433> Re:invention of vestiges by which they drugged the buddhy

a week fleeting Wake on the Hudsongo

di(ə)r Inurnet > back hōm in Madhattan > finnished Finnegans əgan> per la 2° volta > fallowing aläng w/ Campbell's Skeleton Key | mbarking nou (21 May) aquí in our 8° + finnel post on The Wake (til we rererēd it egan (thingking why not giv it a shot backword?) | to d-rowcabitulate our whorld-spanning thôts on it thus fär:

> ... reeding the reel tree-based book-book nou (nouu that we back hōm where keep us our hardcopea under our pillow) > (h)wīl travelling we rered a PDF on our laptop whilst we lisənd > tho did us lug the The Skeleton Key around (the brunt uv our bagadge) | + (h)wīl for the udder 3 subo͝oks we 1° red The Key ± in conjunxion gong back + 4th > for subo͝ok 4 we 1° red The Wake then only after redus The Key to figyər out wut we red to then pānt it black (see figyər Ⓐ)

a primel Joyce showing off his bo͝ok əv ded (w/ primitiv man behind quite xcited? ± Fraudian slip?

> (yes > little known fact (jaja) JJoyce traveled to Africa 2x on wurd-hunting safaris > anNiling to the primel sorce əv The Wake > olang the «Affrian way» > fallowing in the fo͝otsteps of Crawford (Dan not the intrepid Stanley also uv travel notes fame) ho͞o himself fallowed humptily in the fo͝otsteps of Livingstone i prexhuume | as did we on môr than 1 failing occassion > inevitablee finding «no joyce in the brilliance of sunshine»

Joyce's journey into the heart of darkness

> «You is feeling like you was lost in the bush, boy?»—ax Joyce tward the beginning əv our Wakean trip | «yes i said yes» > a perfumed yes @ that > inscensed x5 w/ primel jungull funk apockelliptickly | dare ssey we nevər had the knack for rēading comprahention? our mos deafisit subject by far whenevər we took those dumb-asstandurdized tests | (h)wīl math + sighence we aced 99% > + even did fine w/ speLing (if we put our mind to it) + vocabullary > we just spaced out whenevər rēding (± listning) + cd nevər decifer meaning from passidges (@ least not multiple choyce w/ #2 led) + still cant (ironick we wear our Cal A Mari hahat) | chooze to do that witch u naturelly suck @ why not? | if yore eyes glaze ōvər the wurds not camprehending the whorldly events figyər sumthin gunna happen udderwise rite? — ∑um sortif reveiling on anuther plān | the 1° time we took a requisit lit class in skool when called upon to sey what a txt = «about» all we cd think to rehash = the hydralogical hystory uv a raindrop in 4 #ed fazes:

    1. evaporation from the sea
    2. collecting to clouds
    3. condensation to land
    4. run-off to rivər back to sea

the 4-headed hydralogic pscycle (the 5°-sensing seapage happens on anudder plān TBD)

> evərything evər we rēd amounted to this > the perpetual struggle uv individualism vs. the cullective pull uv (in)humanity > a hystory we also recapitulate ova + ova in The Becoming + nou the sequeal-(2-əv-4)-in-prawgress (A Raft Manifest) | lo stesso Viconian vishus cycle JJoyce re#ashes in Finnegans Way > analogus to the pubelicking prosses itself—1. sublime thawt 2. articulated in manmade landgauge + 3. published for mankind to reap + 4. the originull primitif nature əv the thawt dies b4 the ink even dries | also tword the beginning JJoyce dispells:

So you need hardly spell me how every word will be bound over to carry three score and ten toptypsical readings throughout the book of Doublends Jined (may his forehead be darkened with mud who would sunder!) till Daleth, mahomahouma, who oped it closeth thereof the. Dor.

> w/ the help əv Campbell's Key after the fact we know (to ∑um xtent) what The Wake = «about» but rēding it blind we lost in the clouds > «Fog was whaas? Too much sleepth» > specielly (h)wīl awake > a foggy mourning emurge us groundhog-tied | makes cense rite? the 100-kariktər thunder claps need a s♀rce uv reazən | Findagun Rake reamalgumates into swerling eddies uv particuls > milky-weighed whitewarsh mixing souley to smash de-liberated əˈgen in self-a-nile-elation | BB's babeling efforvescently in a bubble-chambered hive > «follow me beeline and you're bumblin» | Joice the quarky queen secreting royal jelly > JJ as particle metapsychicist ± armchair hydralogist twined > banging an yrished couch potato Mr | a gloryus postmortem mash-up > amend

2 fish buddhys side by side > «bubbles allow for the wake of the fins to be visualized»

> bedder yet metamortem hash > cumpair Seth Abramson's defəˈniSHən əv metamodernism—«to recreate a sense of wholeness that allows us to—in the lay sense—transcend our environment and move forward ... » w/ wat Stephen Dead-r-us sseys in Ulysses: «... a gift of tongues rendering visible not the lay sense but the first entelechy, the structural rhythm» > a line that in a few weeks we aim to tattoo on our skin

> ɪt iz igˈzak(t)lē (h)wət ɪt sounds līk > nuthing môr

> ∀ll this layerd duncity ∀ll for wat? (sides anuther bo͝ok əv the ded) | if u ax us The Wake takes ∑um 63,924 words ∀ll jus to ssey «fuck u» > haha | si(ə)rēəslē tho > seams if u only had 2 wurds to ∑ummarize The Wake? = fuck authority | fək all sistems that attempt to censor + subvert ± even try to make sense əv its subjets | The Wake = unbridled tongue itself sevəred frum all authors (recalling all cars! recalling all cars!) > a juggerknotical jetstream making up its own rules as it hurricanes olang by its bootstraps > resisting subjugation ± deafəˈniSHun > leafing a rein əv bedlumb in its wake

i see a line of cars ...

> if we said b4 in HK that Huck Finn = the quinessential punkr > then so also rolls the stage-diving Finnegan | Joice uses the wurd punk x7 in Fanarchys Whack > eg

Starving today plays punk opening tomorrow ...

> not to menchən all them variations > like punc:

Punc. Bigseer, refrects the petty padre, whackling it out, a tumble to take...

> ± punct:

... icefloe was from his Inn the Byggning to whose Finishthere Punct. Let erehim ruhmuhrmuhr.

... introdùce a notion of time [ùpon à plane (?) sù ' ' fàç'e'] by pùnct! ingh oles (sic) in iSpace?!»

> + punkt:

... punkt by his curserbog, went long the grassgross bumpinstrass that henders the pubbel to pass ...

> + even repunked puns:

... speared the rod and spoiled the lightning; married with cakes and repunked with pleasure ...

> repunzool repunktool let down yer he(ə)r! | alrēdy we menshunned how JJ uses punk in conjunkion w/ Hurdlebury Fenn + namedrops Columbus (both Huck + Christofur figure promenintly in our own steampunked Raft) > but here he mixes ameriphors it slipseams almust fur our sake:

— Crestofer Carambas! Such is zodisfaction. You punk me! He came, he kished, he conquered.

> «i cant get no» > as menshunned əˈgen + əˈgen u can rēd into howevər u want > H.C.E. cood = Mick Jagger ± Jesus if u set yore mind to it (H.E. doesnt die for our sins but he dreams (his improprieties in Phoenix park) for our sake > the mythical phoenix itself implying ressurection > ricorso (what bo͝ok 4 stands for ∀fter ∀ll)

> ... witch ≠ ∀ll to say The Wake = male-d♂minatrixed | like Ulysses jus when u write it off as ale-fueled male-bonding test♂seroni > the last wurd in the book of Doublends Jined goes to A.L.P. | in bo͝ok 3 the eldest Shon inhairits auth♂rity > but in bo͝ok 4 p♀werspective shifts from the ailing + disintegrating H.C.E. to the rising A.L.P. > bubbling eff♀rvescently like an eternull f♀nt | if HumpCE = Brahma (the creator) + Shaun = Shiva (the destroyer) > then Anna Livia Plurabelle = Vishnu (the preserver)

purhaps calling for a modification to our other planned tat?

> the d♂menant H.C.E. thunderclaps > self-implodes into a gazillion mêmes that A.L.P. reintegrates into a mosaic ♀f sublime pr♀se > the mane roarrr uv thunder carrries female pursuasion that dont just sound go͝od but comes rifled w/ inf♀rmation

A hand from the cloud emerges, holding a chart expanded ...

> (still note the evər-lasting initials impressioned əv H.C.E.) > the ikspandid chart = the very bo͝ok self-cuntained + uncunstrained > in əthər wərds | «Rinvention of vestiges by which they drugged the buddhy» (witch also cd wholistickly surve to encapsulate The Wake as a hole) | sum say a retelling əv The Book of The Dead—Egyptian or Tibetan? u tell us | eastern in spirit but also Irish ± «Yrish» > St. Kevin navigating (in an altar-cum-bathtub) @ his hermitage in Glendalough (that we visited in 2006)

yôrz truli (disguised as Nora + James) on the swerve of shore of Glendalough lake circa 2006


St. Kevin's hərmitij

> St. Kevin (a.k.a. Coemghen) uv speciel significance to us sins our brother-½ Chaulky = named Kevin | St Kevin floats his bathtub raft to an island in the middle əv the lake + builds a «rubric penitential honeybeehivehut in whose enclosure to live in fortitude, acolyte of cardinal virtues» + microcosmritually excavates a font + fills it w/ cullected spring water + sits to meditate «continuously with seraphic ardour the primal sacrament of baptism or the regeneration of all man by affusion of water. Yee.» | ye(ə)

> St. Kevin's retreat marks the transition from dreaming to waking > night to day > from H.C.E. to A.L.P. | til nou the drēm comes collected off the swurling waters of a lake (the kəˈlektiv ənˈkänSHəs əv mankind) but marily a rivər forms (also note that Glendalough sets ni(ə)r to the hedwaters of the Liffey) | do drops in a rivər know they not in a lake if ∀ll drops move in unisun all as 1 like a rafting floatilla? (member rivər = defined by its bangkst) > as we enter the stream of consciousness

> it biˈkəms môr about the overarching cycle > not the individuel stages > spin ± rinse ∀ll tous les mêmes > «And when them two has had a good few there isn't much more dirty clothes to publish» | à la fin nuthing evər ch-ch-changes (xcept to fēl cleansed) > souley the dirty weigh we pursieve the over-arking motion as a hole | as Campbell seys «The dream and the strange black book that celebrates it will have more to say the second time, inflecting more exquisitely and abundantly the timeless story of that slow combustion which ever consumes and sustains itself in the interior of the spinning atom, in the living world, and in the soul of man» | fin əˈgen to əden + atom > «a way a lone a last a loved a long the river//run ...» to begin əˈgen (wide a wake nou) the vicus psychle @ lang lost

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