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Rick Moody, Kate Hill Cantrill and David Hollander reading at the Sleepingfish Launch Party. Barbes Bar, Brooklyn. June 30, 2008.

To honor the launch of the new Sleepingfish issue zzz, we had a reading. Well, really Robert Lopez did. He set it up and hosted it, so thanks to him for that. And thanks fo those that showed up in the rain: Cliff Benston, Eugene Lim and Joanna, Astrid Cravens, Azareen and her friend, Dave Nalger (who gets the award for I think showing up to every Sleepingfish event!), Minju Pak, Jason, Dawn Raffel and everyone else I forgot or spaced their name or didn't get a chance to meet. And of course to the readers: Rick Moody, Kate Hill Cantrill and David Hollander. And least we not forget Kate's monkey puppet (give him some eyes at least!). And the dude with the red fez sitting behind glass.

For those that didn't get a chance to go, here's what went down under the Hotel D'Orsay sign in the Barbès backroom.

Rick Moody reading, gasp, *poetry*!


Rick Moody reading Two Sonnets for Stacy

Kate Hill Cantrill reading something that took place whilst eating Shabu, Shabu (part I)

Part 2 of Kate's Shabu, Shabu piece (sorry, it was too long for YouTube)



David Hollander reading an excerpt from The Life to Come



David Hollander side-show-hosting a Carnival of Atractions



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