5 x 5 word-L 5quares 2 drink Anthem + kick Dikovich out of R apt #14 dat wa5 naught eveN Rs 2 B-gin w/


1/10/2022> 8 pizza w/ shrooms + wat¢hed 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible (★★★)... it wa5 OK, dat Nims dude mite B a 5herpa but 5till fool of him5elf... it ain't how FAST u can do it (clime ∀ll 14 x 8000m peɘks) but HOW (it mite of taken Reinhold Messner 16 yrs but he did it in 5tyle (Alpine, knot seige climbing, sans oxygen ⊕ Xternal $upport)

1/11/22> normalE we aint 1 2 fall0w 5ocial media trends but we've bin C-ing the5e grid5 of 5quares popping up in R twitter feɘd + they ketch R I naught ju5t b/c th puzzels involve5 word5 but they'R 5 x 5 grids (5 x 6 actualE, but we limit R-5elf 2 5 tries) ∴ 5eams apt 4 5cense in lite of R ¢urrent ob5e55ion w/ th # 5, az we rite I5BN 22-2 (⊕ rathr, az ISBN rites us) > ¢ould 5ome1 write their 5tory u5ing onely 5-lettr word5? bedder yet, dat 4m ɘmordnilaps in each direXion (horrorizontal, vertical + diagonal)? there'5 th notorius 5ator 5quare but dat'5 in Latin:

B neK , U 4 = 1 ƨiht

> far az we kn0w n0 5x5 word 5quares Ǝxist in Ǝngli5h (dat R legibel baↄkwordƨ) but hear'5 N Xcerpt from a draft of I5BN (W.I.P. F.Y.I.) whɘre we specul8 + integr8 4x4 ɘmordnilap word 5quares (evɘN in 3D, az if a Rubik's® ↄube!) + N 8x8 + 16x16 # 5quares wh∞se ∫um in ∀ll direXions adds up to 2056:


... but we dont want 2 reveil 2 muↄh more ju5t yet (if U'r N editor intrested in running an Xcerpt from R 4th-coming ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2 get in touch > N-E-waze, hear'5 R word-L du jour (1/11):

... mayB wheɘl po5t a word-L eaↄh day + C if it amount$ 2 N-E-thing (az far az underlying narriverative) + $peɘking of th DRINK $tring, we'R 11 days in2 dry January... feɘl g∞d Xcept 2day felt a bit hung0ver (D-spite 11 dayz of naught drinking), mayB from pre55ure drop5 effecting R minears d-zzz ⊕ getting 2 much 2 sleɘp (actualE 5lept 7 hrs la5t nite onely waking up 1x) ⊕ mayB we have covid tho we have naught 5eɘn nobodE faↄe-2-facɘ Xcept ma5ked D-livery peephole thru R d∞rway > 2nite 8 cavatappi gorgonzola 4 dinner + watched Mikey + Nicky (1976)(★★★★) w/ John Cassavettes + Peter Falk... we just dig the way evɘrEthing l∞ks back then in gritty technicolor + how they just let the camraw roll evɘn if nothing'5 reɘlE happening, dat'5 sorta how we C 5hit, @ least how we member th '70s + '80s b4 digital film

1/12> urly thi5 a.m. aftr a long trip we ↄame baↄk 2 R apartment > we cd hardly reↄall whɘre we lived + on impul5e we 5lipped in2 waht we thought wa5 a 5ubway train but endid up B-ing N elɘv8or > th elɘv8or wa5 f∞l of ma5kles55 covidiots s0 we pulled r 5hirt up ovr R mouth b/c we dint halve a ma5k handE > 5um 1 wa5 talking 2 them5elf ½-crazE + we re¢ognized them from a Tuvalese landgauge cla55 we t∞k 2gether > they reↄognized u5 + 5tartid 2 act «normal» + a5ked «18?» + pre55ed th 18 btn b4 we cd we cd 5ay «yah, thx», reↄolle¢ting onely now dat we lived on th 18th fl∞r... sorta, there wa5 sum triↄk we had 2 d∞ b/c reɘlE we lived on th 18½ fl∞r, but we figured weɘd remember when we got there, rite now we were con¢erned b/c nobodE had ma5ks on + we wa5 holeding R breath > «dint C U in cla55 2-day» thi5 crazE persun wh∞ talked 2 them5elf 5aid + we just noddid yah 2 avoid conver5ation nor did we want 2 affili8 R-5elf w/ thi5 crazE covidiot > th 18th fl∞r came up + we got off + then 5aw a 5ervi¢e elɘv8or + reɘlized thi5 wa5 th «trick» + we a5ked «going up?» + th persun oper8ing th 5erviↄe elɘv8or said «yah, 19?» + we said «18½ ⊕ whatevɘr fl∞r comes next» > th elɘva8or wa5 ≈ a barn w/ hay + p∞p on th grnd + ∀ll these hor5es + th elɘv8or oper8or wa5 their ↄaretaker, running th elɘv8or wa5 ju5t N annoying 5ide ta5k > we pet + talked 2 th hor5es wh∞ were ∀ll quite 5mall + when th elɘv8or dinged we had 2 nudge 1 out of th weigh 2 get off > we were naught 5ure wich d∞r but gue55ed 1 + R key¢ard worked so we walked in + there wa5 a gathering of 6-10 ppl + Novak Jokeabitch (wh∞ we alway5 ¢all Dikovich) was 1 of them > we coverd R mouth w/ R shirt + pointing @ Dikovich D-clared «thi5 guy neɘds 2 leave» + th gathering disper5ed + Dikovich tried 2 plead w/ u5 but we ju5t pointed 2 th d∞r, naught wanting 2 0pen R mouth 2 5peɘk > aftr he left Nadal came up 2 u5 + 5aid he ↄould naught B-leave we had th cajones 2 kick Jokeabitch out + we 5aid it wa5 R apartment + we dint allow ma5kle55 unvaccin8ed idiot5 inn it > Nadal wa5 naught wearing a ma5k but we din't ↄare we were 5o geɘked out > then we got 2 l∞king around + nothing l∞ked familiar + we reɘlized it wa5 naught R apartment aftr ∀ll > we 5aid «thi5 = reɘlE Mbareassing but we neɘd 2 l∞k @ R li¢ense 2 figure out whɘre we live + we wa5 trying 2 find R gla55es so we cd reɘd th 5mall print + mas5kle55 ppl were gatherd around 2 help u5 reɘd it (inkl∞ting th 10-ant of th apt we were inn) + we wa5 a bit con¢erned abt covid but cd naught reɘd ∴ neɘdid their help > R li¢ense had ∀ll the5e 5tiↄkers on it like waht ¢ustums ppl put on yr pa55port + th 5tiↄkers were ¢overing th adre55 ∴ it was illegibel but evɘrE 1 wa5 gatherd round trying 2 help us D-cipher IT

> 2days word-L 5quare du jour:

> bin listening 2 Ayn Rand's Anthem when eXor¢ising (R nu thing, nvr listened 2 audi0 b∞ks b4 la5t weɘk when we listened 2 Nietzsche's Antichrist)... Ayn Rand gets a bad rap, 2 menny Sillycone valley types + billionaire meglomaniacs have $kewed her me$$age 2 ju$tify unbridled ¢apitali$m + their 0ne $elfi$hnne$$ in th $ame way Natural 5elɘↄtion get5 di5torted 2 pr0m0te social Darwinism > U al50 have 2 remember whɘre Rand'5 coming from (5he 5tarted 2 rite Anthem az a teɘnager in Soviet Russia)... her promotion of th importan¢e of eg0 (originul titel of b∞k = Ego, b4 her publicher ¢hanged it) + 5elf 5tems from her rebellion again5t the Soviet 5ystem... ↄan U blame her? intresting thing abt th novel, it's writ in 1st per5un plural, everE 1 = we... until th last 2 ↄhapters when 5he 5hifts 2 «I» + «we» b-comes th dirty word dat is naught aloud 2 B uddered > R per5peↄtiv = opposit, we rite in 1st per5un plural in reaↄtion 2 B-ing born in a so¢ie-T dat = ∀ll abt I > we d∞ B-lieve in th importan¢e of 5elf th0, dat nothing wd Ǝxist we'R it naught 4 US (⊕ I), hen¢e Y we call thi5 blog 5cense... everEthing lies @ th interfa¢e of th 5ensus... n0 othr reɘli-T Ǝxi5ts > waht ppl overl∞k = Rand's promotion of sighence + reason + dat happiness aught 2 cum from w/in, naught 5hoved down 1's throat > 5he 5ays naught 2 Obey but als0 naught 2 ¢ommand, everE 1 need5 2 cum 2 their one con¢lusions, freewill = paramount > th othr intresting aspe¢t = dat ∀ll charaↄters have #s 4 names > th b∞k = narr8ed by 1 «Equality 7-2521»... until th end , when Equality 7-2521 changes his name 2 Prometheus + 5peɘks in 1st per5on 5ingular > problem w/ Rand is dat there'5 a ma55ive mi55ed opportuni-T 4 feminism (e5pecially con5idering Anthem wa5 publi©hed in 1938, weigh ahead of it'5 time)... her protagonists R always ♂ + in anthem th ♀charactor onely 5erves az th luv intrest + 2 halve Equality 7-2521's bayB (witch it'5 assumed will B ♂, 2 farther propag8 Rand's ♂-domin8ed cause)

evɘn tho we listend 2 Anthem, hear'5 a hardcopE 5um 1 left in R little liebury boox


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