373Mainely letting milk + fish sleep while the capracious cult kilgores

Dear Internet,

Still in Maine ... more kayaking, swimming, fishing, etc. Didn't catch the elusive brown trout, but hooked these guys to go along w/ a bass we got the day before for tonight's BBQ.

white perch + sunfish

Yesterday we drove out to the coast, to Camden ... guess there's some sort of Andrew Wyeth museum cuz he lived in them parts, but Camden was crazy touristy w/ traffic (even tho weekday) so pushed on. Stopped further up the coast where u could actually see the water (nothing to write home about, specially after Cape Cod) + had fried clams + lobster rolls. Then up to Belfast (all «quaint» + «cute» as you'd expect) ... then inland to visit Aktan (of Sleepingfish fame, at least in our mind) who lives pretty much off the grid in central Maine. Went out w/ him to milk his sheep + goats ... here's a video from a recent article in a Bangor Daily News of his solar-powered milking station.

They make some tasty craft cheeses from the milk right in his basement (here's their site ... tho doesn't seem they do mail order), of which we ate some fried halloumi w/ some rabbit stew. Glad there's food producers in the world like Aktan + Erin + cool to bear witness to their way of life ... part of us is envious (specially the goat part) but it's a lot of work that never ends + if us wimps were gonna live off the land as such would have to be in a warmer place.

Lor Farm goats

Today we swam across the lake, er pond, to Hoyt Island ... about ¾ of a mile. Fun to swim in 1 direction + not have to do kick turns each lap ... not that we swim a lot. Kayaked back (j paddled next to me there in a 2-man so speedboats wouldn't hit me) then paddled around w/ a fishing pole ... tried w/ worms down deep but nada then tried trolling w/ a lure but only caught little smallmouths.

Weather's been pretty shitty, to the point where we're making fires + it's august 1st. Been reading Youth by J.M. Coetzee ... not into it so much, not nearly as good as some of his other stuff but reading it anyway cuz we got nothing else.

tree struck by lightning

08.01 ... pushed off back, taking our time + a different route inland ... across Maine, thru Troy + Mexico (an industrial shithole), into New Hampshire ... past the White Mountains (which we've seen plenty of already when we lived there) into Vermont. Ended up somewhat randomly at Snow Mountain. Walked up the mountain for exercise. Missed the last chairlift down by a few minutes so then hoofed it back down. Oh + saw a black bear, but no moose.

«real eyes realize real lies»


we brake for goats


1 of many ponds


better ½'s take of our ½ taking above photo

Fell asleep watching Apocalypto then woke up to creepy chanting ... some sort of Hasidic «camp» in a hotel next to us, all these men in black pants + white shirts in the parking lot outside our window singing weird religious songs at the top of their lungs. This in combination w/ Apocalypto + current news of Israel/Palestine was inducing weird dreams ... went on until early morning. Here we are in the mountains of Vermont for a reprieve from the sights + sounds of the city + busloads of Hasids from Brooklyn filling the night sky w/ their cultish noise.

Pushed on the next morning, down the Hudson River valley. Stopped in Beacon for a bite then back to Manhattan.

another self-indulgent selfie transitioning back to our natural environment


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