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NY, NY—04 Mar 2015

dear Inurnet ..

.. back in the city that never sleeps (or for that matter never wakes up) .. just before we left the eturnal city DIAGRAM posted the 1° review of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' .. + also an excerpt .... yes them right in that they the 1° (worth mentioning) to publish our work .. back in 2000 when 1° we moved to NYC + also the year DIAGRAM came into existence .. serendipitously a piece derived from a dream we had about Bishop's The Waiting Room .. which we mentioned 2 posts ago .. so things coming full circle it seems .... we've gone on to publish in DIAGRAM most every year .. if not under our own name then under pseudonyms or anonymously .. or in issues [7.1] they forgot to list .. perhaps more than any other contributor? .... phenomenal (rummaging thru the archives now) how much dope stuff DIAGRAM has published in the past 15 years .. a true archive ..

.. we surfaced in the sleepless city to do our taxes amongst other things (our better-½ also cramming a semester worth of teaching into 1 week) .. that time of year dear Inurnet (+ specifically those of u curious about the realities of running a small independent press) when our financials we make public (this = what to publish means after all .. etymologically) .. tho 2014 = the year when we dropped (or released) the aggressively pushy word press from our name so we shd say for the intrest of any1 crazy enuff to want to start a publishing archive .. (the accrued intrest of which ≠ financial but literally literary) ..

.. not as bad as last year .. but still operating in the red in our 11° year .. OUT > IN .. $tatus quo (xcept for 2010 + 2012 which probly had more to do w/ lagged payments ± printing flurries .... in summa we spent $13205 (as always these = only direct xpenditures such as printing + postage costs) to make $8528 .. loco u say but at least sustainably so .. a writer write-off anyway .. a charity case .. who said the definition of insanity = doing the same thing over + over + expecting a diffrent result? .... as we've said over + over (to perhaps suppress or propagate our insanity) it ≠ about the $$$ .. books = our true unit of currency .. liquidated in text + image .. + this year we proud to say we brought 2681 books into the world to push our accumulated total over 20000 .. tho 2392 of these books live in limbo in the SPD warehouse in Bezerkley + stacked above our kitchen cabinets .. not truly archived ..

.. speaking of true currency .. worth re-iterating that «the only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool.»

.. this becomes the 1° year where dbook sales seemed significant enuff to tally .. 48 PDF dbooks sold for $253 .. a paltry sum perhaps but the profit margin = greater .. @ least for the 1s emailed .. if u start adding up the «pay what u want» downloads it becomes as significant (in terms of meme propagation) as printed books (assuming people actually read them) .. 2014 totals of PDF downloads:

City Moon ~5k
Ark Codex ~20k
Under the Auspices ~3k
The Becoming ~2k
Marsupial ~1k

.. unsurprisingly for these ppl donated a total of $30.50 (mostly for City Moon .. which we also proud to say we archived last year) .. 0.1¢ a DL on the DL ..

.. all in all a good year book-wise .. after a perhaps slow year (3 books published in 2013) following our return from Rome (where we published 5 titles in 2½ years) .... like a quacked obstetrician we delivered these 6 newborn titles into the world in 2014:



.. why not buy the parents a cigar .. or better yet the books? .... working now on the next 2 .. No Moon by Julie Reverb + the Gotham Grammarian by Gary Lutz .. an xcerpt of which we shd post soon to Sleepingfish .. in the meantime the proposed cover (courtesy of Naked Fowl) to whet ur beak ..

06 Mar

.. regrouping .. eating tacos + sushi + bagels (anything but pasta) .. cooking in our own kitchen .. sleeping in our own bed .. went to the opera even .... watching wave after wave of snow roll in .. the iceberged tide coming in + out .... waiting for a break in the weather to finally finish our Maphattan Project ..



full moon over an icy Hudson

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