482> th defenestration of reason + quiet, rite out th window of Mark Train landing ....

leaving Yangon


Yangon river ∆

4 June 2016 | DC > backtrack'd to Bangkok .. ∀ll sorts of problemas gitting a boarding pass .. then again in Bangkok .. they cdnt just check us in all th way .. sorta unnerving cunsidering our layover in Dubai = < 1 hr .. @ each airport having to go thru security multiple times .. funnel'd like cattle on trains + elevators .. along ppl movers .. always crowdid .. in Bangkok posted our last dispatch from Burma .. tho forgot to inklude the above pics .. Bangkok > Dubai .. we alreddy finish'd Letters from Burma + had nuttin else to read so watch'd that movie about James Dean (Life) .. then figger'd it an apt time t' rewatch Rebel Without a Cause .. dunno .. Dane DeHann portrays an intresting charactor in Life ¿but mo like River Phoenix than James Dean? .. not that we knew Jimmy Dean .. th danger w/ such movies .. now wheel have DeHaan's mannerisms in our hed when we think of Jimmy .... then Dubai > DC .. flying over Iranian + Russian airspace .. dint sleep much . . rewatch'd @ least 4-5 mo movies forgit wich but seem'd th common theme = greed + cheating .. a theme seams on our mind lately .. pushy loud cheaters always win .. human nature .. oh we saw that movie about Jesse Owens (Race) wich ok, = ok .. an inspiring story fo sure .. sumtimes good things come out of ∀merika .. or @ least used to .. but lately not so sure specially w/ th prospect of Trump as prez weighing hevy .. reddy t' burn our passport + flee overseas (given fight or flight we always choose th latter .. we pride ourselves w/ our running skill (speaking of Jesse Owens)) .. even th prospect of Hillary as prez aint no consolation xcept a relief she aint Trump .... landid @ Dulles .. dont feel like much of a homecoming coming back to DC .. dont feel inspired like we used t' coming back t' NYC .... in fact DC dont feel so ∆iffrent than Yangon .. hot humid city w/ lots of traffic .. th kind of traffic that boggles yo mind ¿like why? .. so innafishant .. tho guess the Reason Rally mite of had sumpin to do w/ th road closures .. 1 cause (atheism) we mite rally b'hind but we too tired after all this travel to go stand in sum crowd on th mall .... most shocking tho (as in the case when Bush got re-elected) ≠ Trump but that > 50% of ∀merikins = dumb enuff t' vote for him .. downright scary ..

5 June> reading Clog: Landmarks .. not sure where we even got it or why .. may'b we pickd it up in our Maphattan dayz .. Clog = an architectural journal .. this issue focused on landmarks + bldgs demolish'd t' make way for new 1s .. like the Morris A. Mechanic Theatre in Baltimore wich we happend upon mid-demolition + of corse th originul Penn St in NYC .. 1 of th biggest "landmark failures" in hystery = allowing that to git demolish'd (besides th Buddhas of Bamiyan that th taliban destroy'd (in turn sparking the backlash of anti-muslim sentiment in Burma that we spoke of in the last posts) or sum of the stuff ISIS destroying as we speak .. or of corse WTC takes the cake) .. they also talk about the destruction of the American Folk Art Museum in 2014 that Billie Tsien (an Ark Codex patron!) + her husband desined in 2001 .. + funny that Dulles Intl (that we just flew in + out of) gits such accolades .. ¿we aint so impress'd? .. + they also talk about Watergate .. in fact 16 of 20 of "America's Favorites" are in NYC or DC .. not that we = fans of architecture or anything .... they go int' detail about all th varyus classifications of historical sites .. sumpin we ponder'd just last week in Bagan cuz we read how they almost dint git UNESCO status cuz th military regime in Burma botch'd th restoration + many temples (like th 1 we show'd surround'd by a garbage dump) ∃xist in a state of neglect .. + speaking of landmarks we red sumwhere that th phrase mark twain = what a riverman says when th water = 2 fathoms deep + thus plenty safe for th steamboat to pass ..

th nearby Libary of Congriss


Supreme Court


Union stayshun


leaving DC

7 June> on the MARC train (speaking of Mark Twain) to Baltimore .. our better ½ working everyday this week in charm city so she got a hotel rather than commuting back + forth .. so figured we'd join her @ least 1 nite .. reading Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche . . . . 1 of th last books he wrote .. tho it dint git published til well after he died cause of its controversial nature .. as u kin guess if u haven't red it he rips christianity a new A-hole .. not so much Jesus who he calls th 1° + last xtian but th institution his hoopla spawn'd .. that uses pity + guilt to control + subvert th masses into herd animals .. to blindly accept their doctrine rather than question + think for themsleves .. to choose decaydance over progress .. blind faith over science or just plain common sense .. + he doesnt just blame xtianity so much as morality in general .. («Morality is the best of all devices for leading mankind by the nose!») + philosophers (Kant + Schopenhauer) whose concept of morality is wed to xtianity .. «What destroys a man more quickly than to work, think and feel without inner necessity, without any deep personal desire, without pleasure—as a mere automation of duty? That is the recipe for decadence, and no less for idiocy... Kant became an idiot.» + all this at the expense of free-thinkers + sighingtists + quiet questioning people:

Let us not under-estimate this fact: that we ourselves, we free spirits, are already a "transvaluation of all values," a visualized declaration of war and victory against all the old concepts of "true" and "not true." [...] All the methods, all the principles of the scientific spirit of today, were the targets for thousands of years of the most profound contempt; if a man inclined to them he was excluded from the society of "decent" people—he passed as "an enemy of God," as a scoffer at the truth, as one "possessed." As a man of science, he belonged to the Chandala ... We have had the whole pathetic stupidity of mankind against us—their every notion of what the truth ought to be, of what the service of the truth ought to be—their every "thou shalt" was launched against us.... Our objectives, our methods, our quiet, cautious, distrustful manner—all appeared to them as absolutely discreditable and contemptible.

.. nada has changed .. atheists still @ the bottom of the pecking order .. below even untouchables .. Nietzsche does have some nice things to say about Buddhism .. tho nihilistic + decadent like xtianity, @ least Buddhism = positive + objective .. it deals w/ suffering, not sin .. has long disposed of this silly notion of "god" .. encourages the alleviation of suffering thru good health + good health thru moderation .. does not advocate conflict w/ unbelievers (tho Burmese Buddhists have lately been breaking this) .. + th end of the day «Buddhism promises nothing, but actually fulfills; Christianity promises everything, but fulfills nothing.»

> maybe we preaching to th choir + u alreddy = aware of the evils of christianity, but what struck us is how he paints xtianity as a static doctrine .. set in stone .. codified as moral law .. no room for progress or free-thinking .. no room for change or adaptation .. when u put it in words or put a face on your Dog, then it dies .. specially when laid down as moral law ± gospill truth rather than an otherwise intresting literary work of fiction .... ties into our dwelling lately on th idea of ∆elta .. not just as the mouth of a river but a rate of change, in calculus terms .. not enough emphasis gits placed on sustainabiltiy .. of, say, economic growth .. wd rather have 0.1% growth over a decade then to have 10% growth in a quarter (inevitably t' cullapse down th rode) .. expect nothing .. then u got nothing to lose ..

> like Cioran, Nietzsche uses the word decadent a lot in his diatribe .. but in europe it seems ∆iffrent than how we perceived th word growing up in ∀merika (w/ emphasis on self-indulgence rather than decay) .. like is flying bizness decadent? .. flying in general = decadent, but bizness class not any more so (xcept it takes up more room) .. flying in general = inhumane .. fit for cattle (no offense to cows) .. driving a car = decadent, playing golf = decadent, having kids ± pets = decadent, owning guns = decadent, + yes, living in a big house = decadent (moving to smaller digs in the fall + even tho it hit 95° we havent turn'd on th AC yet) .. eating at a nice restaurant ≠ decadent, but not finishing all th food on your plate wherever u eat = decadent .. but regardless ¿shd we ever feel guilty or judge others for perceived decadence?

> Xtianity hinges upon guilt + judgment, not to mention bigotry + hatred + lack of tolerance .. but why quote Neitzsche when u can hear it strait from the buybull (Mark ix, 42): «And whosoever shall offend one of those little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea.» .. or «"from woman comes every evil in the world"—every priest knows that, too. Ergo, she is also to blame for science..... it was through woman that man learned to taste of the tree of knowledge.» Nietzsche even goes as far to say that there appears but a solitary figure of honor in the buybull + that is .. Pontius Pilate! .. «who enriched the New Testament with the only saying that has any value—and that is at once its criticism and its destruction: "What is truth?"» .. a perfectly valid question when someone claims to bear witness unto the truth + that «Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.»

8 June> spent 1 night in Baltimore .. up in sum suburb .. Mt Washington .. @ sum retreat in the foothills .. nice t' get out of DC .. creeks + critters .. not that DC aint so bad in that regard .. in fact th 1 nice thing we can say about DC (as compared to NYC)—it smells nice .. of flowering foliage + humid fecundity .. our house smells like a house .. of old wood, maybe even musty but that's ok .. got to Penn st Baldimore + just missed a train so walked around for an hour .. chiller more real vibe than DC .. but u can turn a corner + suddenly another story ..

hexagonal house on Mt Washington


in the trees



th lite rail



community garden







12 June> our better-½ came back from Baltimore for 1 night but then went to Stockholm so we in th doghouse .... finish'd chapter 4 (of 12) of A Raft Manifest .. we a'rived @ th reeleyesation that we ever a'riving (in th wake of becoming) on th river .. wich rives t' say that we use th verb «to rive» in loo of «to be» .. cuz u never reely a'rive .. or spose u do, u die .. + so does landgauge whenver we abuse her t' spell things out .. news from Orlando .. makes us sick + sad .. what can 1 do? .. live like a monk in seclusion or check out altogether .. nothing will change in this moondough so long as its ruled by th religious right .. Nietzsche dint talk about islam much in Antichrist tho he did speak fondly of Moorish culture + how silly th crusades were .. he dint have a lot to say about judaism either (tho a better alternative to xtianity) .. he certainly saw th writing on the wall well before nazism took root .. no point in comparing + contrasting tho .. just another form of judgment .. bottom line ∀ll religions suck + th moondough = fuck'd byond repair .. nothing = fair or "right" .. Nietzsche sed something like rights = privileges .. so much hatred in th news + social media .. we closed our twitter acct .. th 1 we actually red .. still have the Calamari 1 t' post stuff but mite shutter that up as well .. ∀ll 1 big distraction .. a n over-hyped spectacle .. every1 clambering to git herd .. t' become part of such herd mentaliness .. we want no part in this moondough .. ¿how do we disappear cumpletely? .. «I float down the Liffey .. I'm not here .. This isn't happening» ..or better yet, to quote Camper Van Beethoven:

Club Med sucks
Authority sucks
I hate golf
I don't wanna play lacrosse

The people there, they are so stupid
They exploit the poor and the weak
I want no part of their death culture
I just wanna go to the beach

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