2002—2007 journal archive [back to main archives]

Jan—June 2002 (NYC (UES), LA, Keystone, CO + Omaha, NE)

July—Sept 2002 (NYC (Hell's Kitchen), California, Omaha, NE)

Oct—Dec 2002 (NYC (HK), LA, Las Vegas, Jamaica, Argentina)

Jan—June 2003 (NYC (HK), LA, Omaha, New Mexico)

July—Dec 2003 (LA, NYC (HK), New Mexico)

Jan—June 2004 (NYC (Hell's Kitchen))

July—Dec 2004 (NYC (HK > West Village) w/ links to travels)

2005 (NYC (West Village/Lower East Side) + Portland w/ links to travel)

2006 (NYC (LES/East Village + links to travel)

2007 (NYC (EV + Upper West Side), Atlanta + links to travel)

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