449> a Seed fever in Asspen induiced by sinickle psycling to get high + knot breeding nun

11 Sept 2015 > last nite we deconstructed a gutar for parts so we cd make a primtiv 1-string instrument from the base string — surched a round for a cavety to amplify the stringy sound – settled on a mettle can emptied uv trash — a few hipsters watched saying «wat the fuck u doing? u destroyed a purfectly good gutar!» — in this dream we talked like a hick + mimicked that dueling banjo song from Deliverance — the hipsters got scared cuz they saw 2 rednecks within earshot + thawt they mite take it pursonally + beat us up – so they fled w/ tail between legs knot wanting to associate w/ the likes of us — but we staid + remaned in charactor like a hick humming + twanging our homemade washtubase cuntraption — the 2 hicknecks didnt deteck any irony — to the contrary they took an intrest – sed «cool» + gathered round to watch + we had to keep it up to knot blow our cover – til this cover became our engrained shtick —

13 Sept > @ Dulles airport – kind uv a pain to git to – lesson lurned – next time use Reagan ± BWI — last nite saw Dengue Fever – sonick melting pot uv intl muzick – Ethiopian jazzy pop w/ a Cambodian singer — bearded hippie dude plyed a 2-neck guitar – 1 uv them had 2-strings kind uv like in our dream above — good shit —

> reading Seed by Stanley Crawford while we wait — ritten frum the pov uv Bill Starr – a crabby ol grump about to die – feels a need to spread his seed + then Σum —

«Things are seeds. I wish to plant mine into the future, deliberately, though I am not yet clear as to the eventual intended result, if there can be one, intended, within the vast fields of contingency that lie out there, ahead.»

> knot literal seeds but his possessions + since Starr = childless he ritches out to his xtended famly (1x ± 2x removed) w/ cryptick ledders — Σum of these distint relations = curious ± greedy — but inevitably they end up disappointed — Starr leafs nuthing behind uv (monetary) value — cant help butt to read into it knowing Crawford as both a writer (we reissued the book he wrote in the yr we became born) + a garlick farmer — @ the end uv it ∀ll – even w/ the sucksess Crawford has achiefed — still feels a sense uv emptinest — Crawford turned to farming purhaps for this verry raison — @ least the end result uv 1s labors = tangibull – in his case knot just edibble food but 1 used to spice up dishes sum — enriching our lives both taste- + nutritionwise —

box uv garlic + shallots Crawford sent us last season
coinsidentally recvd as we pondered our own archival genealogy

> talking about a pending death + the gifting away uv your possessions (specially b4 u even die – sumthing our mother also = inclined to do as uv late) allways = an uncomfortable topick to talk about fo sure — the living relatives (in this case us readers that cant help but to let Bill Starr = Stanley Crawford) dont want to talk about it nun ± even eggnowledge that thems about to die — also blushingly discomforting reading the xplicit erotic parts as Crawford feels almoss like a father figure to us — inyway – glad to see him still cranking out books (2 last year!) — in this way his seeds keep a propageting — @ end uv the day = why we all write – rite? — to cope w/ our mortality — + now here we abide in Colorado – just a cross the border from where Crawford hisself lives on his farm in New Mexico —

Crawford's seed on the mantle uv our hotel (where will leaf it next to Hemingway for the next guest)

14 Sept | Aspen > woke up + hiked the Ute trail up to the top uv Ajax/Aspen ski mtn — elevation = 11212 ft + elev uv Aspen = 7890 so gainining 3300 ft uv elevation along the way — head already ached when we woke up even after drinking 2 liters uv H2O throughout the nite so considered this a sort uv acclimitazation day (knot that we = that high?) —

rising abuv Aspen on the Ute trail


a stand uv Aspen


vu from top uv Ajax mtn (Pyramid peak in the distints)

> the logickle thing most do @ this pt = take the gondola down frum the summit — but the gondola not = running + sides it only = 10am by this pt + we wanted to keep @ it (knot to menshun that gondolas = for pansies) — but no trails really to continue on – just sum road (Midnight Mine) running along the ridge tward Richmond hill — gunshots echoing thru the trees — hunters in camelflage a parking them trucks + preparing them bows for the hunt — sines on the trail warned uv bears – apparently a real problum this yr — but we = more concerned bout hunters + also the rednecks dogs — psycho unibomber + Hunter S. Thompson types living in these hills — again disturbed by ∀ll the NO TRESPASSING + KEEP OUT sines — sints where did ∀merikins become so obssessed w/ PRIVATE PROPERTY? — ∀ll this open wildness + u cant leave the road nun or u git shot ± attacked by gard dogs — then closer to Castle creek the houses git super swank — ∃nded up halving to slog along the rode + then the bikepath back to Aspen (guessing ~15 miles in all) —

redneck yard


bullet riddled car


more Aspen


coming down the other side uv the mtn


knot shone = ∀ll the KEEP OUT sines


xing Castle crick


mining ± agro-cultural equipmint


a wol back in town

15 Sept > fuckedup dreams lass nite — still headachey – conjested hed – sure the wine didnt help nun – mittle uv the nite felt feverish + achey all over — hot flashes fallowed bye cold chills — kept halving this same dream over + over – hard to ∃xplane — the feverish dream knot rilly bout inything n partickler + no vizuals ± sensory cues to go by – just a bout landgauge + the landgauge = a deconstructed landgauge @ that – wear every wurd negates itself ± = the opposit – but then again the cumulated negatives (an even # uv) canculled out to halve mas o menos the same meaning in fin — for xample «it = raining» = «it ≠ sunny» + by assaying «≠ sunny» rather than jus «raining» dont constrick the landgauge nun but leafs it open for other possibilitees — «defnitely we shd knot talk unlike this ending now» translates to «purhap we shd rite like this starting now» — hed hurts too mush to rap our head a round righting like this tho — in fack it = reining + the 4cast today = 100% reign pretty much the hole day — so here we write — arresting up in the room — wut we thawt = altitude sickness thinking now we just fighting a regular old cold — sinus hedache – ∀ll cungested — probly cot from that asshole coffing behind us on the plane here — member us the distinck momint in the nite the fever broke — our feet felt just like 2 balloons — «now i've got that feeling once again — i can't explain – u wd knot understand» —

way up to Independence pass (higher rez)

> wether sorta cleared up + felt us better after brekfast so rented us a bike — mossly for tamorrow but figured hey we got today just start riding twards Independence Pass see how far we git — nice to vary our exorcise from running + hiking + also nice to put all that stationary bike exorcise to good use u know @ 1st riding along a dirt trail east uv Aspen @ times a boredwalk over marshland until the trail petered out — the guy @ the bikestore (spitting image uv Spicolli w/ a bandaid stache) made it sound like there ∃xists a dedicated bike bath (from Ute rd) so wasted sum time arriding thru a campground + then sum housing development — b4 we said fuck it + just road on the road — knot much uv a sholder but knot so menny cars to fret about — funny thing = that ½ the cars had racks w/ bikes on the roof — them driving up to bike down? ± driving a car up to go mtn biking? — seems silly – to drive sumwhere to then go a biking — the whole day we saw only 1 other bipsychlist coming down the mtn – in full biker gear looking cold — we wore a T-shirt + pants which got soked thru (from both sweat + flurries uv sleety rain) but goin up didnt matter nun as it kept us cool —

riding up east uv Aspen


swimming hole in the Roaring Fork


remnints uv sum abandenned mining town


almost there looking back

> pretty strenuous ride strait up starting in Aspen at 7890 feet up to Independence Pass @ 12090 – so a 4200 ft elevation gain over the span uv 20 miles or so (+ the few miles we spent gitting lost) — ∀ll these biker types on top – knot bipsychle bikers but chopper-bikers — redneck yuppies w/ Harleys acting badass like them Hells Angels — ppl walking the 100 ft trail to the vista complaining about the cold + being out uv breath — far as we concerned we = the only 1 that deserved to stand there taking in the vu + wut knot — continued us along Σum trail that skirted the rim a ways from the vista just to git away from the annoying gas-wasting tourists — a pondering the meaning (in the name uv our West of Kingdom Come) uv the continental divide — the dividing line tween east + west whereby rivers on either side flow ether weigh —

our food + H20 powered wheels


panorama looking further east from the pass (a distint La Plata peak)(higher rez)

> normly the payoff for psychling up 4200 ft = 1 helluva joyride goin down — but cold sleet + rain stinging our face + having to watch out for motorized vehicles made it not mush fun — even w/ gloves + a cupple uv layers + windbreaker still froze our ass off as u kin imagin — white knuckling it – straining to squint thru wind-induiced tears to see blips in tarmac ± other obstickles — best part tho = that we had a hottub weighting for us in our hotel – ahhhhhh — then went to a presuntation @ the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (conjuring that scene from Dumb + Dumber where they go to the benefit for the snow owl) — 1 uv our better-½'s colleagues lecksuring about climate change + agroculture — why our better–½ = here in Aspen to begin with (+ as always we tag along for the ride) — sum meeting w/ Aspen Institute for Global Change — trine to figure out wut to do – mitigate ± adapt — u bet we fairly sinickle on the subject – knot that we like Republikins (debating that nite on TV) w/ our heds up our ass denying everything – but knot much we can do @ this jct — may as well kiss our asses adios — only thing that can staunch the bleeding = if ppl stop fucking breeding — but birth controll = the elefant in the room — ∀ll these donkeyed sighingtists trine to figure out how to agrow moss food when a better idea = to halve less mouths to feed in the 1° place + less ppl + cows farting + burning fossil fuels — dont feel us sad nun for humanity but sad for ∀ll the other animuls sides us — on this note – Cal Mari bean a thinking lately uv halving a book prize for marginullized writers/artists — knot just marginulized in the typickle cents but wut about atheists? (hats off to Arian Foster) + added to this list weed include them who choose not to bring more rugrats into this already supersaturated whorld — inspired both by reading Crawford's Seed + also ∀ll this healthy debate on «global change» — childless ppl on this planit = true sacrificial lambs — inyway – stay tuned for more on this book prize — to finish this hystory we went to sum steakhouse after – feeling sinicycle like we deserve kobe beef (sints we got no kids) but chickend out + ate a trout in stead —

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