464> digging out afrozen rêve 2 presipitate accumulation cum vestigial folktail

24 Jan > volvimos de Mexico + winter hit us w/ a vengence as if 2 make up 4 a balmy dicember tho of corse never lives up 2 th media hype sints when does every weather event = a spectacle? this «stormzilla» Jonas did pack Σum stayng powr tho + came close 2 dumping 2+ ft akey in DC = waht she lookd like form our P.O.V.>

timelapse uv Jonas out our window


next door naybores




libary of congriss



where dey make th rules


vu out our window (sints cold downstairs weve sints moved office upstairs)


side uv our current digs


Folger Shakespeare libary (note only tops of letters peaking up frum snow)






museum of Native Amerikins


topography of drifts


th mall



Vietnam memoryal




th reflexion pool


th Potomac frozen over


geese over th Potomac


a blazed trail


still standing in th soup line


FDR + his dog


th geese seemd purticklerly agitated sints ∀ll th water = frozen


Jefferson memoryal


th monument








museum uv Native Amerikins



sine 4 naturel hystery


back home thawing out

> bin reading Favorite Folktales from around the World (edit'd by Jane Yolen) just cuz we like the idea uv «folk» tales + songs not written in purtickler by any1 but by a collective whole amazing how commun themes reoccur cross cultures of corse th arketypickle hero-myths but also tricksters + fools + shapeshifters (specielly ½-human/½-animal) relayte us moss 2 Afrikin + Nativ Amerikin 1s of European 1s relate us most 2 th Irish

> we also bin reading Dreams by C.G. Jung not sure we like it as much as his Man + his Symbols but still dope stuff + stimulates us 2 member our own dreams so far this munth loggd ~10 dreams almost as mulch as ∀ll uv 2015 most uv our dreams lately seem 2 deal w/ absurd dysfuckshunalities like this guy (James Franco-ish) driving sum car w/ this ridiculous cholo-chain/ape-hanger steering wheel that swiveled all over almost hitting us in th face (we rode shotgun) in anudder we squat'd in a sorta communel bording house w/ no utilitys + th authoritys told us 2 leave but we dint feel reddy + dint seem fair so we convinced sum udder squatters 2 hide w/ us sints plenty uv unused space + they woont notice nohow xcept we worryd having even a backpack wd give our ∃xistence aweigh > th next nite we hung w/ [a semi-famous writer/friend] who thawt hisself a professional rock climer tho he suckd + he actid hot shit in sum climing gym teaching class in front of every1 he aks'd if we cd climb a 5.13 + we sed probly so he told us 2 prove it + we sed we dint need 2 prove nada + b'sides we dint clime indoors in gyms so then he aks'd «then why u here?» + we sed good pt + left + then we on this 5.13 clime up on sum mounden (felt like New Hampsure) «simulating» th moves as if practicing 4 sumthing else but th t'rrain = flat + th clime totelly cuntrived we had 2 cuntort our bwody in all these weird convoloot'd positshuns mar cum a traversing buldering problum then a clime then we noticed a window + th route wound up a manmade castle wall we checkd th gidebook + sure enuff we in th rite place in a grainy b+w photo in th book all these ppl + students + b'ginners + gear everywhere hiyh on top of a mtn but all these castley bldgs built int' th rock then we needid 2 go 2 th bathroom but we now in India + dint want 2 offend no 1 peeing in publick + come off as culturelly insensitiv (hardly a «natural» spot 2 pee) aft'r walking around a wile we finely found a desginated «restroom» u had 2 wait in line til they let u thru these convoluted gates kinda like th 1s 2 exit subways (in NYC) but controlled by sum operator we saw a gate open so duckd int' a holding area ends up we snuck in th ∃xit barely making it we dint mean 2 sneak in but dint understand how ∀ll this workd + seem'd unmessysorrily complickated then we got inside a big bathroom complex + mar ppl stood in lines but they needid 2 shit + we just needid 2 pee it all seemd absurd a lot a trubble just 2 piss finely we found sum weird urinals all makeshift each diffrent + these street kids wd have 2 r'move a dish every time + put in anudder full a blue lickwid that smelld of curry + they dumpd th used dishes int' a gutter where an untouchable w/ leprosy wd shovel it along w/ his bare hand-stubs th kids of corse aks'd 4 money (25 rupees) so we dug around in our pockits tryng 2 piece t'gether th rite combination of change frum these huge plastick coins w/ weird markings on them + wile we did this sumbody step'd in front of us + used th urinal prepared for us! so we paid 4 th next + stared @ th leper's weirdly degenerating limbs wile we waitd agin + thawt about th deeper meaning of «untouchables» + how fuckd th caste system but he seemd happy + we dint want 2 judge + we also pondured how stupid + unsanitary this whole «bathroom» but dint want 2 say nothing + judge their culture as th attendants all seemd absorbed in th ritual of it ∀ll as we spaced out zoning out @ th untouchable's limbs some1 went in front of us agin then some1 we knew calld over 2 us + sed they leaving town th next day + that we shd git together bragged about hw they got xcepted to sum prestigious university we forget th name of + they showd us th xceptance letter hand-scribbled on ruled paper like a childrens drawing + we just noddid as we dint want 2 question ± judge + ruin th moment 4 him + we just wantd 2 take a piss! so we went back worryd weed halve 2 pay a'gin but they recognized us + sed we = next that they prepared th urinal w/ this weird curry-smelling stu 1 kid ran outta something + left + anudder took th dish he preparing + went int' a stall 2 presumably use it hisself! a civilian (Indian) also stood around waiting + we shrugd sholders + shook our noggin @ th absurdity of it all «we bin waiting here 15 minutes just 2 take a piss + now he gose + th urinal he prepares 4 us he uses 4 hisself?!» th udder guy agreed + sed «crazy» shaking his noggin th way Indians do sort of just numb 2 it we announced we just going 2 pee on th wall + he sed he dint blame us 1 bit + we rantid on plenty loud so th kid cd hear us that we paid 4 this + wait'd long enuff + th absurdity of it 4 just a simpull naturel thing? + then we went + peed on this weird janky fiberglass wall (wich of corse woke us up 2 pee IRL) + in yet anudder dream we = an economist studying th street supply chain wich we observed thru a hole + noticed it got 2 th point that marijuana = cheaper than say sex so that vendors used joints as promotional add-ons like «buy 1 blowjob + get 1 free joint» udderwise they worth nada on their own

> ∀ll these nocturnal absurd dysfuckshunalities purhaps stemming form frustrations IRL like they deliverd th comps for Beastlife 2 th rong address (back in NYC) th 2° time they pulld this stunt on us + we tryd 2 cancel our phone but our service (ATT) so bad we coont git reception 2 call 2 cancel finelly did it using anudder phone (so dont bother calling our old 917 # now we got a Baldimore # hit us up if u want) + then we tryd 2 txt some1 on our new phone + we txted ourself haha dont know how these notsosmartphones work + also we tryd 2 print something + it sed «pipe broken» in actuality she so cold we got 2 leave our faucets dripping all nite but dint think it affectid printers or waht pipes a printer uses ± we tryd 2 order a snow shovel but they woont deliver cuz our sidewalk not clear but we needid th shovel 2 clear it these sort of headscratching self-refrencing contigencies th kind a duffel predominates our dreams + life but also our wriding as we cuntinew wriding A Raft Manifest (in Huck FInnegans wake) up to pg 37

 463 <( )> 465 > disecrete dreambotes riding bout riding about nada past evening shades uv gray


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