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Mermaid Parade 2007: Last Call Before Coney Island Becomes Condoey Island


We've always had excuses in the past to not go out for the Mermaid Parade: its raining, it's too hot, we don't want to deal with the crowds, the long subway ride, etc. But this year we had to. Not like it's the last year, but this is the last year Coney Island will probably be the Coney Island as we know it (here's the lastest plans for "Coney Island 2.2"). Sure it might be pure crap, and full of freaks, but it's where you go when you don't have a car and want to go to the beach. The beach will always be there, but they're tearing down Astroland in all it's trashiness to build some sort of condo or mall. Whatever, pick your battles I guess, I don't care too much as long as there's a beach and a place for freaks to go to be seen, and the taco stand near the freak show (the other good taco stand in the empty lot near Nathan's is already gone). Anyways, here's some pictures and video clips for those who couldn't go. Let the summer begin!

Death of Astroland


Tres Pink

Murder Maid

Sad Sea Horse Girl

Googley Eyed

Bring Out Your Freaks

Golden Girls


Drummer Boy and Hoop Fishnet Skirt

Parasol Pink Freaks

Say Adios to Wonder Wheel

she anemone

Poseidon family


deep sea freak

Death Rock Mermaid

Tiki titty tickets

Jolly Green Sea Freak

Vain Sea Men

Hula Hipsters

Clown Frish

Miss Dolphin Safe Tuna

Fish Face Freak

penis pregnant pin-ups

yellow pee gun girl

golden girls

freak in training

big green penis man

nudey branchs

chihuahua pigeon man

hula wonder wheel


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