Halloween Doggie Style:

 The 16th Annual Tompkins Square Dog Run Halloween Parade 


I didn't stick around for the judgment, but if you ask me, Nacho Libre takes the cake. With the Pug Spider a close second. Though the Cherokee boxer and the lion dog were up there too. They're all winners. Even if it's a little mean. 

  Mini Dobbie

Bloodhound gangster

Boston Terrier

Bulldog bandido

Cherokee Boxer

Chiwho whoa

Husky Dominatrix

Halloweenie Dog Show


Bumble Dog

Lucha Libre Chihuahua

chihuahua witch

Pug water dog

Big Bird Dog

Cowgirl Dog

Devil Dog

Dog in Sheeps Clothing

Halloweenie Dog Costume

Ghost Dog

Good as it Gets Dog

Great Dane Batman


Nose to the Ground

Bad Dawg

Poop factory

Lion Dog

Devil Dog

Chow Chow

Crawdaddy Dog

Pig Dog

Grinch Reindeer Dog

Two-eyed Dane

Rudolph Terrier

Butt Sniffing

Retard Dog

Art Dogs

Siamese Twin Dogs

Hot Blonde Dog

Bulldog Baby

Dachsund Space Dog

Pug Spider

Tiger Dog

nacho libre dog


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