«What [i] Talk About When [i] Talk About ruNNing» [& ruBBing]

7|2|10 [FUEL for thOUGHT]

[this]—the sunday moᑎrning AFTer our little SHINdig i woke up at 2 AM feeling like crap & didn't really sleep much after that | miXed too many TYPEs of alcoHoL togETHER & didn't eat much substantial besides nibbling on this & that—the most NUTritious thing PROBab[i]L[it]y beING the w0rm at the bott[OM+LE] of the meZcal & of coUrse tHere was pLENTy of saL'sa—here's the beFORE & AFTter shot of the ingreedients:

salsa fixings before



salsa after

AFTer [GUAC-o-mole, black bean DIP, tomatILLo saL'sa, chips & picO de gaLLo]

for the effect of it [see beLOW] i wish i could say i made «ANCHO-RUBbed pork chops» but i didN'T [not that i can't say whatever i want HERE] | i was going to make taMALes or [HATCH] green chile & cheese taQuitos but it seemed people were alREADy bRinging all sorts of food & drink | in case you didn't kNow saL'sa is my #1 deSert ISland food | problem is saL'sa is not good FUEL & [heavy] dRinking & RUNning are mutually exclusive ACTivitieS | not that i dRank that much but the more you run the more you feel the effects | of coUrse it was good fun at the time & lot of people showed up to our SHINdig [thanks to everYone that did] | this is the 1st time i've really had a «partY» | even in college i never understood why anyone would want to have a «party» & have your place tRashed & deal with the afterMATH of cleaning up | but everYone was civilized & a good time was had by ∀LL i thINK | now maybe i'll have a «showER reading series» of some sort |

when the SUN finally came up [this] moᑎrning after it was 15°F out & i was too wimpy to run so i got on our STATionary bike with a cup of coffee & started reading Murakami's «What I Talk About When I Talk About Running» | but the STATionary bike we got is this cheap teenny thing built for short people—even with the seat as high as it goes i can't get full EXTension in my legs & i was barely working up a sweat | & reading Murakami's thOUGHTs on running was making me feel like a Loser for not | oh & there's this itchY [invisible] rash i've had for the past few days to make matters worse | this is the 3rd time i've gotten it in the past month | the first 2 times was after eating a lot of shiitake MUSHrooms but this time i hadn't had any so couldn't blame the shiitakeing though i have been eating aLmonds which sometimes make my ears itch when RAW | there's no denying it has something to do with running a lot in cold weather | & it's not your tyPICAl runner's rash or chafing you get during or right after running | this affliction is something that crops up a day later & it's not visible really but ITches like hell like little bUgs or w0rms chewing their way out of my DERMis from the inside | of course my mind reels in the middle of the night when the ITCH keeps me up THinking of all the possibilities—the time i swam in the schiz-o-inFESTed waters of lake MALawi or any NUMBer of weird paraSITEs i could've picked up in Africa that i've played HOST to ever since & now whatever it is is like an AILien that is not at all happy about the habits of it's host—the cold weAther & the long distance running that competes with this itch for FUEL | or some sort of weird metabolic transFORMation my core cells are GOiNG throUgh | or maybe it's psychoSOMAtic from reading Lopez's Kamby Bolongo which is viscerating enough to make you break out in HIVEs & GOOgling around on the internet only adds fuel to the fire | anyWAY this was just another lameXcuse for not wanting to run outside in 15° weAther but the funny thing is this itch caused BY running was turning into an itch TO run | so i went for a long run across the Manhattan bridge to the Williamsburg bridge & back around the naval yard & felt much better & now it's superbowl sunday & we are off to another partY to do the cycle aGain |

8|2|10 [Murakami & ruNNing]

Murakami stole the title of his book from Ray Carver & i'm stealing it back | i often steal CARVEr titles—i especially like to REuse his «Where I Am Writing From» for my own purposes |

Murakami on running

Murakami has good reason to steal Carver's title—word is he translated a bunch of his works into Japanese | & i suppose Murakami has good reason to write a book about running—he's definitely put in some serious mileAGE | people will want to read it because he is a famous writer & all & i guess that's encouraging [for huMANity] | he had me going at the begINNING of the book—he said some things that perked my inteRest enough to buy it [in London after running around Hyde park] | like: «In long-distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be.» | true that | & he especially makes sense to me when he was talking about the similarities between running & writing—the dedication & commitment & how you have to do it only for yourself & how you have to push yourself but leave something left at the end of the day to keep building on & bla bla bla | «To keep on going, you have to keep up the rhythm. This is the important thing for long-term projects. Once you set the pace, the rest will follow

i guess in reading Murakami's book i felt less aLone—less crazy | it was inteResting to run in his s'Hoes for a while eSpecially when he talks about running in Tokyo or in New York where i could RElate | i've never run in Boston [which he talks about a lot] but i used to run in nearby Portsmouth, NH over the bridge to Kittery, ME or out to the beach at Rye | Murakami took me to the pLaces i've never run & to achievements like an ULTRAmarathon which i've never even atTEMPTed [& have no desire to] | but the scenery when you're running such races is not nearly as interesting as what's going on inside or upstairs | Murakami goes into what he thinks about when he's running in as much as he says he doesn't think about much or tries not to | he just runs | to quote Murakami:

«I run in a void. Or maybe I should put it the other way; I run in order to acquire a void.»


«The thoughts that occur to me while I'm running are like clouds in the sky. Clouds of different sizes. They come and they go, while the sky remains the same sky as always.»

which is all fine & Zenlike but i felt like i was part of Forest Gump's entourage when Gump stops, pauses & says: «i'm pretty tired. i think i'll go home now.» | not that i need to be told what to do or WHY i'm running | in Gump's case he never asked to be followed [so his followers deServed to be left empty-handed] but Murakami wrote a book so you'd thINK he has something to say | he sets all these expectations at the begINNING but truth is i don't know if he pays off in THE END | his book puts into words some of the things you probably ALreadY thINK about if you've sPent a SIGNificant aMount of time running & there was some Validation in that | he says some things or reiterates knowledge passed onto him like «pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.» which he supposedly heard from another runner that supposedly heard from his older brother who was also a runner or some such thing | but googling around it would appear this saying is most often cited as a Buddhist proverb but Murakami doesn't mention anything of the sort or bring religion into the equation [though the fact that his father is a Buddhist priest might lead you to think he might have something to say about it] | & he has a certain Zen comPLACEncy to him like when he says: «First there came the action of running, and accompanying it there was this entity known as me.» | Murakami makes everything sound so easy & simple but for most mortals i think there's far more to it than that | things seem to come conveniently & comfortably for Murakami—one day he decides to run a marathon & just does it | one day [while at a baseball game] he decides to write a novel [on a TYPEwriter] & submits it [the only copy] to some conTEST & of course he wins | it's sickening | & he doesn't even give us mortals any insight into his success—he just acts like it's dumb luck | in all fairness his treatment of running is not all a superficial gLOSSing | sometimes he starts to scRatchet beneath the surFACE like when he says:

«Sometimes, however, this sense of isolation, like acid spilling out of a bottle, can unconsciously eat away at a person's heart and dissolve it. You could see it, too, as a kind of double-edged sword. It protects me, but at the same time steadily eats away at me from the inside. I think in my own way I'm aware of this danger—and that's why I've had to constantly keep my body in motion, in some cases pushing myself to the limit, in order to heal the loneliness I feel inside and to put it in perspective. Not so much as an intentional act, but as an instinctive reaction

but that's aBout as deep as he goes | he scRatches the surFACE enough to bLeed but not enough to strike the vein—the source | i have a suspicion that with most runners there is a deeper catharsis going on | i'm talking about serious runners—the ones that do it beyond just to «stay healthy» | the ones that are exOrcising more than just exErcising | my drive to run ineVITAbly stems from my brother | he was one of the best high-school cross-country runners in California in his day | i'm not sure what or who turned him onto it | he tried to drag me into it but running was his thing & i was initially more interested in soccer & basketball | but the more i played team sports the more uncomfortable i was with the competitive aspects of them especially as they related to the concept of TEAM | i am not a «team player» | if i failed i was more pre-occupied with what my teammates might think rather than being truly disappointed in myself | this is what led me to surfing but with surfing there was too much sitting around & waiting | skiing was a good time but decadent | i transferred to another school my junior year in a different town from my brOther | by then i was really into goth & punk music & the only exercise i got was slam dancing & riding my skateboard | despite my Anti-social appearance my U.S. history teacher [who was also the cross-country coach] took an interest in me for whatever reason & encouraged me to try out for the X-country team | i must've looked funny with my dyed & shaved hair & eyeliner running races but i did it | but i never had that competitive drive to win like my brOther | i could keep up with other runners until the end & when the others reACHEd down deep for another gear i didn't care & just watched as they sprinted past me for the FINish line | coach used to get pissed at me for «finishing with gas in the tank» but i didn't see the point in killing yourself for some dumb race | but i liked running & training for the races | after i graduated from high school i went through a period where i didn't get much exercise & slipped into a deep depression | even before i ran in high school i was a pretty depressed individual | my junior year at UC Santa Cruz i started running again | i lived in a trailer on the edge of campus & stepped out the door into this network of dirt trails through the rolling oak hills | i would run all the way to the ocean on some days [over a dozen miles] which was quite a commitment as it was uphill coming back | the running i think helped me to kick my depression & made me want to eat better | meanwhile my brOther was running competitively at UCLA for a while but it never panned out & he switched to art school | but he always kept running & seemed pretty well-adjusted as a consequence | when i'd visit him we'd go for long runs through the Hollywood Hills or through the hills around Pasadena when he moved there | he was in great shape & it was a good compliment to his artist lifestyle [at least i thought so—i imagine some of his friends thought it was weird] | i think eventually maintaining his artist image became more important & conflicted with his running | sometimes when i visited him we'd go out all night to weird nightclubs which he said he never really liked to do but felt it was part of his work—he was NETworking | i'd see him for holidays at my grandmothers & we'd run in the Stanford Hills [«cow hill» as we'd call it or «dish trail» [because of the radar dish at the summit] but he didn't have the same kick as he used to | i traveled around then went to Arizona & when i got to the Southwest i became obsessed with rock climbing [here's some pics from these days] | the reasons why i was into rock climbing were not all that different to me than why i liked to run with the added sense of danger & the adrenalin kick | & the movement was VERTical | but you were still competing only with yourself [or a variation thereof] | most of the climbing i did was way off the beaten path so involved strenuous hiking to get to it so there was no reason to run | the hikes i would do were so extreme [at times up to 25 miles in a day] that i was getting the same aerobic pay off i'd get from running with less damage to the knees | then i worked as a field geologist purposely taking jobs that involved an insane amount of hiking | these habits took me to the Black Hills of South Dakota where my only ambitions were to climb & write | when i became reunited with my brOther working on a film in southern France he wasn't running as much & it showed | & he was doing more drugs | the movie lifestyle working 7 days a week 12 hours a day left no time for exercising & we drank lots of wine for lunch & dinner counterbalanced with loads of espresso & just stood around on the movie set for 2 or 3 months | this took its toll on me i can't imagine how it was for my brOther who had chosen this lifestyle as his profession | once he was back in the states i'd ask him about running & he said he tried to keep it up | i tried to turn him onto climbing—dragging him up some rock near LA [Tahquitz] | he was following my lead so didn't have anything to fear if he fell but still i remember with every move he made he kept telling himself «i'm okay | i'm okay» | he kept repeating this over & over like a mantra & it got him through the climb | sometimes i think running is like this especially for a person like him | as long as you keep moving you'll be okay | every breath you take is a validation that you're dong fine | no matter how bad things got for him that was one thing he really tried to stick to was running | i remember him telling me once over the phone how depressed he was but he still want running & while he was running in Golden Gate park he'd be crying but he'd still just keep running & try to «run through it» |

when Murakami says he runs to stay healthy or whatever i think for people like me & moreso my brOther there's more to it than that | i don't run to win or even GET ahead—i run to NOT lose | there's always this nagging sense in running to STAY ahead of something | which is not to necessarily say i'm running away from my problems | but i feel if i don't run & maintain a certain sense of health than the demons will catch up | «the devil will find work for idle hands to do» | not that my SITUation is nearly as serious or desperate as my brOther's but i feel every mile i put in notches 1 more mile between me & the hounds behind | i'm competing with alternate takes of myself that i'd rather not even find out what happens to | i also have a propensity to gain weight—something that also RUNs in my family | there's been years where i don't run or exercise so much & i'll easily put on 10-15 pounds | not that i care what i look like but this is a heavy burden to me psychoLOGically | as Murakami says it's easy to put on 7 kilos but hard as hell to lose it | & it's easier to outrun those hounds when you're not lugging a spare tire around your mid-riff | running is like mileAGE in the bank to ward off ill health—both mentally & physically—& long winters | the reasons i have for running are the same reasons i have for writing: to stave off mortality | but i mean this in slightly different ways for each—you RUN to postpone death while you're aLive & you WRITE to keep yourself aLive after you're dead |

so what do i think about when i run ? i don't think i ever go for a run & not think about my brOther | the first marathon i ran i carried a small packet of his ashes in my inner-pocket | not that i made this known [until now] to anyone except maybe j | he never had a chance to run a marathon [that i know of] | not that he would've wanted to—he was more of a mid-distance runner | this first marathon i ran was in Phoenix in the late 90s [right after he died] | i'm not sure why i wanted to run a marathon except as an incentive to run more or just because why not | i was living in Tucson at the time & j & i were married by then | i was no longer doing field work so i wasn't hiking so much & didn't climb anymore | i was biking some 20 miles a day to & from work but this wasn't enough to balance the sedentariness of a desk job | so i took up running again | maybe it had something to do with my brOther | the best thing about «taking up running» is that you don't need anything to do it except maybe a pair of shoes | you don't need any special gear or a partner & you can do it almost anywhere | there's something truly LIBerating in that | i used to run a lot around Reid park in Tucson which i remember was convenient for marathon t[er]raining because it was a perfect square 1 mile on each side | on longer runs i'd run out into the desert & into the foothills | i don't remember much about the Phoenix marathon except that it was really boring | i remember running with some Kenyan guy [living in Flagstaff] most of the way [until i couldn't keep up anymore] but the only thing i remember being said was that he had rice for breakfast [& next time i tried it & ever since RICE has been my FUEL of choice for long runs] | & i remember j had to drive home after i was so spent & we stopped to see the ostriches & everything seemed so visceral | i just googled & my time is actually still posted [!] so it would seem i ran it in 3:36:39 | my «personal record» is 3:23 i think | not that i'm into keeping a PR or whatever except that it's just a time for me to beat though at this point into my 40s it would be difficult | i think i had the potential to run quite a bit faster than that i just don't know how to run a RACE | i'm terrible about pacing myself on race day | when i ran 3:23 [i think it was the Rock N' Roll Marathon in San Diego though i can't find those results online] i remember i was trying to break 3 hours & my first half was exactly 1:30 but then obviously i couldn't keep that pace up | but on my longer [20+ miles] training runs at the time i was able to keep a 7-minute/mile pace no problem | now keeping an 8-minute pace is a stretch | the last marathon i ran was a few years ago in New Mexico | that was a terrible course that started off on a long downhill which bURNed my quads so by the end i was hating life & had taken to walking at times | looks like my time for that was 3:49:07 | i only gave myself 3 months to train for it & i had problems with my knees & calf muscles from building up too fast [& also moving us in & out of a 5-story walkup] | but i'm only making excuses to [& for] myself | the training for it was memorable as we were back living near Central Park | when we first got to NYC & lived close enough to Central Park both j & i signed up for the NYC marathon & surprisingly we both made the lottery | mostly i was running it to keep j company as she had never done one before | she had built up to 3 revolutions around the park [18 miles] | on my longest run i completed 4 trips around [24 miles] | then 9/11 happened | the marathon went on as planned but j & i felt weird about it | being on a bridge crowded with 40,000 runners didn't seem like a lot of fun | i hate crowds enough as it is | not that we were terribly afraid of terrorists or aNYthing | some people were like damn it i'm gonna run this race & take back the streets & prove to the terrorists that we're not afraid | i just felt more like laying low | the wind had been blown out of our sails | this was not the first marathon i've tRained for & then just not showed up for | just like i took AP Calculus or AP Physics in high school then didn't see the point of showing up for «the test» | i have nothing to prove & the race itself is always just logistically an annoying inconvenience |

9|2|10 [non-linear cloud FORMations]

since moving to Brooklyn i normally do my long runs on the bridges to & from Manhattan but today i decided to run in Prospect Park [for the first time] | getting there is a pain in the ass from DUMBO | the first bit's okay along the waterfront but at some point you have to cut up through Park Slope | i went up 9th & got stuck at the drawbridge over the Gowanus canal for some 10 minutes | then a bunch of traffic lights | by the time i got to prospect park i had run 4 miles & knew i had to run these 4 miles back on busy streets | i wasn't planning on doing a long run | i was planning for my long run to be tomorrow but there's some blizzard a coming | i ran once around Prospect Park [3.35 miles] & felt exhilarated so i ran another loop & then another | i was pretty spent though when i got back & had only run 18 miles & not 20 like i needed to do to be on schedule | though in the past 3 days i've put in a total of 38 miles | if i didn't mention before this is all in preparation for the DC Marathon on March 20 | though the funny thing is i probably won't run it [!] | j needs to go to Ghana & Nigeria & the only time she can go is right around the time of the marathon & i wouldn't miss that trip for the world | but this won't stop me for training for the marathon as that's what matters to me [the excuse to run—especially during this winter] | i don't care about the raceday itself | running marathons is usually a pain in the ass | Murakami & others talk about the excitement of it & the camaraderie & all that shit but i don't feel any of that | i'm just generally annoyed & uncomfortable & being annoyed messes me up | i try to aVoid people so usually end up running faster than i should to get aRound people & it screws me all up | & the whole pre-race rigmarole is a big headache—having to figure out how to get a ride to the start then waiting in some long line for a port-a-potty & standing around in the cold waiting for the race to start to feel like cattle for the first mile or 2 of the race trudging along waiting for things to open up worrying about drinking too much water or not enough or running too fast or too slow | running is a solitary thing for me & the less people that are around the better | some of the runs i've already done like running all 5 bridges [Brooklyn to Williamsburg to Pulaski to Queensboro to Manhattan] are far more gratifying than a marathon |

so what else was i thinking about on my run [beyond my brOther] ? NOthing ! well & everYthing in the proCESS of thinking of NOthing or TRYing to think of nothing as Murakami says | i couldn't put in words what my mind thinks about because i don't think i think in a narrative LINEar fashion is the problem | i talked about narrative some in the last post at least as it applies to travel & the odyssey | narrative is obviously a form i enjoy reading & aSpire to i just have a hard time writing in a LINEar FORMat as all sorts of IDeas & concepts keep interRUPTing & inserting themselves | while i'm running [& often even if i'm not] my mind obsessively RACEs thinking aBout NOthing & everYthing SIMULtaneously | of course i think of the running itSELF & how my body is feeling & where i'm going & IMAGining what i'll feel like when i get back & i'm thinking of j especially now as she is in Rome & i'm w[o|a]ndering what she is doing [as i'm writing this she sent me this video—of what she's doing in Rome—that's her in the background behind Mr. Sachs with the glasses looking cute & attentive whilst doing her part to save the world] | & i was thinking of writing & art & what i was going to say in THIS post or in the ARK CODEX or something else i'm working on but unlike Murakami who reHEARses speeches while he runs i don't have such a CAPacity & can't recall even the slightest narrative | i don't think my mind w[a|o]nders in narrative form but reels in some non-linear associative way | as this is going on i'm moving through sPace & the feeling i get [in the moments of clarity—when discomFORT is not causing you to FIXate on your body] is that the VISual world is warping past me—the salted sidewalks, the stained streets, the graffitied walls, the bridges, the river, the people, the scenery, etc. though most of the time it's the PAVEment under your feet & the TEXTure of it all jumbled togather & this is what i think sticks with me more than a LINEar narrative | that & the proCESS of it all | & when i say proCESS i mean a few things: 1. i mean the wHole ritualistic proCESS your body underGOES in purely mechanical terms | the eating in PREParation [& i love eating which is another reason why i love running as it allows me to do so unbridled] & tuning your body to bUrn the FUEL efficiently—to bUrn cLean | i don't know if this is what our bodies are actually doing or whether technically this makes any sense [i'm sure other activities might be «better» for you but then i'd question what «better» means] | what i'm getting at is i feel more efficient in the LONG RUN | maybe i taxed myself & right now i'm useless [in a food coma from eating 2000 CALories worth of black bean TACOs with leftover saL'sa [see above]] but in the LONG RUN i feel more efficient physically which makes the mind function better | & 2. i also mean proCESS in the same way the [Australian] Aborigines mean proCESS—in their walkabouts [& i'm not even sure any of this is accurate or true but i thought i heard it somewhere & it's stuck with me since] in that the walkabout is a ritual performed within a certain landScape familiar to the individual walking & in the proCESS of enacting the walkabout the collective unconscious psyche of all their past ancestors that have done the same walkabout is cathartically infused in them—only i have no such ancestral ties so what i'm talking about here is more of a ritualistic catharsis with myself whereas i [say] run a CERTain route over 5 bridges & the next time i run the route my mind reels with the nostalgic thought-mapping that was occurring during the previous run & this is the only way to reLEASE [or RErelease] the meaning contained within it | or in lieu of ancestors there's all of HUManity to consider like were i to run around the Grand Palace in Tokyo again i'd think of Murakami or were i to run up to the Hollywood sign i'd think of my brOther & the comparative mindSET i or he was in at the time that in tUrn reflects in the perspective now | or maybe it's enACTing for my brOther the landScapes he never had a chance to WITness himself | the land[e]scape as a barCODE with the eYes forever scanning in the proCESS for what i don't know except we've been given these eYes we may as well use tHem & these legs are here to move the eYes for TO SEE | to READ | the other day Blake Butler was bLogging about reading while running which is something i only wish i could do but physically it's just not possible for me & even if i could toleRATE the motion i'm not sure i'd want to cheat myself of the meditative effect you get from running | this is a «reading» of sorts—not a reading of characters but a reading of the land[e]scape & your pLace within it | even listening to music [something Murakami also goes on about at LEnGth] is not something i can do whilST running—i have an iShuffle but it keeps locking up when the weather gets below freezing & even when it isn't i find the beats throw me off & disTrack me from my own thoUghts & part of the experience enTails LISTening to your bREAthing & the pulse in your ears & your steps & your SURroundings & how it all gels together |

10|2|10 ru[BB|NN]ing TEXTures [or what i talk about when i talk about ruBBing]

okay i'll shut up now & post some pictures—i'mages that atTEMPT to illustrATE what i mean by all this talk of TEXTures & proCESS & what goes through my head when running [a subset of flâneuring] | i'mages that best ARTiculate what i thINK aBout when i RUN & what i thINK aBout when i thINK back on Rome [A.K.A. S.P.Q.R.] [wHere these originated] | last night after i got back from running & got myself into a food coma i made this art | or rather i FinISHed these pieces as they were «rubBEings» or frottage that were initialized on the streets of Rome [some other finished ones i already sHowed here & here]—rubBEings that have to do with brothers REMus & ROMulus & STATues & flâneuring & well a wHole LOT of NOthing [in the abSENCE of narrative] just clouds in the running | the usual disCLAIMer apPlies: [ORIGinal ARTwork [collagic rubBEings by Derek White] in this «[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] SEQuence» are for sale [unless there is a red X] for $150/EA [includes INTL shipping from Rome] | all i'mages are on 8.5 x 11" scratch paper—composed of graphITE, old letters/stamps/diagrams from the Porta Portese flea market, superimposed STATue photos taken in Rome, red wine, coffee, onion & garlic & tomatILLo skins, hair, glue & MISC ephemera, grit, fingerprints & physical imPRESSions of Rome & more recent RUNnings [click on i'mages to see TEXTual detail in higher RES ]:



[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #1: optiMAL FALL[ut]opian

[ X ]




[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #2: Currency as probABILITY




[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #3: COMBinatoric stat[U]e




[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #4: chance of rOUGH weAther




[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #5: [h]ARBOReal RUB

[ X ]




[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #6: Bat Hive Jct

[ X ]



[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #7 : chickEN PoX sausAGE links

[ X ]



[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #8: Anvil Dust Myrrh

[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #8: Anvil Dust Myrrh



[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #9: BUFFalo Teat cENSOR

[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #9: BUFFalo Teat cENSOR


[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #10: PEDestrian thOUGHTs


[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #11: South of GEN X


[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #12: hAMPer line[N]


[SPQR|DUMBO] ru[BB|NN]ing] #13: diff-o-CULT TerRAINing


11|2|10 [s'NOWed & out]

& now it's s'NOWing & i've been cooped up all moUrning finishing these pieces [the coffee lacQUEring] & [THIS] & watching the s'Now come down | j's flight back from Rome was cancelled on account of the snow but she was able to get on another flight that gets in toNight | this is what it looked like a few days ago when DC got slammed & we just got a dusting [to give you an idea of the foot-level TEXTures you get ruNNing in Brooklyn & how they relate to ruBBing]:

cobbled texture

DUMBO streets



clogged up east river

earlier this week when the skies were blue but the East river got backed up with icebergs

like a clogged toilet



blizzard under the bridge

here's where i'm writing from NOW [looking toWards the Brooklyn Bridge if you could see it]




(c) 2010 Derek White