Morocco Field Report 1: The haggles, hassles and hustles of Casa & Fez

Morocco Field Report 2: Belly Dancing Berbers & Barbary Apes

Morocco Field Report 3: Rocking the Kasbahs and Girdling Goat Trees

> Morocco Field Report 4: Boats, Cats and Castles Made of Sand




I'm too lazy to type in my journal notes, so I'll just post some of the pictures. Sometimes pictures are far more telling, and we weren't doing a lot except relaxing and flâneuring the ramparts, docks and medinas, and Essaouira was a good place to do this, far more laidback than the rest of Morocco. These are from the Atlantic Coast, starting In Essaouira (pictured above) and up the coast through El Jadida and to Casa Blanca


Essaouira cat

there seemed to be an inordinate amount of cats in Essaouira, for the most part healthy and happy and free


Essaouira harbor

the harbor in Essaouira


blue boats






boats of Essaouira




reflecting on boats

I developed this thing for putting my shadow in the pictures


more boats



putting myself in the picture



kitty calesthenics



the mellah in Essaouira 

the mellah in Essaouira, the old Jewish quarter that was now ransacked, the pillaged evidence still could be seen for sale in the markets





building boats in Essaouira

the shipyard


getting an impromptu demonstration of how they build boats


boat ribs


boat skeleton


boat underbelly



food stalls in Essaouira

seafood fest at the open stalls in Essaouira--calamari, fish and weird langostine bug creatures


cat sleeping in the buoys

cat sleeping in the buoys


Berber poet

a Berber poet that wrote script in solder. Some of his work might be in the next sleepingfish if I can get a hold of him.


the tide is high

there was a huge difference in the low and high tides (at low tide this was a beach they played soccer on)


sand trees

sand designs


Castle Made of Sand

supposedly (so say the locals in Essaouira), this is what inspired Jimi Hendrix's Castles Made of Sand


Orson Welles filmed a lot of Othello in Essaouira

Orson Welles filmed a lot of Othello in Essaouira


cistern in El Jadida

a cistern in El Jadida that Orson Welles used in the movie Othello (you can recognize it in these pics)


Ostrea II in Oualidia

some of the best oysters we've ever had, in Oualidia, at Ostrea II


crab rabbit

unidentified biological object


outside of El Jadida

beach we stayed on outside of El Jadida


the "Portuguese City" in El Jadida

the "Portuguese City" in El Jadida


the "Portuguese City" in El Jadida

more happy cats and drying sheepskins


ramparts of the Portuguese City

the ramparts of the Portuguese City


ramparts of the Portuguese City



drying clothes and carcasses

drying clothes and carcasses


scales of justice



Portuguese City in El Jadida



writing on wall, El Jadida


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