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Blonde Redhead

Live at Webster Hall, NYC, May 8, 2007 


The following are live clips from Blonde Redhead's new album, 23. The quality is not great, it was more of an excercise of using iMovie for the first time with a cheap digital camera that I inherited from Jess. It was also an excercise in learning how to upload and share videos to and from my profile, as I start working there soon, my first meeting is in a few hours actually (unless you count a party they invited me to last week)!

Blonde Redhead is not the most exciting band to see live, and they rely heavily and unabashadely on pre-recorded background tracks (vocals, rhythm guitar and effects), perhaps not much of a surprise since there is only three of them (or more like 2.5 since 2 of them are twins). They also don't improvize too much or diverge from how the songs sound on the album. Nevertheless, we just had to go see these strange elfen creatures that call themselves blonde redheads for ourselves and listen to the strangely beautiful and haunting music they create. And note that in the second video, Heroine, its a black horse she is sitting on while playing her keyboard.

"Dr. Strangeluv"