473> ser vs estar: th reziduel memewar of th hawkish variety uv branding i-urn

05 april 2016 > train horn in a'riverbrrating mhytyhm wakes us up like an alarm clock mid-aftrnoon blu sky lite flick'ring strobostacatoley cundoctor blaring horn x2 every 5 secunds probly cuz they hit a backho earlyr this week strands of trees little buds starting t' form back t' NYC 1-way @ least looks a bit less like winter then last time tho unseasonably cold out «now arriving in Wilmington» they announce wile we read th latest James Tate (Memoir of the Hawk) he rode b4 he died nice 4 reading on trains read a pom then gaze out th window + imadgin his vinyetted dramas playng out in these very rowhouses w/ tin awnings + malls + ball fields guys hanging out on corners sloped graveyards vinyl siding black bogs waddertowers autoshops east coast ugsitely lived here almost 20 yrs still dont git her we feel a fish outta hogwah ∀ll th dam cars + billbords selling this + that + discardid plastic + powerlines underpasses gravel axes rodes waht a terrible mess humins have made

smells Texas




warp'd i-urn

> Tate's got a knack 4 making th mundane surreal + verce-visa a certin reportorial logic quotidian pipes in a web leading 2 a refinery wires going everee way wich listening to Hey, Colossus on auto-shuffle (even in th quiet car always those who cant just shut up) a few nites ago we saw Autolux now superimposed ova bats in boatyards make us think of that terrorist marathon kid Boston finest shot th boat up nowhere near sea still expectid hogwah pouring out of th riddle of holes waht a way 2 go but he dint tho ¿think he got life in prison? may as well choose deth they shd give them th option ¿why put them on sewerside watch? way 2 menny ppl on this planit we think about overpopulation most every day if not waking hour wherever we go on this planit a constint remindr just pick'd up a bunch of passingrs now in Philly celebrating villanova's win last nite James Tate = a repsychler of junk turning them into antiques anutter man's treasure this pom (A LORGNETTE, A PARACHUTE) ∑ums up waht he dose:

I had been rooting around in the basement
for hours. It was dark and damp down there and
God knows what manner of animals lived there. I
found a bagpipe, a toboggan, a roulette wheel,
a movie projector, a blender, a vacuum cleaner,
a candelabrum, a croquet set, a branding iron,
a Chinese dress, some dental equipment, several
lobster traps and a bazooka. We had lived in
this house for many years and I had never noticed
any of this stuff, not that I spent much time in
the basement admittedly. Still, it was eerie, as
though a seperate life had been going on without
us. And perhaps a more interesting life, that's
what gets my goat. And I have a strong feeling
and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

—th tip of a milting iceberg if naut ya milt'd + @ th same time Tate = minimal + zen in anudder pom he reads th evening news «NOTHING HAPPENED TODAY» will shut up now on that note let th words + landscape flow thru us

06 april| NYC > staying in th same hotel we stayd @ 2-3 gothamic trips ago looking back thru our posts our 4th trip 2 NYC in as meny moonths cant seem t' quit her this time our window dont face out @ WTC o even th footprint but th inner courtyard woke up in th dark last nite naut knowing waht time our alarm clock only displayng th colon but no #s 2 either side ∀ll sorts of reziduel dream thawts flowing thru our hed back home we git up + put them down on paper (¿like Tate who we suspect also rites form a dream state?) in cuntinewing t' ride our Raft Manifest but dint want 2 wake up our better ½ here 4 work needs sleep + not even a pen + notepad on our bedside table 2 scribble notes 2 self that now (aft'r coffee + huevos rancheros) we pieced t'gather as:

drafting in th wake of 4fodders thru an x-panting sirees of damed kannals berthing us fro t¹ shelter co-zzz 2 pick up steam each padded lock needs 2 fill b4 we kin elefate cross th continental divyd ¡amanap nalp a nam a! linking east-west a recursion that defiles gravety ombraying donkeys sin caras cinching ropes 2 cleats w/ simpull clovehitch 2 close port beehind us b4 opening th proxy met w/ sighlents sides rising hogwah form fitting our bough spirit cum objet oriental programming calling udderwise self-cuntaind ruteens auto-correocting our trawjectory 2 yield sub-tit’los we dint aks 4 + a fin sprouts form th bristled nape of our neck 2 carry us bootstrapt cross a chants opera shun lo shun lo shun ec-hoeing th sediment uv bedrock b’low t’ sound a map like dicebats form th ∆iffrents tween o-i = 5

> knot that she makes much ¢ense 2 u dear inurnet unflormat'd ∀ll outta contxt + running on in plaze + probly 2 change once we integrate cross th ∆elta form 0 — 233 (th pg count wich we know b4 even we start) this snippet abuv probly to go on pg 70 if we member correct

logo of hotel we sleep

> walk'dabout lower Maphattan up Water/Pearl neath th Brooklyn bridge then up Bowery as far as 14th then zig-zagged back thru Soho + Tribeca no street we havent walk'd yet as we did them ∀ll on our Maphattan Project but always got t' rewalk in ∆iffrent direxion/time of day/season etc

hay bails


holes in a manhole




window shopping on th Bowery





crossing Howston


storefront architexture


sidewalk shed monster


empty lot q


missing bike


sea vu

07 April> wrode in th afternoon then went w/S uptown 2 meet J @ a restraunt sposedly run by Lady Gaga's parents pretty crappy as u'd imadgine but cdnt git a rez no place else > our dreams of late halve come poring in pure landgauge no plot jus words wich never kin we rem'ember verbatum @ least in th rite ordr cept last nite had ∑umpin t'due w/ ser vs estar wich 4 us signuls th turning pt (in A Raft Manifest) when we ℝealeyes th verb «to be» ∃xists o waht «is is» @ wich pt ¿purhaps we terminate our moratorium akey on 5¢ense? havent d'sided strange thing bout spañish she divyds to be int 2 cumponents w/ a complex system a rules when 2 usar each 4 th moss part we got no bone 2 pick w/ estar got mo 2 do w/ location + plazing cosas o may'b we do got a problema con esto in facto we got a problum w/ th ntire inglish landgauge th secund u scribe down an idea in cunsighs landgauge u kill that idea th secret = t' slip scarce enuff tongue 2 lead th reader 2 th edge but naut empush them ova + periods we avoid 4 th same razon akin 2 sentensing 2 deth dont give th readr no time 2 stop 2 think yo we don't do that in our own cabeza we 4ova park'd in a state of thinking th stream never stops + never 1 steps on th same word combination x2

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