a55embly line I5BN regener8or V-a a PROXY ROBOT POINT 2 wipe th 5late ¢lean


1/16/2022> 8 shrimp ta¢0s w/ gua¢ + 5almon roe > watchd The Mountain (★★★★), intresting film abt mental health + th 5tupid 5hit humuns do 2 try 2 «cure» it > then re-watched Brokeback Mountain (★★★★) b/c when we 5earched 4 mountain it came up + not sure we'd reseen since it came out, 2 heartbreaking

1/17> we dig the I-dea of R daily journeling B-ing 0nely a 5x5 word-L 5quare, az a sorta haiku... tho of coarse we'R cun5trained in th end by th la5t word th@ the Ntire world in Unisun dis¢overs @ 5ame time


1/18> 8 a 5orta pasta ala norma/putanesca w/ gorgonzola + finished watching City of Angels: City of Death (★★)... intresting subject (th string of 5erial killers in L.A. in th late 70s/early 80s) but they din't really go in2 th Y + focussed on th cops way 2 much


1/19> walkd 5th, 6th, 7th + 8th streets SW in th name of Microcosmic DC, down pa5t th mall + Enfant plaza, ~ 8 miles > nothing real-E 2 report, brutalist bldgs w/ names like «General Services Administration» tho we did pass th natl archives

> 4 dinner 8 scallop + green chile tacos + watchd The Man Who Knew Too Much (★★), fairly run-of-the-mill Hitchcock > ⊕ in ∫um:


1/20> bin working on I5BN 978-1-940853-22-2, hen¢e th 5cense.com makeover... al5o 2 anticip8 th completion of R archival pro¢e55... fini5hed w/2002 + getting in2 yr 2003, when we 5tarted blogging @ thi5 URL, but there'5 overlap 5ince @ 1st we din't blog day-2-day + 5till sorta kept a privet journel > th pa5t accumul8s in2 the pre5ent, bunching til it'5 almo5t cot up > B-sides thi5, 5tarting 2 work on laying out Math Class (ISBN 978-1-940853-15-4) > Summertime in the Emergency Room (ISBN 978-1-940853-14-7) = still @ printer... 5upply ¢hain i55ue D-lays

> 5peaking of ISBNs, if U need 1 let us know... it'5 ¢riminal waht Bowker charges (1 for $125, 10 for $295, ...) fucking over tho5e just needing 1 or a few (but giving em dirt cheap 2 big pre55es th@ buy in bulk)... we'll sell 'em for ~$10 a pop, w/ barcode even (which they'll charge U another $25 for), or point U 2 where u can get em free > what'5 more U'll 5hare th 1st 10 digits w/ Calamari titles (post-2014)

> word-L du jour:



984 <(current)> 986 > + u will no u5 by th trail of ded az we log flight hrs til R bi-coastal journel overlaps blog 2 = 5oundtrack of R lives
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