475> unbow'd + quarter'd b'yond th zer0 uv Frisk-0

rails 2 th end uv th rainbow

10 April 2016 | SF > walk'd around Frisco again questo tempo w/ J + S this time hitting a few mo turistick places sints S never b4 visit'd San Fran up thru Chinatown stop'd 4 dim sum up past City Lights but not yet open walk'd broadway where we used 2 go 2 punk shows @ Mabuhay Gardens + On Broadway now some niteclub still gong stroing tho 10 a.m. wasted party ppl walk'd up twards Coit towr then back down thru North beach lines wrap'd round th block 2 eat @ breakfest plazes we used 2 freakwent Californians loco bout freakbast down 2 whisherman's farf 2 th marina then up Σum path past Σum abandoned pool weird déjà vu like we had this x-act dream reticently past turisty Lombard (not sure why?) etc then down Fillmore detour'd to Japantown over twards Haight (but had enuff uv them hobopunks th day b4) kept goin down Divisadero ate seafood lunch in th Castro walk'd round there up Market dack bown Valencia thru th Mission Σum back cross Market past City Hall thru th Tenderloin then later had french-vietnamese 4 dinner @ Le Colonial—

flâneur route Apr 10 (~16 miles)


Transamerika + Coppola bldg


a rathr desolate Chinatown




«itching to get away from Portland, Oregon»
(wich we always took personally since we from there)


up near Coit tower


thru th dreamy bramble


street car in th Castro


waving flags just cuz


City Hall


19 April > forgot 2 post th rest of our San Fran dispatch well dint furget time just slip'd a'way got cot up ketching up w/ stuff riding A Raft Manifest launching Beastlife desining a book 4 kids in Detroit spring cleaning etc warm enuff 2 move our desk back downstairs ... aftr th above day of walking round we flew back on th plane startid reading Gravity's Rainbow (wich we bot on a whim @ Aardvark's in SF) o re-reading actually 1° red her in Tucson in th early 90s may'b try'd once b4 that too in Hiyh Scool but dint get verry far figger'd aftr taking thermodynamics/statistickle mekanix + a bunch of udder graduate physix classes weed give her anudder shot but still sort of lost member spacing out mostly absorbing a bit more this time a'round d'spite ∀ll these annoying rugrats on th plane kicking our seat + making ∀ll sorts a noize just our luck 2° time in a row on a plane ½ full of kids on th way 2 frisco w/ hiyh scool theatre troup now unaccompanied grade scool brats surrounding us ¿aint there a law sayng kids gotta sit w/ an adult 2 watch aftr them? o pack'd in th luggedge compartment inny way nun of this o even de raft book we riding back home got nada 2 do w/ Gravity's Rainbow wich takes place mostly in London tward th end of WWII ever undr th threat of missile strikes extraordinary in th seamless flow from 1 charactor's hed 2 th next (o 4 that madder knot even th p.o.v. of a person but crowdsorced from a secret govt project o udder paranormule sorcery) no singul protagonyst + also writing th fine line 'tween fact + fiction waht = dream w'happens in th present o in th past th shifts keep smacking side yo hed w/ no warning as 2 w'happens next pure chaos entropy run amok guided by paranoia + a blitzing poisson distribution «... somewhere, though exhaustion, redirection, gusts of white noise out in the aether, this arrangement has begun to dissolve» u can fite th current 2 try 2 sake mense o flow w/ th go xcept u kin die a meaningless deth @ inny momint this we rite as we eat a banoner thinking back 2 th pirate Prentice's hothouse plantain garden mistaking a V-2 fo incoming mail jump 2 Slothrop's headspace (we find connectid by a message he just relay'd 2 Pirate) u kin imadgin this as a movie made ∀ll in 1 take like th opening 15 minutes of Altmann's The Player randumb missile strikes we discover correlate (w/ a 2-day lag) t' Slothrops sexual activity jump 2 th power cupple Jessica + Roger th statistician Σumhow weaving in ouija bords (wich also figure prominently in our Raft Manifest) + Pavlovian conditioning as if ∀ll this = 2 brace us 4 watt's yet 2 come

... knot 2 menshun fecal matter galore + toilets as portholes 2 udder hystories even an octopus (Grigori) condition'd 2 attack th kinky dubble agent Katje Borgesius (¿nod 2 Jorge o th papal dynasty?) by watching films of re-enactment b4 they happen ova + ova til she dose ever digging down 2 th non-linear rhizomes «Recall Zipf's Principle of Least Effort: if we plot the frequency of a word P sub n against its rank-order n on logarithmic axes," babbling into her silence», even her [Jessica's] bewilderment graceful, "we should of course get something like a straight line ... however we've data that suggests the curves for certain—conditions, well they're actually quite different—schizophrenics for example tend to run a bit flatter in the upper part then progressively steeper—a sort of bow shape...» that namesake pairabolick bow reining agin allsew th trawjectory of a missul Σum sort a holey fallus gong grnd 2 grnd but passing thru heavans sake rifracting th reign + parsing her lite int' disecrete culurs «... as Δt approaching zero, eternally approaching, the slices of time growing thinner and thinner, a succession of rooms each with walls more silver, transparent, as the pure light of the zero comes nearer...» @ stet jct we ¼ th way dun where ¼ also = a unit of curren¢y ± a room as in made quarters dun w/ th 1° sexion (of 4) gitting «Beyond the Zero» in Zeno stilo knot that u need read her in inny pertickler order 2 git 2 th «silent extinction» pre- ± post ∀ll th same even th # 0 (¿# or absence of?) herself form'd from 2 coinjoin'd rainboughs—

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