[Editorial Note: The Σ opiñions below reflect the opiñions of Ñ eyeOre.]

Trini-Dada Boyzzz: “The Mother of All Street Meat”

It started as a rumorW circulating through the midÀtown ghost buildings north of Bryant Park where David Blaine had been standing atop a pole waiting to jumpΓ. I witnessed (and smelled) the food with my own eyes (and nose) when a threshold guardian brought it back to our suitep. Always one to live by the mottoФ “you got to see it to believe it,” I had to taste it for myself.

When I went to where it was expected to be, it wasn’t there. The first time was a flukeζ, perhaps, but when it wasn’t there after 88 straight visits, I was inclined to believe it was a conspiracy of the senses. When I confrontedσ my threshold guardian, who had been eating it every day, she said my logic was skewedƏ. “You have to believe it to see it,” she told me. “It’s there for me.”

It was easy for her to say, being from Trinidad herself, and an eat-to-liver at that. She described the exact location on 43rd street and 6th avenueΧ. I found the greased footprints on the sidewalkψ, but no stand. After a week of fasting and a strict regiment of positive visualization, it finally appeared¤. There it was at the end of a long queue of other believers, patiently standingk in the line that stretched down the corner and around the block.

The guy dishing up the food§ was the smitten image of Bin Laden. I asked for extra chanaك and hot sauce (I had already been prepped by my threshold guardian on standard protocol). “Mama” was wearing Pony high-tops, like the ones Robert Smithς wore in his day. She held a greasy wad of cash, and when you handed her bills she snapped each one to verify its authenticity!. Of course she barked at me for not having exact change, but I was expecting this. Unless you are decadent enough to let others wash your undergarments, you know how valuable quarters25 can be (or not). On a scale of 1-5, Trini-Dada Boyzzz gets an a¢¢oreδion.

(footnotes are in reference to SleepingFish issue Zero)

¢ = Non-¢.

W The word “tongue” was used 6 times in this issue.

À The tangent is defined by a straight line that meets a curve at a point, but does not intersect it. [L. tangere tangent – touch]

Γ There are 6 bridges in this issue.

p The letter “p” was used 503 times in this issue.

Ф The word “mouth” was used 8 times in this issue.

A black body cavity is defined as a heated vessel whose hole (in theory) gives off black light when the temperature reaches zero. In reality the spectrum is defined by αe-E/kt, breaking classical expectations and giving birth to quantum physics.

ζ 1. Any parasitic worm of the class Dignea, including blood flukes. 2. A broad triangular plate on the arm of an anchor. 3. Either of the lobes on a whale’s tail.

8 8=5+3=3+2+2+1=2+1+1+1+1+1+1

σ There are 5 references to shellfish in this issue.

Ə Oblique, slanting. Lying in 3 dimensions. A bridge with the line of the arch not at a right angle to the abutment.

Χ There are 8 contrived geographical partitions in this issue.

ψ There are 6 different species of bird in this issue.

¤ There are 11 bodies of water in this issue.

k There are 23 knees in this issue (11½ pairs).

There are 11 different species of mammal in this issue.

§ If ingested, this issue has 72 calories,5 grams of crude fiber, 2 grams of crude protein and  <1 gram of crude fat.

ك Clay or mud was used 9 times in this issue.

ς Of The Cure fame.

! The face on a bill should be treated as unit and not a unique individual.

25 Five times five senses. 



(c) 2004 by Derek White