457> mine us a lexicon from '70s comet tailings 2 commit indescent xposure till th bucket itself kicks (reading Mailer et al)

Rem peaking form th chilehood ark

dear Inurnet > cuntinew us (form where we (undersined as Rem+Rom go'ng fwd till udderwise specifyd) left off chronickling 1849—1960) 2 ahem throatclear our arkhivel biopsychogeneography (t' stick automatic) herd here on 5cense uploding our hole doggone life 4 th bloody whorld t' sea (dat axpress us t' make publick innyhow) as she pasts rite b4 our flickring eyes from a fewchure knot yet liffid 2 th slipree here + now but also th past déjà vued ketching up arriba t' questing tempo wherein we keep stet journel online @sea ∀ll a hurling tward a juggernautickle hurrycane hobocamp ya felt com txt + spittin image warshd up on Σum bitch near th boush of th Columbia where she encounters th C+

> + also post us such dirty-laundry stuffed duffel akey 2 develip our ahem lexicon + git in t' charactor fo what we heave-ho in progresso (A Raft Manifest) wich taps in t' stet tempo of dem develipmental yrs spann'ng infantsy rite up t' (but knot inklooting) adollessence form ages 0-12 (tho leaguely infantsy cuntinews t' 18) up t' th ripe ol edad de nuestro héroe Huck Finn th shinyng dogstar in th southern sky who guides our weigh + whose author Mark Twain jusso happens 2 celebrate his b'day t' day (30 November 2015) shucks jus think spose he liffed till t'day heed a counted 180 candles on dat dam cake born @sea in th year 1835 when Halleys comet blazed a past leafing him in du dust + then by + by (after Σum raft wriding) he b'came fishfood in th year she next whizzd by (1910) @ her britest perigee by his self-fuelfilling profitsea (+ nary by sewerside but naturel cauzes) dicebat Twain—«It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet.» shirley he RIPs + Clemens alsew 1x quippd «Ideally a book would have no order to it, and the reader would have to discover his own.» funny fo him t' dice this as Huck Finn ends up ornery aye but quiet th orderly chile in his adventuring perro stet notion uv order b'comes by + by what we grapool w/ most @ th momint halve us plenty nuff content we jus have t' figure out what order t' commit 2 (w/ no rolling backwoods upstream) witch in our noggin (in th current case of A Raft Manifest) b'comes chronologick b'ginning w/ 0

> we dint come born form no comet tale nor did we even aks for no birthrites to b'gin but we did come a kicking + screaming w/ a meatier shower (Leonids) dat a peakd on our cumpleaños 22-11-66 (numerologickly anudder reazon 2 mbrace th # 12) cauzed inturn by th dusty flyby uv comet Tempel-Tuttle in 1899 !took 67 years t' a'rive form arriba riva! > wheel spare u bay'b fotos cuz ∀ll bay'bees = grotesk butt in loo akey hay ∀ll th news fit t' print on 22 Nov 1966:

> dat = Mitt Romney's fodder George (governor a Michigan + did u know he came born in Mexico?) on th front wielding a golf club dat Rockerfeller inspects en Puerto Rico + th headline b'low her reads : «Negro Taken Dead From Alabama Jail; 3 Report Beating» ... seems nada much hass changed in 49 yrs ... «A 27-year-old Negro who, acquaintances said, had talked back to a white deputy sheriff and had refused to submit to arrest for drunkenness was taken dead from a jail cell here early yesterday. Three young negroes who were with the man said the deputy had beaten the man severly before taking him to jail. The undertaker who took the body from the jail siad it had been covered with blood and that the skull had been fractured. The dead man was James Earl Motley, an unmarried laborer who was known to his friends as Bronco. The Elmore County deputy, Harvey Connor, had no comment.» accordiong to Fighting the Devil in Dixie th deputy got off scot-free (unlike Dred o Bronco may he RIP) > + akey comes th issue of Life fo dat week:

> th whole isshoe dedicated t' JFK (who got kilt xactly 3 yrs b4 we came kicking + screaming outta th canal) w/ frame x frame analysis of th shooting > we own in our possession a copy of National Geographic form Nov 1966 but it aint worth posting akey suffice d'say que hay a pic uv a tropickle fish on th cover > nun a this gots nada t' due w/ A Raft Manifest o whatnot just pudding hystorical perspektiv 4 our own sake in stet backwoods mining uv our own memarys form stet time not nary form'd propre as «reliable» + we coont trust shit our padres sed as they pitt'd 1 contra th udder in a custodial game of he-said/she-said but best as we kin figure we came born 11-22-66 in Portland Oregone but rite after our umbilickle noose got cut our mudder kidnapt us t' Mexico + died our hairs even t' disguyse us from bounty hunters grepping th SE BUSCA posters dat d'scribed th victims as 4 gringos rubios so 4 non blondes b'came us in cognito en Mazitland a mustering t' make ¢ense of stet noveau surroundings (wich evidently we did by mongering chiclet in th streets)

yo trusty author Rem @ age 2 (still in b-day suit) ya engaged in landgauge

> just a few doggone days ago outta th blue + unprompt'd (we dint tell her nada bout stet raft manifesto o dat we a thinking bout mexico) she aks if we member th Mazitland dayz «do you remember looking down -from our apartment -- and seeing dump trucks full of turtles -- that were all on their backs?» wich we admit we dont recall nohow in spacifick but now we do Rem'ember cum memary implant how most of our 'mpressions form age 0-3 come triggerd from fotos ± heresay we a herd dat drop us th ∀ form t b'cumb heresy

th runt Rem in pigtails @ age 3 jerking his monkey in publick (evidently he had a thing fo publick nudity as he never seems 2 wear clothes in urly fotos)

> we parlay of our Rem-½ in exposé when shamefully posting our spittin image above but dats our cool brother-½ Rom leaning on th window sill b'hind Rem in th red shirt who we referrd 2 b4 as Chaulky when riting 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' > he th elder 1 by 1½ years th 1 pictured in full glorey wielding a ukelele on pgs 132-3 of "SSEY':

[ROM as Mariachi on pg 132 of "SSEY']


> typickly we muster not t' inklewd fotos of liffing + breathing peepole akey on 5¢ ± in our fictitious works (coinsidental ± not t' inny uncanny reassemblance) sides our mutt brudder-½ Rom cuz doggone it he dyed + ourself as runt Rem off corse @ th risk a killing a parte of mí mismo in th prawsess of posting these > refrain us form posting pics of udder liffing relations ± frends tho in good standing w/ sociedad knot even our mudder + udder 2 still-living brudders who nary appear akey o yet in our art sol our ya ded brudder Rom + spose our fodder proves fair game sints he long bin dwelling in Davy Jones' locker:

our fodder (foto taken presumably b4 we born)


our pilot fodder

> our granmar (what we call ∀ll collective grandparents) ∀llso = fishfood but granmar Cal like us dint dig halving his foto taken so most ∀ll th fotos u see a him he flips th bird @ th camera + as a consequents copies of stet fotos never made it into our hands but akey = 1 we posted b'fore:

granmar Cal + Rem (naykid of corse) + Rom (a.k.a. Chaulky)

> + akey hay a candid 1 of Rem mowing maize wich (judging by th dozens a fotos) appears we ate a shitlode of (in fact still finding corn in our poop as we speak):

> we ya posted a shot a Rem wriding fro a donkey in th streets a Mexico round this tempo pero akey = Rom tombien gitting in on th acción:

> la niña a su lado = la misma que sta a su lado en cama como we rolld then sleeping playng como we adultos:

Rem+Rom dubble-dating

> Animals of ∀ll kinds seem t' appear in our fotos as if we came razed in a barn com th 1s we post'd last year w/ our woolf-dog wich re-post akey t help xplain how come we claim we got razed by a she-woolf cum Romulus + Remulus

Rem (age 5) + th Woolf


Rem @ lake chapala (develipping his penchant 4 arks not t' menshun dope fashun sense)

> sides these fotos + hearsay our memarys from stet times came auto-atomickly Δisintegrating in Δisecrete chunks dat by + by resolved sea mismos gradually finer + moss fino as we grue older into chingaderas (cosas we not yet kumtux th words 4) + k graphickly we represent'd (tward th b'ginning of A Raft Manifest) fractickly com saw:

> if we doodled inny when we era kids (< 10 in age) nether parent kept 'em so we got no record t' show 4 her nohow 2 keep fur prosperity sake > th 1° chingadera we got proof of in our own wriding dat we publicked in our 10° revelootion round el sol beecombs a 1° book Rem compiled t' gift t' our mudder dat we called «My Treasury of Poetry»


> moss o menos a year ago we posted unas poemas from stet book (+ also a foto a Rom dressed cum bunny) like 1 dat a goes: «Hop out of my way / Mister frog, and allow me / to swim in the lake» wich (b4 we renounced poetry) we sined «poet Derek White» + akey we inkloot a few more form stet collectión:


> sides this Treasury of Poetry th sol duffel dat remains = letters Rem wrode 2 granmar copies a wich got return'd 2 us once dey kickd bucket > akey = a smattring (knot dat they exemplify as proof our newfound bad spelling + granmar as back then they (mostly our step-mudder) musterd hard t' sivilize us in fact we placed 3° in th Oregone state spilling bee 3 years in a roe):

(P.P.S. Rem still cant think of nada 2 write!)



> + hay letras tombien pen'd by Rom dat we inklooted ya en 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY':

pg 139 of "SSEY'


pg 142


+ this letter Rem typed in tandumb on th same page w/ Rom


> ages 0-5 we got kidnapt back + froth tween Mexico + Oregone (w/ summers in California) but by age 5 we settled FT in Beavertown liffing w/ our fodder till circa 1979 when we shiftd (legitly) back 2 Mexico (Axixic + Godalajara) but these post-1980 years in Oregone wheel cover in a distink fewchure post > 4 now Σum lasting impressions form th 70s:

Rem in Yosemite


Rem rides moto-X


Rem @ th base of Mt Hood (Σum a u may recognize us dreamachined (ala Gysin/Burroughs) in The History of Luminous Motion cover)


Rem + Rom in Zig Zag village


Rem diving into Lake Tahoe


Rem (starboard) +Rom (port) paddling a raft on th truckee rivir w/ th woolf + our mudder in th stern + a fewchure oscar-winning director in th bow

> + few letters form 1979:


[we suspeck this = 1980 not 1979]

> stet idiotic idiom we develipping akey en parte comes as extension of th Chinook-infused jargon we used in The Becoming (th prequel 2 A Raft Manifest) + steampunk machene code but in addition as we float sur of th border we juggernautickly pick up pedazos de spañol (akey = an urly pedazo jus publick'd in th finel issue of Alice Blue 4 x-ample (tho sints they aksd fo this th vernacular ha cambiado mucho)) > + of corso we inspired in part by Huckleberry Finn + Finnegans Wake (both a wich cuntinew us 2 reread) > we resently red The Boy in His Winter by Norman Lock wich also takes after Huck Finn tho not so much th landguage (according to Lock Huck's manner a speaking has since «smoothed out like a wrinkled pair of pants after the hot iron has done its work») so much as a continuation of th story (xtending into th present day + b'yond up to 2077!) following Huck mostly [SPOILER ALERT] as Tom dies + Jim gits lynch'd ½-way thru sad but probly realistick + Lock nods 2 Twain's birthrite x3: «I agree that a wishbone is meager evidence for one who claims to have seen Halley's comet for the first time in 1835 and three times since!»

> in his «Rivers» story in Vice John Keene (whose Annotations we resently red) also builds on th Huck Finn saga tho frum th P.O.V. of a matured Jim who enilsts in th sivil war (haha just realized th irony of calling it th «civil war» when Huck's pet peeve = how miss Watson + sociedad in generule musters t' sivilize him) > Jim runs into them now in them 20s + acting cocksure cum frat boys tho Huck still sympathetic w/ a good heart d'spite sociedads influenzes + Tom b'comes even mo of a redneck > reckon Keene (or New Directions who publickd th book Counternarratives from wich this comes) dint fact-check th work tho cuz Jim says «[Huck] brought back in a quick flood of feelings those years with the Widow Watson» but we aint so sure Miss Watson = a widow? her sister widow Douglas fo sure but did Miss Watson ever git hitch'd? unless Keene takes creative liberties 2 combine them 2 sisters as 1 + th same (understandable) + btw Jim changes his nem 2 Jim Rivers ounce he gits freed but innyway she proves a good yarn in th end th plights of Jim + Huck come circling round sceen eye t' eye but we wont spoil it 4 u suffice t' say Keene nails it by saying th forces Jim deals w/ = «burnt, determined, hard and thinking only of their own disappearing universe» a reality we must ever reckon with till th bucket itself kicks

> we also cuntinew t' hone (in addition 2 The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth + A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess wich discuss'd us akey) our raft lexicon by reading other works in ½-invent'd ± udderwise alterd direlects > in contrast t' Kingsnorth's «shadow tongue» frum a millenium ago th jargon Russell Hoban uses in Riddley Walker comes form th fewchure after sociedad (agin in England or «Inland» as he calls it) annihilates itself + cum Humpty th scraggly remnants halve t' recobble their landgauge back togather agin all backwoodass but we scarcely startd the book so dont halve much t say about it yet

> on th weigh back form Gotham we red McGlue by Otessa Moshfegh (who appeard in Sleepingfish b4 she hit th big time) > knot sho we dug it much in retrospeck may'b shd a startd w/ her newer Eileen but when we revisit'd NYC we dint have no books (sides a duffel full of unsold Calamari) t' read on th plane back + we spottd McGlue reckoning it seemd an intresting enuff high seas yarn to wile th time + dat she did then she got us t' pondring how we shd heave mo pirate parlay int' our Raft Manifest pidginglish (knot dat we a gunna start swaggering round hollering ¡yar! + ¡shiver me timbers!) + knot dat McGlue nessysorrily dose idiom-wise as Moshfegh seams t' hold her tung in highest regaurd nary a toy t' fuck wit but McGlue fo sho comes a viscerating plenty nuff t' make u sick in sinpathy w/ th reckless trainwreck of a hooch-swilling protagomess (McGlue) not t' menshun plenty t' offend (far form politickly currect) see Moshfegh's stick comes about goin lo-brow t' shoot high way up in th' crows nest + inspire us she did @ least t' read Eileen (once it hits paperback)

> McGlue also got us t' pondering bout Mr Magoo ... any1 ole enuff t' member him? dat ½-blind ol' fuck in denile of his failing eyesite a sorta '60-70s era Quixote actually a prime xample of a sorta buddha reaching th highest state of unconchus imcompetents (whereas now in Raft Manifest we stuck in phase 2 where we conchus of our incompetents) so d'spite our failing eyesite in resent years weave acheaved nowear near th level of guru Magoo

> sides ∀ll this weave bin embroild in Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song call us a glutton fo punishment but we admit we glamm'd by th Gary Gilmore story not sho why as normly we not so keen on murder + vice + whatnot but th Gilmore story proofs int arresting here u have this dipshit (form Portland Oregon like us as if Gilmore cooda bin our fodder + th book takes place in th 70s fitting our theme akey in stet post) actually not as dumb as he seems (high «IQ» by society's standard) but sociopathic + cold-blood'd fo sho + fooly cogizant of what he dun + willing t' die fo it but they woont make or even let him walk no plank @ 1° only gose t' show how fuckt our «corrections» + justice sistems halve beecomb ... this letter from Gilmore pretty much sums it up:

«Dont the people of Utah have the courage of their convictions? You sentence a man to die—me—and when I accept this most extreme punishment with grace and dignity, you, the people of Utah want to back down and argue with me about it. You're silly.»

> The Executioner's Song = monster of a book tho (1000+) not sho Mailer needid t' relay it in so menny fuckin words > ½-way thru we watch'd th movie (starting Tommy Lee Jones + 1 a them Arquette sisters git them confused witch) thinking it mite get us off th hook to reading th rest it but th movie proves pathetic + nary what we had in our mind of how Gilmore actd th story haphazard spliced together missing key elemints > purhaps 1000+ pgs = nessysorry t' tell this story good + proper (so far we on pg 600) but Mailer just gifs ∀ll th bloody details (inklooting court transcripts + letters) + lets u deside fo yo self sum of it got nada much t' do w/ th main story but Σum a th side stories reveal th fuckt underbelly of Amerika like now we on th interview w/ (Gilmore's girlfriend) Nicole's roommate Kathy Maynard like Nicole got knockd up age 16 rugrats running around while they halve wanton sex + drugs (how they rolld in th 70s) ... th time + place we spawnd form) her husband of 3 months stabbd hisself rite in front a her + dont think much of it + talk about a dubble-sewerside or it aint love story u got Gary + Nicole tho faild on both counts @ least they tryed tho fuckt how he manipulated her + fuckt dat sheed do dat w/ her rugrats running around t' find her but spose desperate times call 4 desperate measures + u cant judge til u walkd in dem shoes @ th end of it ∀ll Gimore b'leaved in reincarnation + dat even if Gary Gilmore = a bad apple his death cd serve as an xample curtainly beats a life in prison on ∀ll accounts

> we bloggd b4 in post #374 (+ b4 dat agin in post #333) about Gary Gilmore + comets + our brudder Chaulky (Rom) + ∀ll th inter-connections ending w/ «Just do it» (a brand inventid in th 70s in our Oregonian hometown) but we dint menshun then how Mark Twain went out w/ a banging comet cum our brudder who OD'd @ th peak of Hale-Bopp in '97 trumping th Heavan's gate cult who collectively comet'd sewerside a week earlier b4 Hale-Bopp reachd her britest pt > Gilmore's 3° lawyer (after he fired th 1° appointd 1s) Dennis Boaz (quite an exsentrick fuck-the-system hippy-vigilante) alsew noted th serendipitous connexions tween shit talks about how he turnd on th radio + on came «dont fear th reaper» by BOC ... «My god, you could go crazy getting off on synchronism, thought Dennis, feeling the great linking-in of all the little things. It was awful. The mind could undulate like a jellyfish.» presumably Mailer comes licensed t' say what peepole think cuz he interviewd them + they sed they a thawt dat? (tho Capote claims he dint) then agin th book gits filed under fiction (or a «true life novel» @ best) unlike Capote's In Cold Blood wich gits filed under non-fiction > inny how purhaps wheel parlay moss about it (+ Riddley Walker) in th next post once we finish them

[... chronlogically, our retroactive journaling continues into the 1980s in post #536]

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