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December 2005

¢ The days are expanding from here on out.  

¢ Forget about news of the transit strike ending (I say we turn around and boycott the MTA now that we got used to the inconveniences of our unhealthy dependencies), the damn Yankees made Johnny Damon cut his hair off! What an abominable shame to self-expression. 

¢ Are dead clowns the funniest thing ever? You decide. Go to Comedy Central and click on Motherload and then find Max Cannon's Shadow Rock to see the fifth episode. 

¢ For those who have never checked out Willow Springs, I just now discovered they have a Website which includes excerpts from the current and past issues, like a doozy from Stacey Richter told in 2nd person from the Land of Pain

¢ The new elimae is up and fine as ever. 

¢ Brandon Hobson's The Levitationist is now available from Triple Press

¢ "Because platypus neuromorphology is so unusual in that it has no pre-frontal lobes, it is highly unlikely the animal can become an Enlightened One." Just one of the enlightening tidbits you can get pricked by on Gabriel Gudding's Conchology

¢ These meatscapes and machine-animal collages by Nicolas Lampert brought back memories of Survival Research Laboratories, who I used to go see in the 80s. Good to see Mark Pauline et al are still kicking. 


¢ Forget about comeback tours, X hasn't missed a beat--they rocked the Roseland Ballroom last night. Here's some pics Jess took. 

¢ It Happens Like This: James Tate takes the town goat for a walk in the new Germ 6/7 (resurrected online after a long hiatus?!). In related news, apparently goats on trampolines help kids cope with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (check out the pics). I want one.

¢ Whoa. I'm piecing the bits of my head together after it was blown off by the sonic bomblast of The Big Sleep last night at Fat Baby. Who cares if the free Red Stripe was cut short by the NYFD. 



¢ Intelligent Design or Evolution? The debate continues with Bush vs. Chimp.

¢ Why write fiction, when you can live out fictitious lives? Take a trip to Bushwick Farms to see how it's done.

¢ Meet the Flockers: Deron Bauman has recruited some other fine talented folks such as Mike Topp, Daryl Scroggins and Cooper Renner for a new blog of eclectic cultural interest: clusterflock

¢ Only a few weeks left (deadline is Dec. 5) to submit manuscripts for the Action Books December Prize. Action Books is a fairly new press that seeks poetry that "fails interestingly" or "that goes too far," and so far the press promises to go further. 

¢ The way light is extracted from the butterfly's system is more than an analogy - it's all but identical in design to the LED.

¢ The Darwin exhibit opens today Nov. 19 and runs til May 29, 2006 at the American Museum of Natural History.

Darwin Tree

¢ Nelly Reifler and Gary Lutz are reading at Mo Pitkins' new Reader's Room series on Nov. 21 @ 7:00 PM @
Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction @ 34 Avenue A and it's free. Nelly Reifler also hosts the Sesquiannual Brooklyn One-Page Story Marathon the night before, Nov. 20 @ 7:30 PM @ the Magnetic Field in Brooklyn.

¢ Post Road 11 launch party in NYC on Nov. 16, 7-9 pm, down the street from me at Lolita Bar, 266 Broome St. More info and other cities. Post Road 11 features collaborative work by me and Carlos Luis as well as work by Steve Almond, Jonathan Ames and art work by Andrew Richmond

¢ Rattapallax Reading with Sawako Nakayasu & Kgafela oa Magogodi on Sunday Nov 13, 2005, 5pm at the
Tribes Gallery, 285 East 3rd St. (between Aves C & D). 

¢ My favorite street meat stand (well, technically not "street meat" since he is vegan) is a finalist for the Vendy Awards. Go Thiru "Dosa Man" Kumar!

¢ Something I'm discovering more and more lately is that I like people that hate people like me. 

¢ The inherent stupidity of "intelligent design": Good news for Pennsylvania, but bad news for Kansas. High school senior in Kansas: ""I feel bad for all the kids that are younger than us that they have to be taught things that aren't science in science class." 

¢ Hyper-, meta-, or other forms of electronic literature normally don't do much for me, but Jason Nelson is doing some pretty trippy and engaging electronic stuff with The Bomar Gene in the recent Iowa Review Web

¢ My buddy Max Cannon (of Red Meat fame) has a new animated series on Comedy Central called Shadow Rock. You can view the first episode (of 10) by going to Comedy Central's Mother Load site, then click Originals and find the Shadow Rock one (with the dead clown on it). Each week there will be a new one.

¢ "The weather has been foul. It is probably no one’s fault." --from a new piece by Robert Lopez online in Barcelona Review. And our new roof still leaks every time it rains, which has been a lot lately.

¢ Learn some Turntable Interrogation Techniques from Lawrence Braithwaite on Sidebrow.



¢ Two fine poets, Tony Tost and Lisa Jarnot, read at the Cloister Cafe, 238 E. 9th Street, on Sunday, October 30, at 8 PM.

¢ My partner en-zyme, Jessica Fanzo, just got back from a work-related trip to Africa and took these pictures.

¢ The new elimae is up.

¢ Eduardo Recife is this incredible artist, designer and font-maker from Brazil whose typefaces and design inspiration have made their way into almost every Sleepingfish and Calamari Press publication. He wants to relocate to the U.S. Please help him get his VISA by: 1. getting his new book of doodlings, Mondays are Fun, for only $3 from The Drama Store, 2. helping him catalog all the usages of his typefaces and design elements to build the case for his VISA, or 3. checking out his art or typefaces at Misprintedtype.

Eduardo Recifie

¢ Joshua Cohen read from his new book The Quorum at Quimby's in Chicago.

¢ Thomas Wooten's aggressively creative In the Tabloid City is available at Triple Press.

¢ I was sitting in Washington Square on Sunday and heard this righteous dub-reggae music coming from under the arches. Went to check it out and the singer was this Hasidic Jew with a voice reminiscent of Bradley Nowell. His name is Matisyahu

¢ Issue 14 of Forklift, Ohio is out featuring an eclectic assortment of poetry, cooking and light industrial safety (though they neglected to mention in the contents that I'm in it. Maybe I'm not really). The cover is made from fleece and some sort of polyethylene membrane.

¢ A New Brazilian sandwich stand opened across the street from Lupe's (incidentally, best Mex in NYC) on 6th Ave at Watts/Broome. It's the bomb, even if they put french fries and corn in their sandwiches.

¢ Saw B.R.M.C. at Irving Plaza. They rock live and their new album HOWL regresses away from J.A.M.C. worship back to the fundamentals ala Rolling Stones.



¢ Wild Gorillas were seen using tools for the first time.

Gorillas Using Tools

¢ SleepingFish 0.75 is now available.



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