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As Sure as the Sun: Northern California Roadtrip

Jess at Glacier Point

J at Glacier Point

Last week J and I went to California. We went for a wedding in Yosemite, but here's some other stuff we saw along the way. J put some pictures on her site as well.

Norcal Montage: starting in Napa, across Bay Bridge to San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Along Big Sur, over to Yosemite, Glacier Point and top of Sentinnel Dome, to the music of "Heinlich Maneuver" by Interpol


Stream in Calistoga

stream in Calistoga


Potted Palm
potted palm


Bottle Brushes

bottle brushes


Calistoga Concrete

Calistoga concrete


Milk Bottles

milk bottles


Observation Tracks

observation tracks


Watsonville strawberries

fresh strawberries in Watsonville


Seal Beach (near Hearst Castle)

seal beach (near Hearst Castle)


Seals on the Beach

seals on the beach



Jeffrey Pine on Sentinnel Dome

I'm pretty sure this is the same Jeffrey Pine that Ansel Adams made famous (the only tree on top of Sentinnel dome)


Red plant

red plant sprouting from pine needles


Rainbow at Vernal Falls

Rainbow at Vernal Falls


Half Dome Montage: past Vernal and Nevada Falls and deer and rattlesnake and marmots to the music of "As Sure As the Sun" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


(c) 2008 Derek White

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