error, err, "Air" (f.k.a. "Shadow to the Wind") + pentagonal inter-connections shelved @ Asterism


3/23/23 > An anagrammatic date (if U ignore the 20). We (Sound Furies) are releasing another single—"Air"—from our forthcoming album... Time's Edit, tho we're not putting it on Bandcamp or wherever else yet (too hard to release songs off an album 1 by 1 on those platforms), but just posting the video on YouTube + then we'll release the album all at once when we're through (which could be a while). "Air" is a cover of a song we did decades ago (under the guise of unknown artist), "Shadow to the Wind"... tho 1 can scarcely recognize it, it's slowed down + more droney + lush (back then we only had 4 tracks to work with + little in the way of FX) + we changed the lyrics a bit + of course our bedder-½ is singing + added harmonies, etc. The footage is from the other day in Rock Creek.


the field sowed with seeds
blown in breezy sheets
yielding shadows to the wind
and places that we've been

we'd walk if we had the time
we never asked for these roads
they say they paved for our sake
turning decades into days

time moves in swirling streams
the whorling flow
veined in autumn leaves
falling asleep
time moves so slow into air

the air we breathe without thinking
breathe without knowing
that's the real time
that's the real time
not the clock that is ticking
in a square static building

the ice cubes are melting
into spheres wet and blue
sublimated into sky
the sea left high and dry

bodies twirl under rolling waves
we only see retwisted shapes
washed on the beach
where sand and sea meet the air

unaware of what we're seeing
we don't see what we think we see
and yet we feel a need
to leave behind a memory
to try so hard at doing things
no one said we had to do anything
to be

so we wake under one more sun
spend the days
getting things undone
the weight of the night
alights our shadows into air

Also posted a new piece on Sleepingfish by phi!ip james shaw.

+ the Ↄalamari arↄhive inventory that was @ SPD has now been unboxed + shelved @ Asterism in Seattle:

... + this isn't even all of it, there's more in boxes. So help us clear the shelves 2 make room 4 new boox! Now that Ↄalamari is distributed by Asterism, we're rethinking Amazon... before $PD or even in the early years, we used Amazon's Advantage, which was an E-Z way to send books straight to Amazon when they needed 'em + they gave more back then using $PD as a middleman. There used to be no associated fees, but now they charge $99/yr + there's also a waiting list for some reason. However, we did sign up for Seller Central, at least in the interim til they "accept" us back into Advantage. Seller Central is more expensive ($40/mo) but you get a higher percentage, though we'll have to ship the books ourselves. So now you have the convenience of getting Ↄalamari on Amazon while still supporting Ↄalamari (+ we tried to make them cheaper on our storefront then straight thru Amazon)... tho of course getting them direct or through Asterism is even better.

We can also sell other books besides Ↄalamari's, for example, we had an extra copy of Aetui: Pentagram Poems by Jessica Hagy (visible in the above photo, actually), witch is not as satanic as it sounds, but rather a geometry book of sorts that makes 5-way associations between words. For example:

+ here's another 1 relevant to 5cense:

Some other books we read (or at least skimmed) this past week:

  • The Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa—started to read it, but not sure we're interested in DR politics enough
  • South Dakota Review 56.2
  • Firmament Vol 3 No 1—lit mag put out by Sublunary Editions, the main folk behind Asterism
  • What Just Happened by James Gleick—wish we'd known about this when it came out (2002) as it's right up our alley (what technology is doing to our brains), but after investing in his more recent The Information, not sure we want to go back in time to read this

Movie/TV-wise, we've been watching:

  • Copenhagen Cowboy (★★★★)—almost thru season 1, or shd say, survived... this shit is dark, makes Lynch seem light-hearted in comparison (which there's a lot to compare)
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (★★★★★)—think this is maybe only the 1st time we've rewatched this, forgot how good it was
  • Airplane! (★★★★)—always classic (seen it maybe 5 times)
  • Velvet Vampire (★★★)—'70s B-grade vampire flick set in California desert, what more could you ask for? except maybe decent acting
  • Sounder (★★★★)—somehow we'd never heard of this movie til now, not sure why this movie is not more talked about
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