Nyack 2 NYC 2 save an unhoused person's life: 2 daze in the life


2024/05/29 > went 2 the Lamont campus w/ j, 2 the northern tip of the Palisades just across the border back in2 NY st8 > a few weeks ago i did this + realized NYC was walking distance from there, 19 miles az the car drives, tho i'd find out that the walking distance is longer (unless u just want 2 walk on the freeway), but 4 NE 1 curious, it can be done + 4 the most part walking on scenic trails ...

> googlemap doesnt show all the trails, but u can walk the N-tire length of the palisades w/out walking along a road, except the park roads which had only a few cars + bikes (but mayB a different story on the weekends) > when u get 2 the GWB u have 2 go under + past it 2 circle back + b/c the south side is closed while they put the suicide-prevention fences up u have 2 cross on the north path (which i'd nvr done b4, the times i'd walked or run across the GWB 2 the Palisades i'd take the south path) > i perhaps cd have made it home in less time if i walked str8 down broadway but i looped around back under the bridge past the little red lighthouse in2 familiar territory ... although the driving distance is 19 miles, my phone registered 22.8 miles (counting 1 mile getting 2 the shuttle stop on the way) + it always underestimates (4 miles = 5 in reality) + i didn't have my bedder-½'s fancy Apple watch that maps routes + keeps accurate distance ... in any event, at least a marathon of walking on the day + 5ince i ran 6 miles the day b4 + we did a marathon over the 3 days of memorial day weekend, that makes almost 60 miles for the past 5 days > didn't take az many photos az last time



from NY 2 NJ + back in2 NY



back on NYC side

[WHAT FOLLOWS CONTAINS A GRAPHIC DEPICTION OF VIOLENCE] 06/01 > set out 2 do a remaphattan walk, up to 123rd went east + looped back on 124th + after we rounded the slight corner where 124th turns in2 Hancock place that then turns into 125th, we saw a person lying on the sidewalk/street ... any NYer sees this daily, but this guy was lying half in the gutter + mumbling sumthing so we approached + noticed a little blood on his forehead > there was a cane laying next 2 him so we figured he'd fallen over + he was saying help me so @ 1st i thought he just meant help me get up > when i saw he wasn't doing OK i told j to call 911 while i tried 2 roll him over onto his back, back up onto the sidewalk, but he was a big guy + it seemed he wasn't able to move his limbs, which struck me as weird since he only had a cane (not a wheelchair or crutches) > there were some guys loitering nearby + we yelled out 4 them to help but they wouldn't > eventually i was able to roll him over onto his back + then blood started gushing out of his ear + i realized this was more than just sum 1 that had fallen over > my 1st reaction (despite the fact that the sight of blood makes me sick to my stomach) was 2 press my palm to the side of his head 2 stop the bleeding, but even then it was spurting between my fingers > the blood was bright red, looked almost fake, + was puddling in the gutter w/ all sorts of jank + debris > he was mumbling + breathing + we just kept telling him help was on the way + i just squatted there basically holding his head together like Jackie O, trying to just keep him stable, waiting ... it was freaky, him looking up at me, his eyes rolled back, + then up at the sky, i wasn't sure if he was about to die ... there were times when his eyes looked glazed over + his breathing slowed so we'd keep talking to him > i tried to ask what happened but he wasn't coherent > i could tell he was realizing he couldn't use his body, he'd move his right leg + arm a bit, but not his left, he may have even said something to this effect > then he asked us to call a # starting w/ 922 which didn't sound like a proper area code + i thought maybe he meant 911 (indeed, area code 922 does not exist, in the US) > j asked him to repeat it + he said 922-xxx-xxxx again + j asked his name + he said «Bear» (which is also weird b/c that's my name, what j calls me) > the fact that he asked us 2 call this # was also ominous, as if he knew he was going 2 die + wanted 2 speak last words 2 loved 1s > we just kept telling him 2 hang in there, that help was on the way > i tried to keep him calm but present, which it seemed he was, once i rolled him over he seemed peaceful + relaxed

> it seemed like forever but i guess the paramedics arrived pretty quick (maybe 5 minutes) > they immediately told me to not touch him + scolded me that u shouldn't touch bodies in this situation but i wasn't going 2 let go of the guy's head until they got there 2 take over + apply pressure to where the blood was spurting out > they somehow had the intel it was a gunshot wound, they lifted his head + it was in the back, bits of fleshy matter sticking to his matted hair > i had blood all over my hands + nowhere to wipe it off > the driver eventually opened the firehose spigot with all this dirty water gushing out + i washed my hands > then the ambulance arrived + i was just relieved he was still alive, even if he appeared to be paralyzed on his left half, the bullet probably hitting his spine ... it was out of my hands now

> then we had 2 wait around 4 probly an hour, even tho we didn't see the shooting or know at all what happened + «Bear» didn't tell us much besides that bogus phone # > we told the 1st cops everything we saw + they told us to stick around until the detectives showed up > while we were standing there + they were wrapping police tape around the scene i was looking around for casings but didn't see anything + then it ends up there was 1 a few feet right in front of us, looked pretty small caliber (not that i'd know) > the detectives showed up + we talked to 3 of them telling them the same thing > there was another witness @ 1 of those pop-up carwashes that saw the shooter running away, west on Hancock, north on Morningside + then east on 125th (which is very bustling + there's a subway stop so who knows where after that) > that witness actually went w/ the cops 2 drive around looking for the «perp» but didn't spot him > apparently the perp was a disheveled «homeless» man, w/ no shirt > they had asked us if the victim was «homeless» but how u can know this by visual appearance alone? they asked if he smelled + we said no, no worse than me, seemed like a regular guy, wearing a kangol cap, perhaps lower-socio-economic status, was missing a few teeth so not the best dental care ... i definitely have his face imprinted in my mind, we didn't think 2 take pictures (tho in retrospect they would have been useful 4 the detectives), but that image will be ingrained in my brain regardless of wether i want it there

> it was intresting 2 watch all this, the 1st responder paramedics, the ambulance medics, the police + then the detectives + the transfer of knowledge from each 2 the next > there were cameras on the building (oddly enough, a CityMD clinic) but it was closed, but they had footage from 1 of the cameras that the detectives were able to see on their phones right away, they were able to access it that fast > + then a few slimey media types started 2 appear out of the woodworks (az if they're always lurking in nearby apartments listening 2 police scanners?), sneaking pictures + 1 of them started asking me questions + i just ignored him, in part b/c he was talking in2 my right ear so i conveniently couldn't hear him + in part just b/c i didn't want 2 talk 2 him > he didn't even show us credentials or anything + when we asked he said NY Post which made us really not want 2 talk 2 him > then once they let us go another guy (with a press badge, tho «independent») wanted 2 interview us but we said no, that we didn't see anything (but he quoted us anyway) > the cops also scolded us for not having iD on us, which was weird b/c we normally always do but b4 we left 2 go on this walk we decided 2 not bring our wallets since we were just out walking + in sort of a shitty hood, i just put $20 in my pocket + we had our phones 2 pay 4 things

j + i talking 2 detectives (although we didn't take photos the pesky paparazzi did + posted them)


the aftermath of where i spent 10 minutes of my life trying 2 save another life

> we were sort of dazed + traumatized + thought about going str8 home but then also wanted 2 «walk it off» + kept walking, looping on Morningside in2 the bustle of 125th, same route az the shooter ... here we were back on our «Remaphattan» walk, guess this is par 4 the course for 124th street? oddly enough, part of the reason we were walking these streets is that 2day we're supposed 2 look @ an apartment on 121st + Morningside, 3 short blocks from where this occurred > we walked down 125th + looped back on 126th, everything definitely had a diffrent perspective now, NY even grittier, most ppl in this hood see this sort of stuff all the time > it was also occurring 2 us that we'd saved this guy's life ... there were other ppl on the street but nobody was willing 2 help, nobody even called 911 > all NYers have been there, u step over passed-out bodies on the sidewalk or u hear gunshots but don't want 2 «get involved» ... but this was loco, we asked guys to help + they just point blank said «no» but continued 2 stand there smoking a cigarette + watching me kneeling there on the pavement trying to flip this guy over + hold his head 2gether + j calling 911 > only the guy from the pop-up carwash was willing 2 give a description of the shooter + then eventually another person from the pop-up carwash said he might be able to identify the shooter if he saw a photo (tho he didn't speaking english)) > the other intresting thing is that all the detectives + most of the cops were Latinx, speaking spanish + these 2 witnesses also Latinx (tho we were in the heart of Harlem) + funny how the detectives were wearing suits + ties + writing by hand in notebooks, just like in the movies

> as we were walking we also started thinking about the blood eXposure > at 1st i was shrugging when j mentioned it, like what was done was done, shoulda coulda woulda, but apparently there's prophylactics u can take if u've bin X-posed to HiV > i didn't have any open cuts on my hands, b-sides a week-old burn mark on my finger from cooking + although my knee was slightly scuffed kneeling on the pavement, i didn't kneel in the blood, but 5till ... after i went home + showered we went 2 a clinic + (after waiting an hour) talked 2 a doctor who assured us the chances of exposure were minuscule, but better safe than sorry, they took 4 vials of my blood + he prescribed me truvada + tivicay + then he also brought up hep B, which we didn't even think of + tho j has gone thru the hep B vaccination (requiring 3 shots), i hadn't > but this post-exposure vaccination was tricky, not the usual spaced-out 3-dose hep B vax + this doc wasnt able to 2 do it, said it was complic8ed, u had 2 have an iV hookup, etc. w/in 24 hrs of exposure + said i had 2 go 2 Mt Sinai > so we got the truvada + tivicay @ a pharmacy then went up 2 the ER @ St Luke's, which was an experience in + of itself > thru metal detectors + rite away they said come back behind the triage counter + this guy took my vitals + walked me over 2 «eval» ... every doorway i glanced in2 along the way filled w/ sick/injured ppl or doctors hunched over them, operating > the holding room we were put in felt more like a mechanic shop, just cheap chairs + those red toolbox things > while they rounded up the meds a few doctors wandered in asking me questions but seemed more like they were fishing 4 info, putting 2 + 2 together ... ends up the victim was also taken here + when we asked if he was alive they said, oh he definitely survived, that he was quite a «cantankerous» fellow

> so there u go, we saved sum 1's life 2day > b/c if he had laid on that sidewalk 5 minutes longer bleeding profusely w/ no 1 helping or calling 911 he probly would of died > after 15 minutes or so a doctor came 2 give me a shot but just when we were admiring the get-er-done efficiency of this ER, complications started 2 arise ... the barcode wasn't matching the vial or sum such thing > that was 1 (of 3) drugs, another (immunoglobulin) they didn't have in stock + had 2 get another hospital 2 send over > j went home @ this point 2 get a head start w/ dinner + i sat in this cold waiting room, 4 pm, 5, 6, reflecting on the day ... eventually they got 2 of the shots sorted + i got those but was still waiting on the immunoglobulin jab > i'd wander over 2 the doctors area + shoot the shit w/ them + they'd follow up but just shrug like there was nothing else they could do + certainly these doctors have bigger fish 2 fry, no? i was watching the patient board scroll + was curious what my status was + a «D. White» rolled by that was code RED! But that D. White was only 30-something yrs old + then another 57-yr-old D. White scrolled by that w/ status «EVAL» ... apparently i was under evaluation? around 7:30 i gave up waiting + told them i'd come back (i needed 2 get this w/in 24 hrs) ... i was starving, hadn't eaten all day after this whole sickening ordeal, so went home + ate vongole then went back 2 St Luke's + i showed up right as the immunoglobulin showed up so got that jab ... starting 2 feel like a humun pincushion (so much 4 my fear of needles, blood + hospitals)

.... just another day in NYC, has us thinking abt things, makes u appreci8 what u halve + how fragile + fleeting life can B ... 1 minute u're walking down the 5treet + another u cd B lying in the gutter w/ a hole in yr head staring in2 asphalt or up @ the clouds not knowing what comes next

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