retrieving the archive 2 monger advanced imperfect copies of GENESiS


2/2/23> announced Genesis today, a found book ("recovered" by archaelogist Eric Larson) of self-organized text > posted the opening eXcerpt on Sleepingfish + here's the cover:

> the cover's meant 2 look like the the capsule that held the Genesis tablets, but the dirty secret is that it's our tortilla pan > the printer really messed the 1st batch up, the boxes were barely intact (+ thus sum of the boox damaged) + the margins off-kilter, some to the point where the text frame eXtends B-yond the edge (U can tell b/c the edge of the book shd be white but in some of them below it's black):

> the printer's making good on it + sending a new batch, but what 2 do w/ these? Some are salvageable (if interested in an ARC let us know) or if U don't mind the margins being slightly off (not damaged or extending to the edge like the ones above (those 1s are freebies going in2 our Liebury boox), they just have a bottom margin of less than 1/8th of an inch (all the textframes are there)), U can get an advanced imperfect copy if U paypal us $5 (+$3 postage) using this button:


2/6> went out 2 PA 2 get all the Calamari boox... been procrastin8ing getting them, but yesterday morning spontaneously D-sided 2 drive the 3½ hrs out there > had Thai food w/ Garielle, who has been gratiously keeping them + fulfilling orders since summer of 2021, when we went to Italy for 6 months thinking we might move back ... thx Gari! early this a.m. drove back + got 6 more boxes from our house (while we had a mini-van) + took the entire load to R bedder-½'s office 2 reduce clutter while we ready 2 sell the house > continuing to purge + get rid of things to get ready 4 our move/selling the house.... sold some camping gear (from planned west coast sabbatical camping trip we nvr took) + our red Epiphone hollowbody, the guitar we used on the 1st 2 Sound ƒuries albums

> that's the week in a nut5hell, hear's the day-2-day monitoring R input 2 see how it FX R menieres/vestibular migraines... az weave discovered b4, no real rhyme or reason we can discern eXcept mayB a correL8ion w/ pressure changes, or just not eating/drinking in moder8ion, more steadily throughout th day, each day, instead of binging b/c we've bin intermittent fasting... although it fluctu8s a few lbs, we lost 7–9 lbs in January ... only 6 lbs to go


  • slept: bad (4)(~6 hrs but laying there ½ the night)
  • feel: ok (5), now ℝ headache/grogginess/brain fog is probly from drinking ± going 2 bed L8 (1 a.m.))
  • pressure: 30.3 (high)+ rising slow
  • w8: 166.2
  • exorcise: walked ~10 miles (down around Hain's Point)
  • 8/drank: bread + leftover pasta; pizza w/ mushrooms, salad, sea-salt chocolate-covered almonds
  • watched: Still Alice (for 2nd time (★★★★)), episode of Vatican Girl


  • slept: good (7 ... 7-8 hrs, woke up 2-3 x)
  • pressure: 30.26 + falling slowly
  • feel: good (6), still bad tinnitus + pressure in ear tho
  • w8: 167
  • exorcise: 42 minutes st8ionary bike
  • 8/drank: bowl of cereal w/ soy milk, peanuts, thai coconut rice w/ salmon, salad, 2 glasses of red wine + 2 glasses of white wine (had friends over)
  • watched: Vatican Girl (★★★)


  • slept: ok (5)... ~8-9 hrs, but not fitful... we tried wearing our bedder–½'s fancy watch that tracks sleep + it logged the time where we were laying there awake counting sheep (we actually count waves, backwords) as "core sleep"–see chart below)
  • pressure: see chart
  • feel: good (6)
  • w8: 166.2
  • exorcise: walked ~6 miles
  • 8/drank: leftover rice + salmon, black bean tacos w/ guac, tea (decaf)
  • watched: started to watch Cleo (★★), but not into it, unrealistic + too violent


  • slept: ok (5... in bed 8 hrs but not sleeping ½ the time)
  • pressure: see chart
  • feel: ok (5), a bit dizzy/lightheaded
  • w8: 168.8
  • exorcise: 43 min elliptical
  • 8/drank: cereal w/ blackberries + soy milk + wheat germ; peanuts; shrimp tacos w/ guac, tea
  • watched: Island of the Sea Wolves (★★★)


  • slept: good (7)
  • pressure: see chart
  • feel: good (7), but then in the evening around dinner our tinnitus in the right ear got really bad, like the worst it's every been.. bedder-½ was listening to music at moderate level, otherwise wasn't listening to music at all + haven't used headphones for a few days, tho some asshole's car alarm was going off all day which was driving us crazy
  • w8: 168
  • exorcise: ran ~40 minutes in Malcolm X park (which they finally reopened!)
  • 8/drank: cereal w/ blackberries, peanuts; rice w/ sorta thai larb: ground chicken (decided 2 eat chicken every so often), brocolli, mushrooms, fennel, peppers + then chocolates + glass of red wine + white wine
  • watched: Midnight Diner (starting on 1st season... we saw all seasons of Tokyo Stories reboot but didn't see the original), watched an episode of Lying Life of Adults but wasn't in2 it


  • slept: ok (6)... ~7 hrs woke up a few times
  • pressure: 30.25 (high) see chart
  • feel: not-so-ok (4), still bad tinnitus + dizzy (tho no headache) so microdosed 0.2g but didn't seem to help this time
  • w8: 166.6
  • exorcise: walked 7–8 miles
  • 8/drank: cereal w/ blueberries, piece of toast, peanuts, fried rice (from nite before), tea + chocolates (just 2). Also got multivitamins so starting to take 1 of those a day, along w/ proper sub-lingual high-dose B-12 (rather than just chewable).
  • watched: Party Girl (★★)—we like Parker Posey but this was dumb


  • slept: good (7) ... 7-8 hrs, woke up breifly a few times
  • pressure: see chart
  • feel: ok (6), started to get heacahce midway thru day + took baby aspirin
  • w8: 169
  • exorcise: 30 min strength training, walking around running errands + cleaning house
  • 8/drank: cereal w/ berries, peanuts, pesto pasta (whole wheat) w/ salmon, chick peas + peppers + salad, 2-3 glasses of red wine + 3 pieces of chocolate
  • watched: Playtime ( (★★★★)(French film made in 1967 by Jackques Tati that was more about the things humuns make then about humun drama + beautifully shot in color but everything shades of gray) then 2 short films: Meshes of the Afternoon (★★★★)(surreal homemade film from 1943) + Shadow Animals (★★★★) strange Swedish film where adults act weird + dance around like flamingos


  • slept: good (7) ... 7-8 hrs, woke up breifly a few times
  • pressure: very high, 30.67 (record breaking cold front in NE)
  • feel: good (7) ... note we blamed red wine + chocolate + high pressure for episode 2 days ago, but feel okay today (despite even higher pressure), tho less chocolate + we didn't have the salted ones)
  • exorcise: walked ~3-4 miles (to get rental car)
  • 8/drank: toast, berries, nuts, potato chips, tom yum goong, thai green curry w/ shrimp, brocolli + veges + pad kee maw w/ tofu, mango sticky rice


  • slept: OK (5) ... 7-8 hrs but not so fitfully, woke up w/ headache (maybe from dry/cold air in PA)
  • pressure: very high, 30.12
  • feel: ok (7)
  • exorcise: walked ~3-4 miles + lots of lifting/ moving booxes
  • 8/drank: banana, bagel, peanuts + 2nite black bean tacos w/ guac


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