calendure reminder 2 Search History 2 redi5cover (over + over) dat th grass ha5 alway5 bin greener 4 avant gardeners


2/1/2022> 1st day of February + als0 Chinese New Year (Tiger) > wierd how there = 12 months in 1 year... gue55 we got th Egyptians 2 thank 4 thi5 d8 ↄonvention > + a 7-day week? seams we halve th Babylonians 2 thank 4 dat > th onely periodical time-keeping # dat = truly «natural» in R mined = 1 day, th rot8ion of 5un round th earth (tho D-viding it in2 24 hrs dont make muↄh 5ense, again a duodecimal relic of E-gypt ) > 365 (# of dayz it takes earth 2 g0 round the 5un) + 28 (# of dayz it takes th m∞n 2 complete a psychle) sorta make 5ense but eveN the5e #s aren't truly natural b/c reely it takes us 365.2563 dayz 2 orbit th 5un + 27.322 dayz 4 th m∞n 2 orbit u5, s0 th conↄept of year ± month R sorta flawd > waht a mesi mes! but it'5 th mesi custom we wa5 born in2 (unles U = Afghani, Iranian, Ethiopian ⊕ Nepalese, wh∞ u5e their one calendures)

> we'R taking a breather from R journal archving 2 reflect on R pa5t in th hear + now... onely 1 year 2 go (2007) til th 5¢ense arↄhive = complete! till R N-tire life til = online, till we R trulie anonymous + po5t-humun > if then we shd die there'll B a cumplete re¢ord of R Ǝxistenↄe on thi5 hear planit, 4 waht it'5 worth... ain't menE othr humuns intrested in R ¢urrent earthly Ǝxist-10-ce > @ th end of th day ain't thi5 Y ppl rite b∞k5 + make art, 2 stave off death? 2 make 1-self immortal? + by «1-self» we refer 2 th illusion of eg0 dat ∫um underlying ¢ode in5tills in us 2 make IT cumpelling eNough we halve 2 put in writing + replic8 it az mu¢h az humunly po55ibel (az book, machine, digital media, etc.)

> 2006 was5 a pivotal year 4 u5, weird 2 re-read tho5e journals a5 we tran5cribe 'eM, no wonder R art from around thi5 time acquired a certain jankiness, just look @ our living situation > we learnt 2 Mbrace th DK, 5aw beauty in th breakdown > 2003 was als0 pivotal in a diffrent 5ense, not only did we 5tart Calamari (@ th eXpense of a 5oul-5ucking day job) but dam were tho5e fun years in NYC > by 2006 we were 5ouring on NYC, mired in typical $lumlord mu¢k > we were cognizant of thi5 7-yr itch going in2 it, twe litteruley rote reminders 2 self in R day-plannners 7 years ahead 2 «leave NYC» + it wa5 painfully obvious we wantid 2 in 2006, red-E 2 up + go 2 Uganda ⊕ wherever 2 avoid th wrath of bush jr > weed eventually leave in 2008 (2 Kenya), but kept coming back, ju5t couldn't quit NYC... but we'R getting ahead of R-self, we have yet 2 tran5cribe R 2007 journals 2 C what R mindset wa5 by then

> makes us imagine how weird it wd B 2 meat a ver5ion of 1-self from 2006 ⊕ 2003 ± b4 dat? gue55 it'5 ∀ll waze bin abt living in th moment + M-bracing change, living in th Δ > as we 5cribe ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2 weave bin dwelling on thi5 IDea of differentials + deriveratives + how they've affected R outl∞k on life > how (thx 2 Heisenberg) th more u no where u R th less u no where U'r going... ΔpΔx ≥ h/4π in mathematickle terms > we humuns = diffrence engenes, always 5triving 4 «growth», e5pecially as mea5ured in e¢onomic terms... but relative 2 waht? how can 1 always have e¢onomic growth? ↄountries ≈ Italy R ¢onsidered failures in il moondough's eyes b/c they halve zer0 population growth + a stagnant e¢onomy, w/ little «progress» > bottum line = they eat well + live large, what else matters?

> as we reflect back on R mind5et in 2006 ⊕ B4 dat we realize the grass has always been greener > hear we R 16 yrs l8er scheming of wayz 2 get th fuck outta th U.S. b4 drumpf gets re-elected in 2024 + ∀ll goes 2 hell in a h&basket just like how we felt in 2006 > B-sides 5ouring on slimey slumlords + 5oul-5ucking jobs we were 5till in th po5t-traumati¢ throes of bush jr's re-election + felt on a fundamental lvl did not belong in ∀merika + now in retro5pect bush 5eams so B9 cumpaired 2 drumpf > we'R 5till 5cheming 2 make Italy work... aftr 5pending th past 5-6 mesi in Bologna we realized we dont want 2 live there (w/in those porticoed city walls) but we cd live elsewhere in Italy, R bedder-½ wd just need 2 B in 5triking di5tance 2 Bologna when they'R teaching (12 weeks of th yr), rest of th time we cd be living on a goat farm in Sicily ± wherever > we don't worry abt th uncertainy (Δp ⊕ Δx) of R future as much as R bedder-½ does (naught dat we dont dread another winter in D.C.) > whenever R bedder-½ asks «what R we gonna do?» we always ju5t say «we'R doing it»... that's bin R 5tock answer 4 a5 long a5 we kin remember > even when life suↄked in 2006 we wa5 hap-E + productive + wouldn't trade in tho5e years 4 N-E-thing else

2/2> N-E-way, FFWD 2 th pre5ent, 2/2/22 (hap-E palindromic groundhog day!)... we'R archiving R journals + working on I5BN in fit5 + 5tarts > David Nutt's Summertime in the Emergency Room is 5till @ th printer > went thru N other round of edits + made a cover 4 Kelly Krumrie's Math Class:

> a «portal» as they call it > b∞k objet az portal, a g8less g8 (speaking of perambul8ing Baloney)

> callus a hippocrit but we caved in + got back on twitter yestrday... it'd B 2 5elfish 2 quit, need 2 represent Calamari Archive authors, we ju5t need 2 wear R Cal A. Mari hat (w/ patience) when tweeting, just regurgit8 Calamari news + not get su¢ked in2 th mire of reading th feed ± caring what other ppl think > we can't even bear 2 read th daily noose, s0 D-pressing > @ 1st when we reactiv8ed R acct we had 0 followers/0 following but aftr a wile th #s re5et 2 waht it = B4 (guess they keep your d8a on h& 4 a month) > it'5 a ? of Ǝxist-10-ↄe... wile we think Neil Young's a bad-ass, part of u5 think5 he's 5h∞ting hisself in th f∞t 4naught B-ing on 5potify + dat othr covidiot remains, so in a 5ense Neil lost dat battle > it'5 like u5 naught B-ing on twitter b/c drumpf wa5 (big reason Y we wasn't B4)... it'5 fine if U'R Neil Young + U got othr plat4ms like Apple music ± wherever, but 4 littel guise like u5 ain't no othr place 2 get th word out > Inurnet don't equ8 2 how it u5ed 2 B in 2006 when we u5ed 2 get a lot of gorilla traction from IT > now n0body blogs unless it'5 behind a paywall ± 5ubstacked ⊕ they need 2 advertise > s0, 2 B ⊕ naught 2 B, dat = the ?

> = ⊕ ≠

> we ain't a fan of 5hakespeare + nvr botherd 2 read th re5t of Hamlet's 5peech til now, but dam...

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep,
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to: 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub:
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause—there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life.
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
Th'oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
The pangs of dispriz'd love, the law's delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of th'unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovere'd country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience doth make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action.

> what else, input-wise? re-watched Mulholland Drive th other nite (4 mayB 5th ⊕ 7th time)... definitely Lynch's best, 0h + we re-watched Fire Walk W/ Me + it wa5 bad as we remember 1st time watching it when it came out > otherwise not wat¢hing a lot of m∞vies az of l8

> wa5 gonnna read War of the Worlds then thought Y not listen 2 it? bedder yet, a radio play version? (weave bin trying 2 get in2 th habit of listening 2 audi0b∞ks when we eXorcise) > weird dat Orson ha5 th 5ame la5t name as H.G. (tho 5pells it diffrent, w/ an Xtra e)

> als0 5tarted 2 read Underworld by Don Delill0 but ju5t not 5ure it's worth th inve5tment... we got more than a 100 pgs in2 it, was5 in2 th 1st section abt th 5hot herd round th whirled + dint mind th 5hift 2 dat 5trange ↄult in New Mexic0 but then seams it wa5 digressing further convol∞ted + we ju5t lo5t 5team

> red Search History by Eugene Lim > their reaching theyr 5tride 4 shore, w/ each b∞k l∞sing them5elf further, B-coming post-humun ≈ us... az st8ed urlier, ain't thi5 th end game? u5 writers R a 5trange lot, akin 2 micr0processors > we read + write 2 process grief ± whatever's going on in the5e carbone-based bodies we'R trapped inn > we cons∞m f∞d + art + rehash it in2 code we'R compelled 2 publi5h publiↄally (⊕ s0 we'R trickd 2 think... real-E it'5 th code—th particular seekwinds of letters + words unique 2 u5 dat we $tring in2 sen-10-ces + chaptrs—dat uses R bodies 2 replic8 in2 th publiↄ sphere) > th b∞k = fun-E + nut-E in a Vonnegut weigh, nvr taking it5elf 2 sirius (+ 5peaking of sirius it stars a dog!) > 4 eggsample they get 5ucked in2 a virtual reali-T game calld «Avant Gardener», a sorta farm simul8or + their fave restraunt in NYC = «Inauthentic Sushi» > + speaking of g8less g8, there's a certain zen quality 2 th humor + wit, tho 2 B Frank (⊕ naught), we con5ider R-self a failed Buddhist, just like we'R a failed 5toner > weed ch∞se Buddhism over N-E othr religion + have red a lot of b∞ks abt Buddhism, such az th g8less g8 but R brain just ain't wired 2 underst& it

> boot5trap narriveratives az Lim writes, u either get it ⊕ u don't

> th part abt where ∫um 1 P'd them5elf @ a certain «white» poetry reading wa5 fun-E b/c we wa5 their, we ju5t rememberd it diffrent > in th b∞k th white ppl in a-10-dance reacted w/ «disgust» + «contempt» but we thought th yellow was5 mellow, all things considerd > az we membr it, when th persun near th front urin8ed, th reader (th 1 wh∞ D-voted their life 2 their clitoris) casual-E stoppd mid-sen-10-ce + a5ked if there wa5 a doctor in th house, witch perhaps wa5 N over-reaction but how wa5 they 5posed 2 no it wasn't ∫umthing more sirius? we was 5tanding in back next 2 U-gene, tho we wa5 more in the kitschen so couldn't real-E C so well, just herd a hushed rustling az ppl t∞k a break 2 mop up th mess... seemed rather organic th way th situ8ion resolved it5elf, crowd-sorced akin 2 watching ants find crumbs + 5elf-organize 2 clean IT up > thi5 p∞r sole wh∞ P'd them5elf fled 2 th back + 5tood next 2 u5 (we seam 2 B a magnet inn dat weigh) + we felt bad but din't no waht 2 say, it wa5 awkword + they seemed OK (B-sides having wet genes) + not @ all drunk btw > we imagined they ju5t wantd 2 B left alone + have n0 more attn drawn upon them5elf + ↄontrary 2 waht wa5 said in th b∞k we did overhear ∫um 1 (mayB it wa5 even u5, we can't remember + 5aid nothing abt it in R blog post abt th event) a5k them if they wa5 OK + they just 5aid yah, they wa5 jus tired + had bin 5tanding all day (az were we all, all day @ AWP + then @ thi5 dam marathon reading w/ 15 readers (Y we wa5 cowering in back, can't st& 5uch things, especially p0etry) > we wa5 souprized they even 5tuck around long az they did... eventual-E when th reading 5tarted back up they quietly 5lipped out th back d∞r

> memary = a 5trange thing, esp ecial-E 5ince thi5 event o-cured in a r∞m full of writer types, weed B intrested 2 C th interpretations from the5e parallel processors > diffrence engines in th cross-cultural camp > also all sorts of nuggets abt AI in Search History:

> + N aut0bi0graphical interlude abt the author's mom where they repeat thi5 line a few times:

We have a saying in my business. Your own story is only interesting to you.

> thi5 gets @ th jist of why we fictionalize, how we process b/c thi5 = true... Y no 1 in their rite mined wd want 2 read thrU R journals ± 5cense (unless we showed non-aut0bi0graphical viral con-10-t, but az st8ed b4, 5cense = autobiopsychogeographical) > but back 2 Lim, they manage 2 assimil8 + montage their one personal experience in2 a compelling assemblage of words (or thi5 assemblage used Lim 2 get it down on paper + published (via Coffeehouse press))

> + on the 100th anniversary of th publication of Ulysses serendipitous 2 read:

> unreferenced ± acknowledged (not dat the author directly quotes Joyce) but az Joyce 5ays «... why, pray, sign anything as long as every word, letter, penstroke, paperspace is a perfect signature of its own?» > also liked the bit abt how the trick (4 artists) is 2 «Make sure the rich can understand your work but just barely.»... R brother u5ed 2 talk along tho5e lines + th bit abt Keanu Reeves wa5 fun-E b/c we just 5aw him again la5t week when Colbert gave him another questionaire + replayed dat ? + asked if had an amendmant 2 it (Keanu said no + Colbert 5aid cool, it wa5 logged on file)

> when the author talks abt how their parents we'R strivers, dat's how we think of Lim, critics of-10 praise certain band5 az «hard-working» but rarely i5 L-bow grease applied 2 writer ± artist types, but a lot of L-bow grease has got-10 Lim 2 where they'R @, a 5triver 5triving 2 communic8 (or communeacake) w/ th dead

[U-gene + Cal A Mari mongering books (in ~100° heat w/ no shade) @ Brooklyn Book Festival 2008 ]

> ha5 bin cold so haven't bin walking much but 2day wa5 over 40° so we walked down 9th SW 2 th mall + then rather than R usual sy5tematic linear approach of going up 10th figured weed cut along the mall to 18th SW + go up dat, also 2 kill 2 birds w/ 1 5tone b/c R bedder-½ had 2 go in2 work near Dupont Circle... also Y we don't halve th map b/c they'R th 1 w/ the fancy watch dat gener8s tho5e maps, but it wd in e55en¢e B a 5quare > we ju5t got 2 keep tra¢k of what we did on R Microcosmic DC pg 2 know waht we did already ⊕ didn't due

> Riposa in pace, Monica Viti. Tante ore abbiamo fissato il tuo viso, grazie per la tua grande bellezza.

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