423 Pictures of matchstick men: a nü moon eclipses entropy + failure «crow-bars breast milk» machine-wise

19 Mar 2015 .. Rome (Monteverde) .. woke up in London .... posted a sexion from the forthcoming Gotham Grammarian in Sleepingfish .... took our time waking .. exorcising .. assuming our flight out of Heathrow but 1 foot out the door double-checked the boarding passes to see which terminal + said Gatwick .. doi! .... lot further than Heathrow + no time to figure out trains so took an xpensive + long taxi ride (thankfully xpensed by our better-½) ..

semi-permeable membrane

.. funny word—xpensive .. as if used to = pensive but no longer .. if cost a lot then cant induce serious thawt .... a glimpse of Hitchcock's house by chance on the way to Gatwick .. sumwhere in Chelsea ± Kensington we think .... no freeways .. itsy carriage roads .. not til u basically @ the airport do u hit a freeway ..

Shane Anderson's Études ..


.. EasyJet .. read Études des Gottnarrenmaschinen by Shane Anderson .. depending on how u define «read» .. our eyes glazed over the text w/ little comprehension of what it = «about» .. ok the 1° study—«Failed Proposals»—has lots of cryptic references to Rome so sum pscyhogeographic familiarity there .. but textually cast as sum sort of arcade/video game .. inneractive .. + actually a weird sort of déjà vu like we inneracted w/ this piece before cuz in fact we had .. Anderson submitted it to us a while back for Sleepingfish + we «rejected» it .. mostly just cuz it seemed destiny for a piece called «Failed Proposals» .... even tho the rejection letter perhaps playfully «mean» Anderson = a good sport about it .... not always about getting «published» .. what about all the brilliant stories + games that go unread or unmade? .... w/o failure we would get no where .... whole sections of Failed Proposals + subsequent pieces crossed out to perhaps illustrate this point .. we ourselves have used this trick but u don't need to know this why we xxxxxing this out .... imagine all the alternative worlds that never came to fruition ..


.. also cd relate persunly to the parts where they (Slack Dog Snake Driver + sum woman) board a plane cuz we read this @ the x-act moment we boarded our plane .. «Security procedures, mechanical, vibrate from a caked over face before more percolate from unseen speakers, in another language; dyed with more dolor.» .. as in pain .. but mostly the text an abstract collage of nonprosaic prose .. specially w/ the distractions of plane travel unable to make sense but not caring ..

«Without me nothing seriously limitless infinity even forget it, everything either zeroes fog machines or strobes domestically pistols at dawn or dusk crests no no no it limitless depends, at around zero comprehension ginny I evoke or outgo in knee-deep benevolence: ...»

.. [SIC] .. sort of like looking @ abstract art .. tho w/ Anderson more like performance art as it seems performance driven .. not necessarily like writ to speak out loud but about performance .. the act of .. process ..

«Both after also crow-bars breast milk somebody out from, could also so hammers the atop, much harrow I inside of what also voids such fuck this filth both because.»

spirel exit to st lvl

.. [IBID] .. + then an 8-page appendix of just punctuation w/ the words xtracted ..

.. still we dare any1 to make an entire book devoid of words .. only punctuation .... ourself we only had the courage er—why rage in yur heart + not a ridge?—couridge to make a book w/ only birds (in place of words) + punctuation ..

.. got us th-inking uv text as resolved flux field .. each word a cullapsed node of potential .. + energy flowing tween the lines ment to induice mism b-rain circuisry .. triggered via wired induction .. dependent of course on the cerebral state of reader déjà cashed w/ cullapsing .. membering back when we took Statistical Thermodynamics (which we got a C in (failing for grad students) despite studying our ass off) + the prof lecturing about a measure of entropy + this hurt our hed sum (perhaps why we didn't «get» thermodynamics) .. to measure the disorder/order of a system .... we can understand the idea of entropy talking bout it in plain english but when quantitatively applying math to it couldnt wrap/warp our hed in it (1 of the reasons we «quit» w/ a masters instead of a PhD .. cuz of this fucking class .. masters = a kind way to say failure in this case) ..

current airbnb

.. cd sum1 apply a similar measurement to the entropey of language? .... = a fine line .. like the last book we read—Ballard's High-Rise—must admit the language nothing to write home about .. prosaic + quotidian .. but Ballard = a conceptual writer .. u read High-Rise (+ we loved it) for the ideas not the words .... if we had such a entropic scale we propose for language then High-Rise wd fall @ the sensical end of the spectrum .. + Études des Gottnarrenmaschinen falls @ the other nonsensical end .... the secret = to straddle this spectrum .. to re-quote our own Chaulky: «The art to any thing is learning the balance between rhizomatic rupturing + linear narrative.»

casalingo machine (lavatrice)


strumento vitale (burner)

21 Mar .. the book we (as Cal Mari) currently edit (if u can call it that .. more like sandpapering a few rough edges w/ #220 macrogrit)—No Moon by Julie Reverb—oscillates between these 2 spectrums .. between rhizomatic rupturing + linear narrative .. just when u start to get lost in abstract language u get relief from a lucid passage u can sink teeth into .... editing it now from our 5° floor penthouse looking out over the umbrella-pined skyline of Doria Pamphili .... strange lighting on acct of the solar eclipse .. coinsiding w/ the spring equinox + the «Supermoon» (the moon's closest approach .. in this case in the new moon phase) .. so fitting this = the day we started applying our edits to No Moon ..

only thing missing = vinyl siding

.. when we got to the chapter in NO MOON entitled «Matchsticks and the Size of the Deceased's Eyes» just so happened Pictures of Matchstick Men came up on shuffle (tho not the original Status Quo but Camper Van .. ) ..

When I look up to the skies
I see your eyes a funny kind of yellow
I rush home to bed I soak my head

callbox in Doria Pamphili



.. also thinking about entropy generally in terms of our living situation .. a new apartment .. getting food + detourmining other casalingo routines .. figuring out the dysfunctional lavatrice + lavastoviglie .. how to cook on the stufa .. not xactly survival instincts kicking in but in lieu an innate inclination to establish control (over mushrooming entropy) .. keeping in vs out at bay .. which way to turn for hot H20 .... what sux bout these airbnb places = u have to buy staples like salt + pepper + olive oil ea time (tho we've learned to travel now w/ sum hard to get things like spices + good coffee) .. not to mention dishsoap or even a sponge .. wish nomads before us wd just leave this shit behind for the next .. in transient flux .. or maybe we the only 1s that actually use kitchens + washing machines? .... plastic patio furniture .. a fold-out rack to hang clothes .. potted plants half-dead from neglect .. even a cactus light + a guitar (out of tune)(to play Fake Plastic Trees) .. moldy plaster .. slanting shadows .. green wild parrots squawking in palm fronds .. neighboring villas seen better days .. crows w/ grey wings gathering twigs in silence .. a bleached hose .. stained tiles .. IKEA furniture .. succumbing to users ..

around the hood


23 Mar .. spoofing our IP virtually to watch NCAA + Netflix .. haha dear Inurnet u think we in NYC .. tho according to Gmail (hack alerts) we in Georgia .... rain yesterday .. didnt do much xcept binge on House of Cards (to sike for DC?) ..



clothes rack

.. running around Doria Pamphili .. route ii of our Rome running routes .. the longer variations w/ loops on the other less trafficked side for good measure .. various different narrow dirt trails thrown in for variety .. not like we haven't been on these paths before .. seems like a lifetime ago .. induicing nostalgia .. to re-juice new mamories ..

entrance to Doria Pamphili



 422 <()> 424 > Fancy that our 0° kidnap begins «ma I am» as Dr. Awkward dawns a pair uv genes searching for xpression


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