420 Comparative phylogenetic etymology: return to the planit of asshole apes + dickish chimps still we evolving form

12 Mar 2015 .. back in Rome .. near Vatican/Prati .. in a borgo hotel but p u like apartments w/ kitsch en .. a-rived before the office opend so crashed out (didn't sleep @ all on airpiano) on sum janky couches we found skewed in sum rec room smelled uv ammonia .. til mgmt showed up .. 2 women + a shaggy sheepdog .. + guess we must've said sumthing in spanish cuz they started speaking spagnolo back .. brain-farting our Italian lately no say porque ..

.. on the altiplano from sumwhere recently (maybe HK to NYC) ran out of movies to occupy ourself so re-watched Planet of the Apes (the original w/ Charlton Heston) .. which we do ever e so offen .. mostly cuz we like the idea of it (not so well-made afterall) .. so decided to read the original book as written by Pierre Boulle (in French) to see for ourselves ..

.. starts off totally diffrent than movie ... fun-loving couple goes for a joyride in outerspace .. @ 1st thinking wtf how does this relate to the movie .... but then they find a message in a bottle (literally) .. floating in outerspace .. + inside the bottle a note that tells the whole story .... after this it follows the same plot more or less .. altho 1 intresting thing about the movie = that the planet they land on becomes sumwhat ambiguous .. + only tward the end do they discover it = earth afterall (cuz they see the statue of liberty)(which we just saluted @ the finish line of our Maphattan Project) .. in the book they dont crash land but intentionally land on sum planet (Soror) near Betelgeuse where (like the movie) all animal + plant = essentially the same as earth (xcept w/ apes + humans swapped out) .. which becomes a bit stretch of the imagination .. how a planet cd possibly have evolved virtually the same in ever e way .... [spoiler alert] however in the book he makes his way back to earth (700 years later) .. sees the Eiffel Tower + lands @ Orly wondering where = every 1 .. only to discover it now inhabited by apes the end ..

.. 1 thing better about the book = that the language the apes speak ≠ english but sum other language that the guy (Ulysse Mérou .. yes his name in the book = Ulysses!) must learn in order to communicate w/ them (unlike movie where they (miraculously) speak English + Charlton Heston cant speak @ 1st cuz he hurt his mouth) ....+ Zira learns French in order to communicate w/ him .... + since the author = French more attn gets paid to sexual behaviorisms .. they study him getting it on w/ the wild human girl (Nova .. who of course he describes as sum sort of foxy sex goddess) .... the book also more like the more recent Planet of the Apes movies in that there = a higher-archy of Chimps-Apes-Orangutangs .. maybe would've been too hard make-up/costume-wise to pull it off in original movie .. chimps = the smart brainy scientists .. apes = the thugs .. + Orangutans = «official science» which we interpreted to mean politicians .. the idiots that control everything + have final say .. tho the chimps = the 1st w/ the knowledge or that discover everything (not that we agree w/ all this .. we not big fans of chimps) ..

.. far-fetched sure but the thawt experiment makes u rethink our role to simians + other animals .. humans act like beasts in the book cuz they treated like beasts .. even Ulysse's human colleague that he arrives with turns feral .. loses his ability to speak + assimilates w/ the beastly humans that he gets put into a zoo with .... do animals act like animals cuz we treat them as such? .. we think they stupid just cuz they dont speak our language when in fact to them we just as stupid (if not stupider) cuz we dont speak them language? .. [see also: a safari on Noam's ark] ..

.. this we write in the pre-dawn darknest (jet-lagged) of the eturnal city listning to the blackbirds that we associate now w/ Rome (1 in particular used to wake us up every morning before dawn when we lived here) .. what a strange creature that insists on vocalizing @ such an hour .. + what a complex language if ever u try to make sense of it .. sounds funny but we do think animals trying to say sumthing specially to us if we listen ..

.. down by the Tiber they filming the next Bond (007) installment sur real all lit up like day even tho night w/ fake ruins + helicopters doing stunts overhead but mostly rent-a-cops standing around telling u where u cant go to make it seem more real ..

.. for sum reason (laying in the darknest) began us to wonder about the etymology of diagnostic + whether it got anything to do w/ agnostic? .. specially since di conjures god .. @ least in romance languages (dios .. dio .. dieu) .... nother thing we wonderd bout (yesturday as we made exercise in the palestra) .. how come they call dumbbells dumbbells (.. thx to u dear Inurnet we discovered it has not to do w/ stupidity of weight lifter types but back in the day they got sick of lifting rocks so they attached 2 bells to a rod + since the dinger (what do u call that party anyway) = annoying they took them out + made them silent .. hence dumb bells (not serving their original purpose) ..

.. these sorts of things we take for granted .. a funny scene in the book (Planet of the Apes still) where he gets drunk @ sum cocktail party (once he gets accepted as «civilized» + intelligent) + starts stop thinking it weird that here he surrounded by clothed apes in the same roles he = used to seeing humans fulfill (for example ape cocktail waitresses) .. starts to forget it weird + becomes normalized ..

.. cocktail = another 1 of them words causes u to stop in your tracks for a sec .... another weird thing .. that we use the word ape as a verb to mimic .. when do apes ever mimic us? .. even in a zoo they only mimicking us mimicking (or mocking) them .. sure they couldnt = botherd to otherwise .... if u mimic mimicking does that make it real? ..

.. u dear Inurnet = a bot-herd king?

.. dude behind us @ the security line @ JFK so drunk he kept falling over cd barely stand .. what do they do? .. 4 or 5 of the TSA people leave their posts to help the guy .. bring him a chair .. help him take his shoes off .. the guy so wasted that 1 person had to prop him up + guide him thru metal detector + another had to catch him on the other end .. but even for that 4 or 5 feet the guy cd barely walk + they had to do it a few times .... most annoying thing tho = that the rest of us had to wait as they gave him preferential treatment .... lesson learned? .. next time get shitfaced drunk before going thru security ..

.. on the plane also watched that movie where Bill Murray = a grumpy asshole but sumhow gets made out as a saint (St. Vincent) .. seems Americans into movies where people = assholes or do asshole-ish things that u need to overlook cuz underneath it they actually really nice .. once u in their inner circle .... thinking maybe cuz ppl think of it as justification .. or a challenge to get them to like me .... Italians too .. not just in movies but in real life .. seems they want to excuse assholes but probly more out of apathy .. to avoid confrontation .... like the way motorini drive + almost kill u run off the road .. most Italians can relate cuz they drive .. usually in a hurry + pedestrians nothing but annoying obstacles in the way .... or standing in lines here .. always sum asshole above it all cuts to the front + no 1 (at least in Italy) ever says anything .. just easier to let the asshole go 1° .... only when we say sumthing (which we always do .. like in the long passport line @ Fiumicino) do other ppl in line start to chime in .... lesson learnt? .. play dumb + cut to the front .. if u dont sum1 else will ..

... or when ppl talk loud @ 3 am on a plane when every1 else tries to sleep .. u know what we talking about .. those dicks that purposely talk loud like they want every1 to hear how they hip + about the cool places they been + even Swans at volume 10 cant drown it out .. + when we get up to say sumthing only then do the ppl sitting next to the guy (acting like they dont care but inwardly stewing) say thanks for saying sumthing .. that guy really annoyed us .... guess it just becomes the way of the world .. assholes always prevail + quiet + considerate ppl finish last .. them types = boring .. no fun to party w/ anyway .... assholes = cool .. just look @ Kerouac .. every1 think that beatnik fratboy so hep .... Bill Murray tho = likeable no matter what shoes u give him ..

.. funny how the word asshole ever got used to describe assholes .. a dick = similar but there exists a distinction that cant get put into words except by repeated example .. like George Bush = a dick .. + despite his name Dick Cheney = an asshole .. assholes = more brutish + malicious whereas dick = wimpier + swarmy + maybe dumber (tho conniving) + perhaps sumwhat smug .... chimps = dicks .. maybe apes = assholes when provoked but we've never met an asshole ape .. or orangutang ..

.. George Bush looks like a chimp .... so does Obama but he seems more an asshole than a dick .... in fact Bush + Obama = 1 + the same person .... when we look @ both Obama + Bush we not only think chimp but we also think of Alfred E. Newman .. maybe sumthing to do w/ the ears .. Alfred E. Newman ≠ dick ± asshole .... apparently the best way to get elected president? .. look like a chimp .. ± act like an asshole ± dick .... generuley the best plan to get ahead in the world ....

.. you'd think it wd = other way around .. that dicks wd = asshole + vice-versa (by virtue of comparative anatomy) .. dicks probly have small dicks .. assholes want to stick it to u .. surely not receptive to what u think .... honey badgers = assholes .. but likeable assholes like Bill Murray .... cats = dicks .. dogs not smart enough to = assholes .. perhaps why they so likeable ..

.. sum drunks (like our father + the guy in the TSA line) become dumb + quiet when drunk .. others become complete assholes .... mostly Italians become assholes behind the wheel of a car or motorini .... sum1 told us once Rome = great .. if u take the Romans out of it .... but maybe better if u took motorized vehicles out of it ..

.. writers = assholes for the most part (the 1s that become known) .. what it takes .. + poets = dicks .. which begs the question .. dicks = a subset of assholes? .... takes 1 to know 1 .. fox smells his own hole .... [this all] = a sequence of words .. becomes writ in 1 sitting .. exercising our sheer vanity .. + we not just evolved from animals but we = happy animals .. admit it .. what me worry? .... now we shut up + show sum visual impressions where we writing from ..








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