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Re-kolonizing da King dom Kongo's ghost tongs & vastbinden losse dradens en engagement créatif: vous êtes si vain, yous probably think ce blog é sobre você

King Leopold's Ghost

ce n'est pas une cracked pipe .... este é um livro

Dear Internet,

Ciao, oi! Kiambote, hei, hallo, 你好, salut, habari, etc.

Ten eerste .. er lijkt enige verwarring hier te zijn .... Helaas gebeurt dit om de zoveel tijd, noodzakelijk ons om te stoppen in onze tracks & onszelf uit te leggen.

.... anders we'd babble on freely & off the cuff .. comme si dans un towering tongue trance.

As palavras têm esse efeito sobre nós.

Il semble .. dans le passé .. vous peut-être pensé a post was about you .. bare fordi det ble skrevet in your lingo .. in words trope vague yous could relate. Hii ni sehemu ya kweli .... 'you' are el grande Internet after all. Também 'you' become culled randomly from no one in particular .. felly mae'r tebygolrwydd y bydd hyn this being you are 1 in 6,973,738,433 (as of March 2013).

C'est une engagement créatif, this. உன்னை பற்றி.

Cela pourrait tout aussi bien avoir été quelqu'un in the Congo or Timor-Leste. Last month there was indeed exactly 1 visitor from da 'Congo' (que ce soit au DRC or Congo-Brazzaville es unclear, as you, el Internet, do not make this distinction, at least not in our web stats). Peut-être que si nous écrivons en French or Kikongo or Swahili & mention the Congo tutapata wageni zaidi kutoka huko.

Havia 47 visitantes de «East Timor» as you, il Internet, call this country .. Embora eles preferem ser chamados Timor-Leste. En er werden 2292 bezoekers uit Belgium ... though to be precise, that number is actually 'hits'. So there could be just a few Belgians taking a lot of hits.

tower of babel

మేము ఎక్కడైనా ఉంటుంది, ఈ మీరు sniffing మీ స్వంత గాడిద లైనింగ్ ఉంటుంది.

Omnia in omnibus erant advenae CXCII regionibus veniendo. Sed quis suus 'ista dicantur visitors are spiders & not people. Avez-araignées appartiennent à certains pays?

Tongue-tied trolls creeping out of the woods कर अपने खुद के उपकरणों के के लिए इस में पढ़ने के करते हैं.

We zijn niet zeker hoeveel landen zijn er in totaal .. quest depends on who you ask. Por esempio, era 22 hits taken by them Taiwanese, though 我們生活在國家不承認台灣是一個正式的國家 (solamente we 'acknowledge' their existence) ..

« .... you may find yourself in another part of the world .... »

Det er tilfeller som dette at vi ikke liker å speak in 1° person plural as this implies allegiance & alliance with our country of birth che prende il nome da Amerigo Vespucci. Not to mention using English .. pero this is the virus somos stuck con.

台灣 n'est pas un des 193 Etats membres de UN.

It's complicated.

Erant etiam 23 hits taken by peeps in 'Vatican City State (Holy See)' .. Anche the Vatican is not a UN member. Forse il ex-pope has time on his hands now to smoke dope & surf 5¢ense con un pesce balbettando nel suo orecchio? And how rad is 'Holy See' as a paranthetical sub-title to your country nome?

As coisas que você aprende .. thanks to you, l'Internet.

neural network

Detta är internet på internet

Nous obtenons quelque part avec tout ça .. par la suite.

Misschien heb je waren in de war, thinking this was qualcosa yous could smoke? En principe, yous could smoke books dans une pipe, pero not web pages comme ça.

It occurred to us yesterday that als je leest ons schrijven zou je waarschijnlijk denken tomamos drogas. But the truth is we dat niet doen .. nooit gedaan. Nous n'avons rien contre les drogues .. a lot of the art we like was made under the influence & vi setter pris på.

Vi dricker vår beskärda del, men we do most  of our writing & art-making på morgonen och eftermiddagen .. før drikking .. og deretter kommer til å sove. Tal vez usted es un prospective munkáltató fishing for information about us & now know how nos tomamos un trago ahora y entonces. .. ma ricordate, nada we say here is true. This disclaimer comes embedded in every sentence. Y no querría trabajar para usted de todos modos.

Talvez você seja um ladrão em potential, essayer de trouver quand nous sommes à la maison, or not. You read about that sort of thing.

Ungependa kushangazwa the trolls that read deep into 5¢cense. Forrige uke fikk vi en død trussel over noe vi sa .. dat als er iets gebeurd is als gevolg van dit ding hebben we gezegd dat we zouden worden gedood. As we mentioned in the last post, we may be mean, e podemos contar mentiras muito aqui, mas nunca recorreu à violência ou ameaças .. no animales were hurt in the making of this .. hoc quid.

We're just talking here.

Last night some Native American guy shot us in the knee. After we walked away we realized it grazed our kneecap & we were indeed bleeding. This shot came at the tail end of a comedy of errors in which we were trying to go skiing. This re-occurs often .. wherein we try to go skiing & never actually ski .. there too many obstacles .. we needed a lift ticket .. then needed to rent skis, etc. but for that we had to take some rickety trolley to some strip mall that felt like it could've been anywhere in the world. It was all janky & in ruins (looked sort of like a modern tower of babel actually) & we couldn't find the entrance. We leaned over to ask this Indian guy directions to the mall entrance & that's when he shot me for getting too close to him. By this time it was past noon & it all seemed so pointless. We would've given up, but our brother (whose dead) had already gone up «the lift» (which involved mixed ice- & rock-climbing .. & some jumaring up a hemp rope) & was waiting for me up top .. & somehow we ended up with his phone so when we tried to call our dead brother the phone rang in our own pocket & we weren't sure how to answer it. And now the phone was smeared & fingerprinted with blood on account of being shot in the kneecap by the Indian.

यह एक सच्ची कहानी है .. true story .. this happened to me last night after we scoured el Internet for scouting reports so we could fill our bracket.

Hvað fékk okkur til að hugsa um lyf í fyrsta sæti var að we were listening to a lot of MGMT yesterday. It doesn't take a rocket scientists to figure out they do drugs.

Other bands in high rotation dans nos iTunes: Horse Lords & The Durutti Column.

The Durutti Column しばらくの間、周りされて、しかし、我々はあった reading the other day about how Vini Reilly suffered a series of strokes & can't play guitar like he used to .. which is a crying shame because he was one hell of a guitarrista. Мы не в ногу со своим новым материалом since the 80s or 90s, but ends up he's still cranking out albums .. including Keep Breathing in 2006 qui est aussi bon que jamais. Spesielt har vi vært å lytte til de ovennevnte sang Nina over og over:

See the ghost of Bob Marley, as he gets up to go
Driven out by the new reality TV shows
In the ghost of ideals, we've got nothing to show

We zijn niet zeker wat dit lied gaat over, but it doesn't matter.

We may or may not believe in ghosts .. depending on if we believe we may or may not. We believe in traces .. that with proper chronicling, yous can see the trazos que cosas leave behind in the world after they die. Questa è la nostra ghost of King Leopold's ghost, amongst other ghosts.

As Gleick said in The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood: «The track of every canoe remains somewhere in the oceans.»

Vini Reilly (a.k.a. The Durutti Column) a une autre song 'For Belgian Friends' .. mais he doesn't specify whether they are Flemish or French speaking. Egli non specifica nulla di fatto .. there are no lyrics. La kanto ankaŭ estas en la MGMT mix ablum Late Night Tales.

Então lá vai .. você acha que isso pode parecer random ramblings, pero hay some order to quest.

Tal vez you were thinking «the confusion» we speak of has to do with the particular language we are using? Il ya cela aussi. Language continues to entrance & colonize us, regardless of whether we 'understand' it or not .... noen ganger også mer if we don't. Si ce n'est your utilitarian language we have hijacked .. die u gebruikt voor everyday devices .. we apologize .... אנחנו לא מתכוונים להעליב.


ang peregrinating view mula sa tore ng Babel

Или може би yous a wondering who we are .. sem er kjánalegt vegna þess að þú ert einn af okkur (1 of 6,973,738,433 .... meskipun angka ini mungkin kedaluwarsa before we even 'publish' this). We don't mean to confuse yous, we're trying to be inclusive (rather than exclusive). Il n'existe pas de egos ici .. only language .. & one language at that (con roughly 7,000 ± 300 dialects .. encore, depending on who you ask). Todos nós morremos, eventualmente, mas não a linguagem. Dialects die, sure, but not the records they are written in .. the documents .. the literature .... as long as they are well-preserved. Or is language 'language' if there are no more readers left of that language? Joka määrittelee tällaisten amorfinen asioita?

«You may ask yourself .. how do I work this?»

Չնայած նրան, որ սա կարող է թվալ նման գրություն a literary object .. a record of language .. it is. As long as you, an Internet reader, keep reading, drži dnevnog. What this is is a record of our existence. Somos reconhecidamente compulsivo a esse respeito .... not that we fear dying, pero creemos compelled to document qui what we touch, see, hear, taste & smell. Por esso lo llamamos 5cense.

Is there a place for people like us to go? Chroniqueurs anonymes?

The input feed la semaine dernière .. what drives the tone of this output .. is mostly the reading of King Leopold's Ghost. Vi så også the new Kon-Tiki movie & yes, we're nodding our heads to Durutti Column .... & nous ne sommes toujours pas fini de réfléchir à Derrida .. but perhaps Derrida's words-cum-ideas will forever remain colonized inside us cum ghosts. Y como siempre, the input feed is mindful of our output feed, what we are working on at present .. West of Kingdom Come. 5cense is the live i/o feed comme ça.

Είμαστε possessed γλώσσα ως τέτοια. Όταν διαβάζουμε, είμαστε υοχρεωμένοι να εναλαμβάνουμε και φιλτράρετε τα αοτελέσματα, όως κωδικό, μέσω του δικού του DNA μας για την unique expression.

En terwijl we toch bezig zijn, moeten we waarschijnlijk te maken de periodieke disclaimer dat dit niet een «review site». This is our creative engagement with the specified books/movies/music/art. Et, pour mémoire, il faut aussi vous rappeler, l'Internet, que ce journalisme n'est pas objective ni éthique. Personnellement, nous ne croyons pas à une telle chose, au moins en termes de vérités absolues exprimées dans le langage. Ce n'est que fiction. This is γλώσσα for the sake of γλώσσα. It means ανεξαρτήτως it means to yous. Don't hold us to it.

Met al deze disclaimers is het een verrassing dat we ergens aankomen op alle .. altijd met onszelf te herhalen als zodanig. Zoals gebruikelijk hebben we geschreven eough voor een roman en het nog niet eens aangekomen bij wat we van plan om over te schrijven.

King Leopold's Ghost

you are what you reat

The book we are reading at present, King Leopold's Ghost, is about what went down in the Congo at the turn of last century. Le roi Léopold était (probablement) un mec mal. Vous pouvez en apprendre davantage sur toutes les atrocités qu'il a (soi-disant) causés à arriver en lisant Les Fantômes du roi Léopold. Il est digne d'être lu.

Il est en effet horrible & «the horror, the horror» inducing for sure. But who are we to judge, now? People rolled differently back then. Het enige wat we kunnen doen is op de hoogte van wat er ons waarschijnlijk gebeurd, zodat het niet weer gebeurt.

Thre boodschap we take away is don't trust anything other people say. Only believe what they do. Als je geloofde Koning Leopold, zou je denken dat hij een barmhartige Samaritaan te proberen de Afrikaanse mensen te redden. Misschien is hij echt geloofde dat, wie weet. Ma it doesn't mean yous should unless yous was in da Congo yourself, at the time. Which is why Henry Morton Stanley was dispatched to Africa .. to find out what the hell was going on.

Probleem was, Stanley was dispatched by some NYC tabloid newspaper to get «a story». And stories are what we got (pas des histoires). Stories are what sell newspapers .. not news of bloody horrors & atrocities. Y broblem arall oedd bod Stanley yn gelwyddog cymhellol o'r cychwyn cyntaf. Yn 18 oed aeth i America ac yn newid ei enw .. i geisio anghofio pwy oedd .. a guy named John from Wales. But the legendary Stanley was what he became.

Stanley once chopped off the tail of his own dog, cooked it, and fed it back to the dog .. Questo è il tipo di uomo che era Stanley. Think about that .. beyond just the words .. dog .. tail .. feed. Imaginez quel genre de personne ferait cela. And then imagine them doing this to Africans, because these early colonizers regarded them in the same light .. as animals.

And there's still «no joy in the brilliance of sunshine».

Et l'autre problème, c'est que there was no written language in the Congo (os ydych yn ymddiried pobl fel Stanley) & any locals, natives, that said anything about what was truly gong on were likely killed or silenced. So our perception of «the dark continent» is framed by the likes of Stanley's penny-a-word stories & the self-censored journals of those committing the atrocities, ce qui n'est pas très scientifique .. to say the least. Dat is prima .. zolang we weten dat ze zijn verhalen.

Sasa, shukrani kwa Waarabu, tuna Swahili .. which some folk in the eastern part of the Congo speak. Language can be used as a destructive force to colonize people, but it can also be a unifying & identifying (or at least re-identifying) force that gives a people a voice.

Comme nous l'avons mentionné il ya quelques postes, nous sommes tous (if yous believe Derrida) «colonized by our own language». Within the context, mise en abyme, of a larger, more general idea of language.

And now we have a new breed of Belgians comme Baloji going back to the Congo to recolonize & re-culturize their own language.

Flemish doesn't exist as an option on google translate .. only Dutch. We weten niet eens zeker wat het verschil is .. misschien niet veel, nogmaals, «depending on who you ask». King Leopold was the king of Belgium, but he didn't speak Flemish .. even though Flemish is spoken by more than half the population. What sort of message does that send your peeps?

King Leopold also never set foot in the Congo. Go figure.

Habituellement nous lisons des livres en route vers un autre endroit .. un endroit, peut-être, qui est lié à le livre .... ou pas.

In reality .. if we may be so bold as to speculate on the existence of reality .. we are bunkered like a peregrine hermit in Manhattanville. O nosso melhor meia .. si l'on peut avoir l'audace de parler de son existence .. is «on a mission» in Timor-Leste .. which may as well be the 'heart of darkness'.

Hell, el corazón de las tinieblas puede ser Nueva York .... 

Either way, Kurtz, don't bother to go searching for us t/here .. você não vai encontrar-nos. We are far from a reliable narrator. And К тому времени вы читаете это мы будем где-то в другом месте.

not congo

ce n'est pas Brazzaville .. ni le Dili

All we can say, avec un quelconque degré de certitude, is that this morning we woke up & poured 2 cups of coffee. Apparently we are in denial. Díreach cosúil leis na cinn coilínithe go luath.

«You may tell yourself .. this is not my beautiful house .. & you may tell yourself .. this is not my beautiful wife .... »

Dans ce post, we defined ourselves by who we are not. In addition to Pollock & John Haskell, we are not King Leopold, nor do we purport to know who he is. We are not Stanley. Nous ne sommes pas Baloji. Nous ne sommes pas Derrida. We zijn niet King Kong. We are not Denzel Washington saying «King Kong ain't got shit on me!» Nosotros solamente recordamos esta línea porque it was so spectacularly bad. We also saw Flight the other night, pero no vale la pena mencionar. Hubiera sido mejor si era un borracho y un héroe al mismo tiempo .. Y su condición de borracho era lo que le permitió ser un héroe. Tales contradicciones sería interesante .. de lo contrario, es sólo Hollywood.

Nós não somos você. Բայց դուք կարող եք լինել մի մասը, ովքեր «մենք» են.

Hoezeer we hate to quote Carly Simon, «you're so vain, you probably think this song is about you» ist eine gute Linie. Wir müssen nur sagen, es ist Trent Reznor as he says it tambien. Ma ancora, we are neither .. & neither are yous. Queens of the Stone Age repeat it anche .. pero they twist the words around some to say: «... you're so vague. You probably think this song ain't about you».

Le plus vague que vous êtes, les personnes de moins certaines lu dedans et le prendre personnellement. Though perhaps thems keep reading into more to search for clues. Wenn die Leute wüßten das reale Objekt von Carly Simon-Song, würden sie wahrscheinlich nicht, dass es so interessant.

... o, por ejemplo, toma el cuento en Vice que mencionamos en el post anterior .. ¿la hace más interesante saber de quién se trata?

Lugares, en el otro lado ....

Nós não acreditamos a place exists until we've been there for ourselves. We were in Timor-Leste recently, così almeno al momento it existed for us. Ma don't take our word for it .... see for yourself.

Nous n'avons jamais été au Congo .. but we've been close (mais pas de cigare) .. when we were in Tanzania, standing on the shores of lake Tanganyika gazing at the haze of Congo on the opposite shore .. de pie, no muy lejos de where Stanley famously said «Livingstone, I presume?».

Il libro a portata di mano, King Leopold's Ghost, is not just about King Leopold. Leopold werd alleen maar te trekken snaren. It's more about Stanley than Leopold .... & Joseph Conrad, whose Heart of Darkness is probably the closest thing we have to a history kung ano ang aktwal na nangyari pagkatapos at doon. Even if the facts aren't accurate, the general vibe is probably spot on. Conrad estava lá.

Reading countless eyewitness accounts of severed hands or people cooking human flesh is nada compared to just seeing it once, for yourself. After a while they just become words stripped of emotion, pillage & looted by language cannibals.

ليست لنا فقط من خلال استعمار الكلمات، ولكن الأرقام. Numbers are morphemes that yous might think leave no margin for interpretation. Men i en bog som kong Leopolds spøgelse, bliver tallene meningsløs .. bare tal. Hvad er forskellen egentlig, mellem sige 6.000.000 og 10.000.000? Det er bare et andet nummer. Fedha ni hadithi ileile. Je, ni tofauti, katika kweli, kati ya wanaoishi na $1 kwa siku dhidi ya $1.000 siku? Au kuwa $100,000 katika madeni? Hata hivyo, sisi kuishi.

Not all is so grim (in das Book) .. er waren helden ook, of klokkenluiders, or at least people who tried to blow whistles. Including 2 African Americans .. George Washington Williams, who was the second person to use the term «crimes against humanity» .. after visting the Congo in the 1880s (Lincoln utilizó la frase por primera vez en referencia a la esclavitud) & William Shepard, who not only witnessed such crimes, but was fairly effective in exposing them. Mais c'était E.D. Morel & George Casement qui a vraiment exposés Léopold pour ce qu'il valait et tourné le sentiment public contre une telle barbarie déguisée comme le colonialisme.

Ad hoc legere, vos forsit habebat ponere a babelfish in your ear .. or plug the text through google translate .. care este sănătos pentru tine ne gândim. Ar trebui să nu ia acordat pentru limba, as «second nature», yous should always be conscious of language & it's potential abuses. Like the term «second nature» .. nous venons de jeter ça dans une conversation informelle, mais nous ne pensons pas à ce que cela signifie .. the words. Why don't we say it is «first nature»? Creemos que una «second nature» sería como una «second language» .. something yous don't do without thinking.

We hebben de Belgische (Vlaamse) vrienden (niet dezelfde «Belgian Friends» vermeld in The Durutti Column song) die kunnen helpen bij de vertaling van de Vlaamse delen van deze, maar ze zijn druk bezig .. ze net een baby. Wij brengen haar spullen in pie-korsten, squash-habanero peper quiche (ja, echte mannen te maken quiche!) .. En net nu we bracht haar een zure room appel-bosbessen taart die we zelf gebakken. Een van de laatste maaltijden aten ze voordat ze in arbeid was taco's hebben we met een paar soorten van pittige salsa .. weggespoeld met tequila (slik!). We hebben het als onze plicht om ervoor te zorgen deze baby krijgt een tong voor pittig eten op jongere leeftijd.

new nut factory

en neustro barrio

The above storefront is located somewhere between here & our above-mentioned Belgian friends. Ze was van plan om naar de Kongo volgende zomer, maar met de nieuwe baby en alle besloot Ethiopië was een betere keuze. Op weg naar hun huis, hebben we ook doorgegeven door Tom's Diner, die werd gekenmerkt in een beroemde song van Suzanne Vega. We hebben niet een foto maken, maar je ziet het elke keer is er die funky baslijn in Seinfeld (behalve het teken zegt iets anders). Ze noemden hun dochter Luka. Onze broeder noemde zijn eerste zoon Luka, na een verwijzing in een ander Suzanne Vega lied over een Luka, that «lives on the second floor» (hoewel dat is niet de reden waarom onze Belgische vrienden kozen voor deze naam). Onze broer belandde veranderde de baby naam Lukas omdat te veel mensen waren in de war, omdat hij een jongen was.

Misschien op een dag Luka leest dit .... hello! Je houdt van pittig eten als gevolg van ons! We hopen op een dag de handel taal met u!

Un le chemin du retour nous nous sommes arrêtés à Lot #125 pour le vin. No estamos seguros si Lot #125 is named for Pynchon's Lot #49 .. except it is on 125th street. Mientras estamos in Boston last week we posted a photo from our hotel room & the next day someone sent us an email from the waste.org domain .. from the secret society of W.A.S.T.E. Sie identifizierten, wo wir aus dem Foto waren. Wollten sie kommen uns töten unsere stehlen unser Geld? Nein, diese Person (Skaar) just wanted to inform us that the building we were looking at was some library & that there a special exhibit in there called The Mapparium .. 'N drie-verhaal lang glas wêreld, 'n kaart van die wêreld in gebrandskilderde glas, wat jy sien van 'n brug tonnel deur die middel van dit.

Even anchored as we write here in English, as now, is not in itself the «English», but a bastard English form, which becomes translated into Dutch and then French and then Portuguese, and then fed back into English. In theory, she should be able to reverse the original lyrics correct by engineering this text already connected ripple fish in that order.

Você pode dizer we are shooting ourselves in the foot (en termes d'optimisation des moteurs de recherche (SEO)) by switching between languages als dit. Google (ook bekend als 'God' om je .. het internet) weet waarschijnlijk niet wat te maken van dit alles .. hoe te classificeren of index dit.

Ma questo è solo per il nostro beneficio. We are the soul [sic] beneficiary. The rest of yous can tagliare la coda del vostro cani, cuocere e poi dargli da mangiare al vostro cane. And if the tail grows back (gillar vad som händer med sjöstjärnor och ödlor), do it all over again.

Det er omtrent alt vi har å si for nå .. nou pral kite ou ak sa a clip soti nan Savages, ki nou te wè yè swa nan fondu la Bowery (neige toujours ici si c'est après la mi-Mars). Savages is een grote naam .. si elle s'applique plus aux goûts des Stanley & King Leopold yna mae'n gwneud lles iddyn nhw, sydd yn sianel yn fwy ysbryd Joan of Arc. Maent yn mind-blowing live .. hair bristling on my neck cały show .. guitar reverberrating & blasting a través de su bone barrow como ser x-rayed.. tribal tom-toms & son chant canaliser le fantôme de Siouxisie, obwohl ihre Bühnenpräsenz Kanalisierung der Geist von Ian Curtis. En ce sens, ils sont cannibales, ceux fines à cela ....

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