pastry puff stuff > we cut sum fi5h 5hapes out + mayB we ruined the pastry puff (wich is sposed 2 B like mille-feuille, a flakey 1000 sheets) by wadding it back in2 a ball once we cut the fish out + then re-rolled it, but we wasn't sure what 2 do w/ the holes where the »«(((°» were + don't like 2 waste nothing

6. put all the 5tuff from step 4 in2 a casserole dish (5ince R casserole di5h wa5 alreadE occu-π'd by last night's eggpplant parm la5agna, we used π pans)... oh + did we mention 2 butter up the dish b4 u g∞p the 5tuff in? it's always a phenomena 2 us that whenever we make pies or quiche we always seem 2 Xactly fill the di5hes even tho we never follow reci-Ps or mea5ure out amounts > once all the fishy filling's in there then u lay the puff pastry over (but don't pinch the edges cuz evidently that keeps it from puffing) > we had sum leftover dough so just made stars + circles + whatnot 2 give the »«(((°» sumping 2 swim around in

7. stick em in the oven @ 425° for like ~30 minutes + voila, bone-ape-tit!

> Rs din't puff much, probly cuz we rerolled the puff pastry (nvr said we was a baker, that's R bedder-½'s dept) > we served it up w/ sum sour cream + 5almon roe

> speaking of f∞d, this 1st week of January we've lost 5 lbs (from 177 down to 172... 10 lbs 2 go) + s0 far January is 5till dry (unlike last yr where all bets were off on Jan 6) th0 this 7 »«(((°» π wd of bin g∞d washed down w/ a beer

> figured it appropri8 to watch Fishing w/ John Lurie (★) while we 8 the »«(((°» π but wasn't in2 it 2 much, just him + Jim Jarmusch acting bored + pretensious wile they «sport» fished (i.e. wasted gas + killed fish + a shark (they said they let it go, but what abt the h∞k?) + not bothering 2 eat 'em, wtf?) > then we watched In the Soup (★★★)) w/ Steve Buscemi wich was ok but dragged on

> yestrday we sent David Nutt's Summertime in the Emergency Room 2 the printer, hear's th cover:

> w/ these supply chain issues who nose when it will B available

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