491> afishinsea xperts purging, salvaging + running SE DC @ minimum loss in #'d dayz

Dear Inurnet, into august now .. th 8th .. found a new place to call home + altho we dont fizzsickly move til septembr weave enter'd purge mode sints th latter ½ of augusto we aint around much. our last few moves—from Brooklyn to Rome, + back to Harlem, + then DC to NYC—got paid for so we dint fret nun over ∀ll th mounting crap we seem to half accumulated. on prior moves, specially to/from 5th floor walk-ups where we moved ourselves, we alweighs went thru a ritchualistic purging b4 each move .. but sints ~2010 we've accumulated mo + mo possessions + th place we moving to (in Georgetown, famous for a certain exorcized possession) aint so big wich suits us fine cuz we small ppl not needing much space ..

our fewchair digs in Georgetown

> so we gitting rid of beaucoup stuff, selling on craigslist or putting out on th sidewalk fo free .. our bed ya gone (cept th mattress), got rid of a few bookshelves (lots of built in 1s there so dont need) + tons of books of corse, keeping nada cept th 1s we perticklerly fond of (much as we like books we dont like holding them hostage in our own liebury) .. no more couches, no table (has a built-in kitchen table), etc .. we dont got much in th way of clothes but our better-½ she purging tons but rathr than haul off to 1 of them donation bins or goodwill figger'd weed use them for packing material 1° .. + boxes we just ran round th hood today (recycling day) + collectid boxes .. th best kind of recycling, no? .. we into th afishinsea of packing, pain'd us on recent moves how much th movers wasted bubble-wrapping every little thing up to kingdumb come they dont care nun how menny boxes (they only git paid mo) but we try to cunsolidate as muck as possible + our food in th cupbord we tryng to eat ∀ll down to waste nada planning meals accordionly .... we kin see now thru our blinds watching peepole outside pick thru stuff + look @ books etc. nice to give things away or sell cheap just to see hoo they go to knowing these possessions half cuntinued life like giving away a pet .. craiglist a pain in th ass tho, every1 responds to ads specially fo free shit they say they coming by to hold stuff but then they never show .. but a few do eventually come round + usually reely nice + appreciative in vivo but u never tell hoo will come thru ..

> gifing away 100s of books, many of th 1s we talk'd about here on 5cense these past 5 yrs amazing how books can accumulate .. this past fortnight finished :

  • Beckett's Unnameble (2x reading) wich we talk'd about last post (a keeper, to read again + again)
  • The Black Automaton by Douglas Kearney wich spose had her moments but dint seem worthy of th hype .. then again we dont know how to read poetry (put her out curbside for some1 else)
  • Wonderland by Samuel Ligon who came + stay'd w/ us a month or 2 ago in DC living up to th whiskey-fuel'd craziness in his storys + th part about drinking hooch in a Hitlon hotel rm @ AWP NYC we personally remember (a keeper)
  • No Longer Art (A Narrative) by th Salvage Art Institute .. not sure how this book came into our possession but we enjoy'd her thoroughly .. essentially a compilation of actual insurance documention for fine art works that got damaged, th documents themselves = an art form, for ex:

> they censored personal details for th privacy of th artists, but ∫um cases = e-z to figger out (like in th above, who else b's-des Cai Guo-Qiang paints w/ gunpowder?) .. ∫umpin fascinates us about th idea of insurance .. not that we got nada worth insuring pas, we dont even got renters insurance .. th most precious possessions aint replaceable .... mostly tho, these urly dog dayz of august we muster to ketch up on riding A Raft Manifest .. how come we havent wridden much here on 5cense. we up to pg 97, almost done w/ ch 5 (of 12) .. oh, we caved in + got a table for AWP, in early Feb, so now we got a dedline to shoot for .. @ 1 pg/day (bout th maximum rate we kin muster to ride) we reckon we just mite finish b4 then if we pick up some paddles sted of just floading .. we got (233 – 97) = 136 pgs left + AWP in urly Feb 2017 + accounting for printing time + making a cover etc lands us @ Jan 5-6 as th day to shoot for to finish A Raft Manifest .. wich happens to = th day our fodder died + th day in 2015 we launch'd 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' (no coincidents) .. not that A Raft Manifest gots algo to do w/ ded fodder, cept may'b th absence of him as he abandoned us out west + we got raised by a she-wolf named Marea who also resembles a murmaid but we gitting ahed of ourselves here ..

13 Aug> purged most of our ded wood .. funny of th 100s of books we curb'd th only 1 ppl dint take = Jackson Mac Low's Representative Works (1938-1985) .. like when u try to hide medesin in a ball of hamburger fo yo cat but u come back + find th meat all gone + just th pill setting there lick'd clean .. we curb'd books far mo obscure + xperimental + those got snatch'd up not sure waht ppl got against Mac Low xcept th book's got a liebury card pocket in her so may'b ppl think we stole her from th liebury? we sold our spin bike (w/ her 90-lb flywheel a bear to hump down steps) + cancel'd our jim membership so running everyday in this sultree august heat .... our last dayz running in Capitol Hill .. in typickle fashion spose we shd ∫ummarize our fave running routes when we leave a place, like we did in Rome + Harlem + may'b b4 that cant remember .. so for th interest of any runners in th southeast quadrant of DC:

1. Anacostia—probly our mos commun run .. zig-zagging thru Capitol Hill down thru th Navy Yard + over th 11th st bridge (@ wich pt u gotta scramble down th steep mbankment to git down to th riverfront) then along th Anacostia, nice bikepath w/ not menny ppl on her .. purhaps a bit xposed + hot in summer sints no trees but th mile b'tween th railrode + East Capitol st bridges a nice woodid stretch .. a'cross th bridge + a'round th stadium + strait along East Capitol wich aint so bad for running cuz they got a bike lane + not much car traffic (~10k):

2. Kingman I-land—a varyation of th abuv route sticks to th DC side of th Anacostia + adds a bit thru th massive stadium parking lot to Kingman i-land (shown in full winter glory in this post). th "trail" murges w/ a sort of axess rode that follows th tracks + if a train comes along she feels like u racing her specially when load'd w/ coal u can run almost as fast tempting to grab a hold + ride th rails like a hobo. we also seen a woodchuck that lives in these parts a few times down around th ominous salini impreglio project (a river tunnel to divert wastewater under th Anacostia so as not to pollute her no mo)(~10k)

3. th Mall—this route mite seem cool based on all th monuments u kin see along th way (specially if you loop around th tidal basin) but we hardly run this route cuz of annoying turists + cross-traffic + ½ th mall = rip'd up rite now under construction .. but Capitol Hill indeed = a hill biggr than u mite think, a descent 1 to end on + yes plenty of patriotic crap to inspire u (~10k)

4. Poplar pt—if aftr x-ing th 11th st bridge (in #1 abuv) u heed west in sted along th Anacostia u can loop back over th South Capitol street bridge + past Nationals ballpark + either back thru th Navy yard or strait up South Capitol w/ th capitol bldg herself as a beacon to guide u (~7-8k)


5. Navy Yard—for a shortr (specially if u want to stop + do situps/pushups etc) varyation on th above route stick to th DC side along in front of th Navy Yard (where that dude shot th poor ppl a few yrs back) .. if u retreat back up 4th st = ~5k or so ..

6. SW waterfront—for a jaunt into DC's lesser now quadrant run down to th Navy Yard + past th stadium thru a sorta sketchy hood so make sure u run fast + then past capt White's seafood where they sell th crabs + if u want more u can loop round past th Jefferson + FDR + MLK memorials along th tidal basin + back along th mall (~10+k) ..


7. Union Stn—run in th bikelane up 6th street a'cross H st past Union market + that def shcool + then cross th freeway or tracks (sorta tricky) then back along a bikelane that runs down along th tracks back down tward Union stn + back down 4th street (since a bikepath running south) .... + btw, th Natl Arboretum = good running but for us a pain to git to but once there lots of nice trails where them 1st cupple of bald eagles roost ..


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