443> granmatickly deconstructing Gotham w/ a verticul tie-in down Bdwy

sign of the times

2 Aug 2015 > continew us our accounting of hour finel month in Gotham dear Inurnet yessirday to bklyn for the small press flea in front of the libary that just happend to show in our last post now sat us below them letters next to our amici @ Black Sun Lit mongering books @ fleemarket prices priced for lisquidation but still didnot move as many as we wanted but as they sey it = more about networking + the xposure (fortunetly in the shade most of the day) + hey it = free thx to BOMB mag

book mongers


> [this] ≠ not a bookish report knot wat it sounds like [this] = informaticks streaming words we agreed on in avant mine-us punkuation (+ sine ya prevalent in our landguage but wut about a subtraction (–) operator? ± not ore) a sidaffect of our obsessif accounting tendincies (n)ever reveiling messuring input vs output filterd thru a scrambler steeps kreaming why cunstrain yurself to mo sany given charactors not naturel por exemplo puedes rearrange «Serape Fetus Guts» the press menshunned us last post that Uh A Josh Cone (not to confuse w/ J Kohn w/ a K pictured above) edited our opinion uv + now met us the man beneath the serape for the 1° time en vivo speaking of Cone we finished Nook of Bumbers but not much else to say gets better we spose forsake of own honing here sobre todo sentido como filling blank spaze w/ words tantos otros information streams to tap into a-lined mejor mas in tune w/ our thawt patturns currently in packing mode a chance to clean out the closet packed all of our Calamari stock into 9 bookmobile boxes far cry from the ~18 we shipped to brother Markus in Detroit back when we split town for Nairobi we took inventory even but will spare u the gorey details yeh not the 1° time we left dramatickly counting down the days NYC does that to u love hate quien sabe perhaps we back again bittersweet reflections revisiting our old favorites (yakitori totto) ± places meaning to go (Prune in the East villaj—a bit overrated) after the book thang stashed our remnants at Black Sun HQ went to Sodabar then tacos algun posto + sum other plaze our memory foggy by this pt to cont our rant bout what we wont miss did we menshun the shite attitude of those working in restraunts + bars? ppl aspiring to do other than that + it shows u reach the Big Apple so wat dont xpect doors to open every1 thinking they the 1s if not La Gran Manzana then they can becumb fig bish in small ponds of bedsty bushwick pushing furthur + furthur out but the subponds all get absorbed into 1 seething cesspool barely holding itself together perpetually under construction a bootstrapped cobbling a dated infrastructure not able to accomodate the growth cant fix the tunnels while trains running thru them cant fix pipes while we drinking from them ∀ll façades propped up by scaffolding in case they fall + fod gorbid hurt some1 my ass all a ploy by mafia ± whatever unions to create work en todos partes u look they ripping up roads the hole città 1 big zonstruction cone + certamente weave bitched b4 about living in such proximity to the rest of humanity the clog-wearing stompers above + the trombone players to the side constint reminders we rent only airspace ± b4 that all-nite bolleyvall players above smokers below walls so thin u hear farts but wat we havenot menshunned sides sounds + sites + beyond smells the accumulation of fairmoans living confined in such proximity as we run up 18 stories we kin smell each flor member us reading sumwhere a study on this w/ animols rats ± monkeys ± flies how a certin fairmoan gets released that we deteck + the more dents the more it accumulets + stews the air all around us full uv aggresshun even if u cannot see ± hear + the sound of horns + hackjammers only adds to the effect looking fwd to living in a self-contained casa not sharing air w/ 100s of other miserable ppl the smells all pumping thru the vents mixing together wont miss this 1 bit menshunning now only negativs (in part to sike ourself out make the move easier) but as our last month unfolds mite start more positive reflecting like ok cant beat finger-tip accessibility + our vu living this high up seeing the rain b4 it hits seeing the lightning in the distints the ridal tiver back + forth + the ships it carries the clouds the changes + of corse the peregrines cant cumplane + then those things both we miss + not miss @ the same time like the perverse poodle @ our dentist office that lumps our heg + apropro enuff the last book we (as Cal A Mari) edit from NY NY = The Gotham Grammarian not that we halve credentials never even took a granmar clase in our life purhaps in 3° grade but not sints we fall moss into the camp that rules made to then break but do u need to row the knules in 1° plaze just like good abstract painters can pull off realism if they need to actually finding oopsies in Lutz maybe not full-blown banan appeals but suggested correckshuns knot that we no the Δiffrence between rite ± rong but certin wordings in our gut feel funny + intresting to lurn the logick behind why weave cullectively agreed on such rules specially the way Lutz xplains it stay tuned hope to make it public in the coming months speaking of granmar started to read Of Grammatology by Jacques Derrida knot that it has much to do w/ granmar in the sense Lutz means Derrida focuses more on the Δifference tween speech + writing the derived trace + wat gets lost in the process of scribing havenot gotten that far into it plenty nuff to discuss purhaps next post

5 Aug > went flâneuring + as we walked decided we shd do sum vertical aves to tie togather the otherwise horizontal striations of our Maphattan Project ± also the perimeter to complete the picksure u git a diffrent perspective walking N-S stead of E-W the i-land longer than wide so making this up as we moved along our inturnal map pinged untravelling north up riverside than to Broadway the whole way up north thru Harlem/Hamilton Heights > Sugarhill > Washington Heights > down the gulley past Hudson Heights into Inwood (Jim Carroll turf) all the way to the tip across the drawbridge even set foot on Marble Hill in Da Bronx seeing new things ± @ a diffrent angul in a diffrent lite as u pass thru each block associative memories surfice moreso for our better-½ not just in current job but off + on the past 10 years up in Washington Heights looped back past Spuyten Duyvil thru Inwood Hill Park 1 of the more wild places on the i-land can actually imagine what Manhattan looked like b4 whitemen came saw the Shorakkopoch rock sposedly where the Dutch in kind traded Manhattan from the Lenape for the equivalent of 60 guilders ($24) past La Marina new paved path along the river virgin territory wept kalking almost to the George Washington Bridge just ahead purhaps a few football field lengths but the trail deadends what a shame cuz from there we know the trail continues all the way trackbacked to Dyckman then took the subweigh so technickly we missed the stretch along the perimeter tween the red lighthouse under the GWB to our pad but we run this all the time in fact rite now out the door to do it

homing point (0, 0) of our grid @ 125th + Bdwy


the both gothic + gotham Broadway temple



u = here (Inwood)


in Inwood


the Dyckman farmhouse witch again we unfortunately hit on a day it = closed


drawbridge to da Bronx


Marble Hill

6 Aug > in fact continued us north past the red lighthouse found the trail past a treefort homeless camp skirting the tracks til we hit the fence where we cood see donde deadended coming down from the north so at least vis-à-visually have us continuity to the thread if not geographically (psycho ± knot) on foot + if u wondering about the part on the map (below) north of 125th where we skipped bdwy cuz we didnot think til then to follow Broadway the whole way + sides we walk that stretch often in recent hystoria including just the other night stopping at sum bar forget the name all in all 11 miles

7 Aug > yesterday broke up the southern ½ in 2 pieces cuz ends up we had plans to eat @ Shun Lee (also overrated) aNYweigh on 65th + Bdwy so today took us the subway south to 66th headed south from there past midtown + Times Square (thankfully early so not so crowded) past Herald + Madison Squares the Flatiron + Union sq farmers market thru the village down to Soho south past Canal the charging bull to the tip looked back up the west side stopped for napolitzano pizza @ Kesté then back toward the river past the new Whitney that whole high line area now like Disneyland nowhere not crowded saturday afternoon so lots of runners + bikers along the river figured we cd take 10th ± 11th the whole weigh 1 big condonstruction zone detours thru sidewalk sheds in shadows of cranes along the scaffolded grid + tons of tourists still so up to 9th past the hellacious singularity (port authority) much as we cd muster hopped train @ Columbus circul another 8 + 13 miles or so in the last 3 days 31 miles + ran 6 + 6 miles so a totill uv 43 miles uv ground covered in 3 days

our Bdwy/westside traverse (over 3 days)

> + ∑um of wut we saw along broad way

MAD bldg @ Columbus circul
+ where we worked @ Comedy Central digital to the right 9th floor
(+ sad the Jon Stewart comes to an end)


+ putting up the Colbert marquis in place of Letterman


reflecting on the Empire State


requisite flatiron


reflecting thru the flatiron glass back @ Empire st


415 Bdwy


few remnants of street art remain


projected reflexions


swine-simian street art (west village)


port «authority» (just the name makes us bristle)

9 Aug > originully we thinking uv doing a similure walk along the eastside down Lex ± Bowery + back up the East River but just not fun walking in NYC anymore burned out ± if not yet want to keep ourself from burning keep good memories if not déjà soured 15 days + counting

 442 <( )> 444 > erasing x-rayed grammatologie in the traceless xxing of our finel Lex-iconic flâneur (souley to find it inadequit butt messasary)


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