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 Birthday Scraps & Clippings from Marsupial & a Contest Even

It's been a year since I unleashed Marsupial on the world & then proceeded to split the country without really explaining myself. Not that I'm one to ever explain myself. Being more meme-driven, then gene-driven, I think of books as children. So happy birthday Marsupial. For the rest of you aunts & uncles, here's some further Marsupial clippings to shampoo your scalp with. The last one I'm giving away the original (being that the first year anniversary is traditionally paper). I might also have originals for some of the others if you are interested...

Marupial Pouch

Here's the actual call sheet for the filming of the film object within the book object:

call sheet

Here's a page from the actual autopsy report object (yes, someone dies in the book):

autopsy report

Here's a newspaper clipping from an actual event that takes place in the book (and in my childhood):

pond fire

Here's a collage/montage of some clippings from the cutting room floor (something I call "the juggernautilus sequence"):


Here's page two of an actual review of the movie that takes place within the book:

Marsupial review

Here's, I don't know, an actual map object from the book, that was more to organize my thoughts than anything. I'll give the original artwork away to the person that gives me the most interesting interpretation or reaction to what it means, i.e. creative responses. I will review all entries with extreme prejudice and will make a decision whenever I feel like it. [Decision made, the winner is Duncan Barlow]

gill map

Here's a link to the actual book object where such clippings live, if you are interested in the whole.


(c) 2009 Derek White

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