R.U.Я. bot living under a rock @ interseXion of 16th + wordtomydead


11/19/23> C train to Jay St then walked from there to 1st + 4th ave 2 look @ an apt. then to 14th st + 8th ave 2 look @ another ... both underwhelming + IRL not @ all how they lookd on Street EZ > 5ince we were in M + L's hood we met 'em @ Double Windsor, wich happend 2 B across the 5treet from Auggie's cigar shop in Smoke (wich just so happens we rewatched the nite b4, along w/ the C-quell, Blue in the Face), the corner of 16th St + Prospect Park West that Auggie took a photo of every day @ 9 a.m. (back in the '90s)

Smoke, photo, Auggie, 16th & Prospect Park West

Auggie's shots from Smoke


the corner of 16th + Prospect Park West now (Auggie's cigar shop now a bakery + tobacco + vape shop)

... not that the «Brooklyn Cigar Co.» was a real place (they built it 4 the movie) > few blocks away on Prospect Park West B-tween 17th + 18th is the bank where they filmed the Dog Day Afternoon exterior shots, tho now they are condos

Dog Day Afternoon bank

Pacino outside «the bank» on 17th + Prospect Park West



same sidewalk where Pacino was standing, now... gone is the grit

... the actual bank robbery the movie was based on was @ 450 Avenue P in Gravesend + the interior shots of the bank were shot elsewhere in bklyn > then we walked thru Prospect Park + down Flatbush, so guess this cd B considered a remap walk (7 miles) > on the train back red R.U.R. by Karel Čapek, the play that introduced the word «robot» in2 R vocabularly/mindset over 100 yrs ago

> other books we red recently include The Moons by Yuxin Zhao (in an editorial capacity) + wordtomydead by sadé powell

sadé powell

page from wordtomydead

+ other movies/shows watched in last few week or 2:

  • Eyes of Laura Mars (1978 ) w/ Faye Dunnaway + Tommy Lee Jones
  • Crown season 5 part 1—feared the worst after reading bad reviews, but it's watchable
  • Bladerunner 2049—rewatched b/c 1st time was on plane... starts out ok but then just gets progressively boring + stupid + Jared Leto is intolerable, ruins every film he's in
  • Matchstick Men (2003) w/ Nicolas Cage + Sam Rockwell
  • Last of the Mohicans (for 3rd time, figured it was appropriate for thxgiving)
  • Lord of the Rings—rewatching the trilogy for 2nd or 3rd time

11/22> 57th B-day... wood of bin nice 2 align this w/ post 1122 instead of 1121, but luck of the draw > walked to 43rd + 3rd ave (6 miles) + 8 sushi @ Yasuda > Yasuda has a bunch of Gyotaku art (where u make a print directly from the inked up fish)... we wanted 2 have a Gyotaku cover 4 Sleepingfish XX but couldn't find a suitable 1 + wood bee 2 messy/hard 2 do R-selves in a NYC apartment

11/24> walked 2 Orchard + Stanton (8+ miles) + 8 @ Una Pizzeria Napoletana... overhyped, 2 much crust on end + not enough in middle + sauce bland > F to C back

11/25> most of our reading L8ly is in an editorial capacity, finished The Moons + w8ing on blurbs (NE 1 intrested lettuce know) + now putting 2gether Sleepingfish XX > there's 2 types of editorial reading, both very diffrent than pleasure reading ... there's the cursory skim 2 see if it's worthy + then 4 accepted work there's the deep-dive read where you're focused on edits > we're remembering now why we stopped doing Sleepingfish print issues, it's a lot of work 4 something not many appreci8 eXcept those that are in it + then it B-comes d8ed after a year > + sum ppl are terrible about corresponding, u accept their work + ask 4 a bio + they nvr respond, so then what do u do? or 1 person we accepted their work + they responded + seemed eXcited + then a few weeks L8er retracted the 5ubmission saying they had other plans 4 it, after we'd laid it out + proofred it, etc... do ppl not realize when they send submissions that humuns take the time 2 read em? + we don't charge submission fees ... just a waist of hrs of R time when we cd bee reading other 5tuff > seams more + more we complain about how thankless all this 5mall press 5tuff is... is it us that's changed or the whirled? sum times we're naught even sure Y we bother, that mayB we shd just keep living under a rock

1120 <(current)> 1122 > 4ever house-hunting 2 com.pile Sleepingfish XX + circumnavig8 R&all i-L& 2 the GWB on 22nd
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