470> th MOOing onto-cartography uv Queensboro as a liebury uv machene assembridges

3 Mar 2016 | NYC > last nite we soundid ova + ova th hollowgraphic img uv 4 squares that kept xpanding + bifurcating (vizuelly like th abuv) + b'layd 2 this came th idea of «squaring» sumping like X2 wich here we need 2 int.erupt our thawt process 2 add th <sup> tags followd by </sup> hope Dreamweaver dont git cunfused nun cuz we quoting tags themselfs in txt hay mo 2 her (th dream) but we dint half nutting 2 rite her down w/ no pen nor notepad + not only do they put th dam book of moron in the bedside table drawr but this moronic (on Latter Saints Day) Marriot hotel on 57th + Lex blocks our calamaripress.com site (+ hence our email) we kin axess her hacking othr wifi signuls ± on our dumbphone but not thru th hotel wifi aftr an hour on th phone going up th chain 2 IT specialists @ HQ they verifyd th issue (that only Marriot servers block us) but had no xplanation as 2 why say we aint on no blacklist o ∑umping o th perils of halfing yore own server in Bulgaria ± HK o whereva + a fishy URL aftr we sed we wantid this all in riting waht them verifyd + that we dint care cuz we cd always hack udder wifi but mo about th principul of her just wantid 2 know if they had a policy of blocking spacific sites + why + lo + b'hold a few hrs later our site starts working again only a madder of time b4 u dear Inurnet git comprised soley of payng commercial sites + walld garden «social media» + th rest of us «little» guys (2 use Drumpf's term) git relegated 2 th dark recesses uv Inurnet + we cool w/ that aint 2 proud 2 admit 2 our small'r than avg manos

4 Mar> as we speak our better ½ eats brekfast w/ Bloomberg as we sed b4 we hope he throws his hat in yesterday we walk'd across th Queensboro bridge weave run across b4 but never flâneur'd w/ camraw in hand also felt we needid 2 link our Maphattan psychogeography form when we extendid her 2 Queens



Rosevelt i-land


baseball + powerplants what more u need?





empire st + chrysler dwarf'd by 1 of them new condo monstrosities
(+UN far left)






> on th train now reading Onto-cartography: An Ontology of Machines and Media by Levi Bryant in a nutshell he breaks everything down 2 machines + media + Onto-cartography = th mapping in between in his words:

"Onto-cartography"—from "onto" meaning "thing" and "cartography" meaning "map"—is my name for a map of relations between machines that analyzes how these assemblages organize the movement, development, and becoming other machines in a world. In other words, onto-cartography attempts to account for why power functions as it does, why forms of social organization persist as they do and are resistant to change, why societies simply don't disintegrate as a result of entropy, and to devise strategies for changing oppressive social systems. The thesis of Onto-Cartography is that social relations or ecologies take the form they take due to the gravity—my term for "power"—physical and discursive machines exercise on elements that inhabit assemblages, worlds, or ecologies.

> not that he accomplishes ∀ll this (tho we aint finish'd) but A fer effort + certinly presents lots of food 4 thawt + an intresting weigh of looking @ things but @ heart he = a bonafide philosofer (went 2 scool 4 it + shit) + feels a need to argue his case or say udder theories = «wrong» philosofee stuck in no-mans land between fact + fiction b'tween sighence + art xcept 4 th likes of Deleuze (who Bryant cut his teeth on) who weed classify as art ± hybrid literature udderwise we (sighingtists @ heart) feel funny stuck in stet space what we discoverd as a physics student deciding 2 minor in philosophy found her way 2 vague + opinionated purhaps why we turn'd 2 literature + art innyway not that we dint get nothing out of Onto-Cartography 2 th contrary we just adding that caveat that we add w/ most ∀ll such philosofee books that we read cant seem 2 git out of th blackhole of there own belly buttons specielly intarresting in this day + age w/ th prospecks of a Drumpf-run cuntree in th hights of oppressive capitalism + media fuel'd by social networks he not only talks about us as machines but assemblages + our «being is an ensemble or assemblage of machines» witch furthr justifys our avoidance of th to b-word xcept when in th process of beecombing udderwise by not saying th b-word we remain uncollapsed + uncorrupt'd as Bryant himself sez: «Whenever we substantialize "world," treating it as a thing rather than a fuzzy process, we miss the being of world.»

fuzzy vu uv th Chrysler bldg


leaving gotham


> Bryant develips his machine-oriented ontology (MOO ... in contrast to OOO (Objet Oriented Ontology witch also he coin'd) in a post-human context (see also our How We Became Posthuman post wich also talks about Δiffrence anudder topic dear 2 Bryant) + if he sez th medium = th message (that design arises out of necessity not by designers) then this also bolsters our argument against authorship that authors = merely a medium + th text arises out of nessycity Σumping that just needs 2 git sed dont matter who sez her + waht Bryant neglecks 2 menshun in ∀ll his x-amples uv machines w/ no purpoise not 4 th sake of innything = that biological b-ings do have an intrinsic purpoise wether we like her or not that led 2 our beecombing + that = an inherent will 2 survive > evilootion hinges upon this what makes animals Δiffrent than rigid machines ¿but Bryant talks about an init-cap'd «God» + refrences going 2 church so purhaps he dont b'leave in evilotion? wich seems funny 4 a philosofer ± inny thinker that wants 2 git taken seriously



> also intresting 2 read Onto-Cartography on th way to/from NYC th mudder uv all machine-cities in terms of efficiency + nonstop interconnectivity never ceases 2 amaze us how food makes it 2 plates + electricity 2 compewters + packages + peephole 2 th their rispective destynations basickly how shit just gits done + cuntinews 2 do so rain o shine specially cumpared 2 a far less efficient city like DC that gits crippled by a few inches of snow Bryant has an intresting way of thinking of assemblages of cuppled machines (including citys) as ecologies + how 2 remoove «turnstiles» that inhibit flow


> reading Onto-Cartography (in pertickler th parts about capitalism + Marxism) also reinforzes our manifesto + how we need 2 think of book objets as incorporeal machines w/ no intrinsic economic value in order 2 preserve them form th corrupt commodification of capitalism where «incorporeal machines [in contrast t' corporeal] are defined by their iterability, potential eternity, and the capacity to manifest themselves in a variety of different spatial and temporal locations at once while retaining their identity.» Onto-Cartography also has sub-cautionary tails about machines such as th all-mighty google + how we think we have th world @ our fingertips when we type in a search $tring but we must remember that «When we conduct an online search we have the impression that we are choosing which links to follow when they appear on our browser. And indeed, in part, we are. What we have not chosen, however, are the choices themselves.» 4 example doubtful u came across this pg thru google cuz we dont conform 2 them standurds tho this pg = information like inny udder pg no better o worse ∀ll = = in an ideal whorld all pgs shd git «rank'd» th same + th user shd git 2 d'side based on waht spacific $trings of infurmation they looking 4 how searchingenes ∃xist'd in th beginning b4 caving int' th intrests of capitalism + monetization same ol story

> 1 last take-away from Onto-Cartography relevant 2 current affairs 4 xample why inny 1 in his/her rite mind wd vote 4 Drumpf ± mindlessly accept ∀ll th annoyances of modern society (like th zombees bumping int' u cuz they cant take their eyes off the facebook pgs on their dumbphones) = this notion of fatigue (not that Bryant = 1° t' think it but he reminds us that): «The person beset by fatigue "tolerates" the oppressive social conditions they do, not because they believe in a code underlying social relations, not because they are duped by an ideology, but because they are dependent on this form of life for the energy that sustains them in their operations and because they have little time for anything else.» spare time 2 think about such things mite = a luxury but if u cant find th time 2 make an inform'd decision (i.e. vote) u shdnt live 2 b'gin cuz u aint living nohow so git out of th weigh

7 Mar > we went back to work for D [who we work'd w/ @ Napster] @ Σum nondescript day-job + on our 1° day back we went 2 git coffee + a pastry @ th hip compenny cafeteria + payd $12 + wait'd + wait'd seem'd forever couldnt figger out why it took so long then th cafe workers went int' a meeting + an hour or so went by til they came back + then they dint b'leave us that weed paid for it already + wd not give us coffee nor our money back so @ this pt we way late on our 1° day we went strait to D’s office wich = Σum corrugated tin shack w/ a dirt floor hiyh up on a mounden + we told her we quit b4 we even b'gan! + we told her th story bout not gitting our coffee + how we dint have th patience 4 this shit + that it seem'd a bad sign of incompetence that the cumpenny cafeteria wd rip us off + that also our commute = rilly far like 50 miles + we dint have no car + our boss D just sat there not saying nothing + a storm blew hurrycane forze winds pelting rain against our faces we aks'd her reaction 2 waht we sed + she just aks'd why we had applyd 4 th job 2 b'gin like ¿waht did we xpect? 2 wich we sed we thawt things mite = Δiffrent now + this digressed mo int a conversation of th “monoculture” office environment + how nuthing ever changes + how “monotone” + boring it b'comes if u dont constantly fight her + then we left but had 2 go thru Σum sort of convulooted assembly line w/ our bike + we cdnt ride her but had to park + lock her up + then pick her up Σumwhere else meanwhile ∀ll these zombees queued up + we had 2 pass over a piece of plywood w/ a sensor under her that activated a camraw 2 take our photo 2 identify us weather we liked it o not + 2 mark our spot in line until we woke up

 469 <( )> 471 > skan'd in still moves uv bald eagles + monochromatic bracketology


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