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Commutation #23 : Traversing Central Park & Underground to the Flatirons (in the Snow)

We've lived in 6 different apartments in Manhattan, and I've worked (for an extensive period of time) in 8 different locations. That makes for a lot of permutations of commutes, each route with it's own permutations. I typically bike or walk, though in winter months like now I'm wimpy and resort to the subway. Right now we live on 74th street on the west side and I work on 28th and Park. Because I detest the hassle and hustle of switching at Columbus Circle, I usually walk through Central Park to 57th street to catch the R or W.

Yesterday snow was a part of my commutation. I took these pictures and made this video on the way. The soundtrack is a jam session with me and these guys Pete and Les a long time ago. Ok, so I snuck in some footage from the Natural History Museum. You get the idea.

commutation montage #23


branching L

branching into Central Park


U Fence

fenced in


V crack

stoney v crack

umbrella bridge



petrossian building at 58th

Petrossian 58th


soaked subway

subway seat


billboard topography

billboard topography


slush pile

slush tracks


natural polar fields

polar fields


new york fucking city

new york fucking city





natural lynx



path to NYC

path to NYC


tavern on the green it uptavern on the green




(c) 2008 Derek White

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