411 Stuck in Lodi (Delhi) again (.. + Safdarjung's tomb w/ a Huaz Khas complex)

still searching for the golden deer

Delhi—Feb 2, 2015

Deer Inurnet ..

.. case u wonder .. not in Delhi cuz we want .. nations of destiny driven by nessecity of where our better ½ need go .. we just along for the ride .... been to Delhi before so seen the major sites .. trying to find things unseen to our eyes .... tried Hauz Khas .. tho in top 10 lists of things to see taxi driver doesnt know where .. wants to take us elsewhere .. no thank you sir .. already been to Humayun's Tomb .. no sir already been to Red Fort + that big mosque .. them want to take u everywhere + guide u all day xcept wont take u to where u ask to go unless u insist .. drops me off in Hauz Khas area but nowhere near the temple complex .. walk thru some janky park w/ either couples making out in bushes our groups of lecherous males w/ greasy hair + Members Only jackets looking for girls .. or guys w/ sticks seeming eager to use them on monkeys or the disobedient .. thru some deer park .. finally down to sum lake + the temple complex .. surrounded by squatters on the outside .. inside mostly just local kids hanging out around the ruins smoking cigarettes + taking selfies ..

hauz Khas «park»


deer in the park (must be the killer variety)







squatters camping around the Hauz Khas complex



using the wall of Hauz Khas for laundry


hoods hanging + lovers sucking face at Hauz Khas







the «lake» surrounding Hauz Khas


power memes


.. after figured may as well see Siri Fort since nearby + major monument on map but of course tuk-tuk wants to charge way too much + suggests other places but not where u aks to go + cant even find Siri Fort so we have to direct the way .. + then again to hassle for a tuk-tuk home .... in-between insane traffic + smog .. Delhi now the most polluted city in the world .. sprawl of chaos + jank makes u sad what humans doing to planet ..

cricket game at Siri Fort


watching cricket from ruins of Siri Fort


parking lot at Siri Fort


riding in tuk-tuk


police barricades everywhere .. even getting into our hotel we get frisked every time + have to take photo of guard to prove functional camera ≠ a bomb

Feb 3

.. went to check out Safdarjung Tomb this morning .. yet another big Muslim monument .. we the only «tourist» there ..

Safdarjung tomb






pigeons + 2 kites having sex on top of the minaret

.. walked back thru Lodi Park .. even tho right near hotel touts + concierge never mentioned it as place of intrest but actually has a few worthy things to see (certainly more worthy than Hauz Khas) .. of course also more couples making out in the ruins + garden nooks + sleeping dogs + bands of roving males looking for action .. staring + standing in your way so u have to push your way thru them .. some guys come up + start explaining things to u w/out u aksing assuming u want a guide + u have to interrupt + say we dont want a guide .. «then what do u want? .. a tuk-tuk .. a girl?» .. + u have to say we just want to walk thru the park + to leave us alone ..

Sayyid's tomb




parrots everywhere


+ kites


+ sleeping dogs


Bara-Gumbad mosque (still in Lodi)


inscription detail in Bara-Gumbad




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