497> Dr Awkward th afishinsea xpert + utter good p-poles ovalapping a fortnite in limbo

3 Sept 2016, DC (Capitol Hill)—happy Settimber, dear Inurnet .. ∫ummer ova .... last nite we met a few ½-horse ½-humun sintors w'ever u call 'em .. int.urviewing 4 a pizza d-livery job .. we got ∀ll geek'd out coont b-leaf they ∃xist'd fur ℝeal! .... them bigwigs hiring act'd ∀ll nonchalant like these sintors a nessysorry newsince .... they detourmined 1 = raysist a'genst muslims cuz of his risponses to th line of questshunning + they coont halve no raysist delivery boyz cuz th pizza plaze resided in Bagdad + they told us to ignore him cuz his inklinations made him downrite danjurys .. but we wonderd if this sintor answear'd this way on purpus cuz he figgerd they wantid a raysist d-livery boy .... we spaced out staring @ ½ their horseness wear she met humeness @ got to wondring if they had girlfriends + if they had sex cd they riproduce w/ us humuns? .. + do they halve a sepret speciel olympics for them cuz aint fair udderwise .. we redirected such a line of qwestshunning to th inturview panel + they aks'd y inny 1 in thair rite mind wd fancy sleeping w/ a sintor + we sed cuz they big + warm + dont know about u but we like th way horses smell .. we crazy fur sane so? .... in ℝealidad (whair ℝeal = royal in spañole) these = our last few dayz in Capitol Hill .. packing stuff up ∀ll reddy chompin @ th bit just awaiting til 5 Sept (th day we reserved 4 a U-haul) .... working on A Raft Manifest .. finish'd ch 5 (of 12) .. up to pg 98 (of 233) .... shooting to finish b4 AWP but dont no .. ℝoyally slow go'ng cum jell-o .. cant seam to ride regalure cum itch pg = a newd canvas to us primerd white w/ rabbit glue ± whateva them use gesso we guessing .... + cant due moss then 1-a-day .. + then gong back to copy edit (wich we did in Kenya) .... we find changes that apply elsewhere .. cumpleatly bonkers not so sure if no 1 else but us gunna git her .. noticed yesterday that The Becoming gits 1 star (outta 5) on Goodreads + A Raft Manifest = th seakquill! .. spent 2 yrs working on The Becoming + not 1 person red + liked her (ok, she got xcerpt'd in BAX 2014 but not sure how that happend may-b them cunfused us for ∫um 1 else?) .. + now spending every waking hour on A Raft Manifest + probly gonna git th same risponse .. we crazy? muster us to ride in a mo axessible manestream weigh that mite appeal mo to udder fellas but we just cant help ourselfs this seems th sol weigh that comes naturel to us .... when we travel round el moondough meeting p-poles they kin xplain wah them do + halve friends + cowleagues that udderstand but we got nun uv this support network w'ever them call her .. we working in a vaccuum witch suits us fine not like we after fame ± 4chin ± wah knot .. + sides when we look around us 99.99% of el moondough we cant relayte to no-how so guess we shoont xpect them to relayte to us in riturn reciprocal altruism w'ever u call her scratch my back we scratch yores b.s .... th book sea mismo cumpels us to ride her in such a dence weight + we mitey obliged to see her out best we kin .. + si hay algoon supportive folks like Ryan Ridge hoo just ran an utter xcerpt in Juked ..

4 Sept> last nite we woke in ∫um rural villedge in china (as ∀llweighs @ nite we go plazes that never we go during th day) + an earthquake hit .. lmfao @ 1° cuz th shack we in so dilapitated + small woont hurt not a flea spose she cullapsed .. but wised up + squeezed thru a dor oudsite + th grnd she opend up in big unjulating kasms .. follow'd by suddin gusts of wind a'blowing trees o'er .. + we got to wondring if th 2 = correolated .. earthquakes cauzing wind cuz of th ∆isplacemat of air much th same weigh they cauze tsunamis?

6 Sept> last nite woke up in an ol landcruiser, in south ∀merika ∫umwhere w/ this guyde doing field research uv ∫um sort .. he took us to ∫um weird resort to do a treatmint on our fingertips we look'd @ th label haha just ice cream watta a quack job so we start'd sucking off th xcess .... then we had to wash th dishis down on ∫um racetrack fur horses we fameliar w/ ∀llreddy (c sintor dream above) .. crawl'd o'er th barière endid up smack in th meddle of a moovie shoot + they startid a'hollering @ us in French + we rispond'd en españole que hablamos el idioma que hablan aquí + apoligized but we searching for a spigot here found her + rinsed off th dishis then coont find no guyde .. figgerd he went back to our bedder-½ assuming (makes an ass uv us) we new our weigh but not so sure we did coont even find our way outta this bazaar resort .. ppl in costume everywhere draggy + druggy carneval atmosphere ± may-b uv th Guiltid Victorian era we woont no .. found an elevator + press'd 0 btn but we ja @ 0 so th btn dint lite up nun so we press'd -2 + then we woke up .... in ℝeel life we mooved yesterday .. rent'd a U-haul van + shuttled a lode from Capitol Hill to our new digs in Georgetown .. w/ th brunt of her done + still well b4 mid-day we figger'd wah th hell mayas well do her ∀ll (oridgenully we figger'd weed take our time + do her o'er 2 dayz) .. we dint buy no boxes or packing material, just found boxes on th street + used our clothes or bubble-onvelopes + whatnot from pre-∃xisting press stuff .. but we dint halve enuff so we unpack'd ∫um of th boxes to re-use th packing material + boxes + brot them back + pack'd up th kitchen + udder stuff .. not perty but we did her in th nick of time ∀ll our worldly possessions in 2 van-fools (grant'd every nook + cranny stuff'd to th gills) .... felt good to moove ourselves .. th past few mooves we used moovers (+ y not sints they payd for?) but halving ppl moove u aint ∀ll that .. wd rather just do her ourselfs .. for starters u dont waste nearly as much .. «professional» moovers rap everee dam item in boutloads of paper + use tuns of boxis make no e'fort to cunsolidate + y shd they? they payd by th box .. but skin comes off our teeth yo .. y not cunsolidate as mulch as possible + use clothes ± bedding ± soft stuff to proteck yo fragile junk, no? .... also a certin pyschologickle element to mooving yo self .. = yo crap, u shdnt xpect no 1 else to haul her for u? sides, great fucking workout, u cant git a workout like that @ no jim! + then th xpense .. only cost us $60 + $10 gas for th U-haul .. if u hire professionals costs 100s if not 1000s .. + u git gyp'd of a workout + th psychologickle feel-good of DiY ..

7 Sept> living in limbo this week .. 2 ± 3 x we hump'd a lode on th metro to Georgetown running errorends .. unpackt her + then ran back .... a certin satisfaxion running or walking th 5-6 miles in b-tween like we forging a pyschogeographic cunnection tween th 2 living situations .. in riverse down rock creek past Kennedy center + Lincoln memorial + then along th mall o'er Capitol hill to this empty shell of a house where we sleep on th murphy bed + kept a pot/pan 2 plates + towel just enuff to live for these few dayz .. cunvenient cuz our better-½ cummooting to Baldimore these few dayz so walking distints to Union st (1 of th raisons we pick'd Capitol Hill to live) .... + we just a' setting here riding .. we pack'd up our main machene + just halve our laptop + dont got th latest version of A Raft Manifest on here + hard to run InDesign innyway .. just working on a 2-3 page pallimdrone that will come rite smack in th middle .... aint easy tho riding backwoods + reading backwoods charactor x charactor to verify .. call us Dr. Awkward or dorky Dr Owkord) .. e mord nil lap ≠ sdoow kcab? miss'd opurtoonity if u ax us evry word shd practiss wah she preach ..

10 Sept | Georgetown> bin here a few nites now .. oridgenully we plant to do th 2° round of our moove today take our time living in limbo cuz we pain rent inny way in th overlapping fortnite .. but sitting in Capitol Hill w/ ants in our pants chomping @ th bit to litterulely moove on w/ our lives .. so thursday our bedder-½ took her bike to work + we clean'd house + gatherd todo 'cept our bike wich we left fo when we go back fo th walk-thru + th rest we gatherd in rollerbags like ∫um sorta beverly hillbilly + we dint have th sine-in for our iphone so coont summons an uber since aint our dumfone so we flag'd a taxi th old-fashion'd way wich aint so hard cuz ∀ll them ride round empty now in this uber age .... went to Georgetown + startid unpacking taking our time like we always say but this time sorta heeding tru .. finding th rite spot for toto .. feeling out th feng shui ∫um times not doing nada just sitting amungst unpack'd boxes imagining our lives here + where to best situate ourselves + our possessions to maximize critter cumforts + wah knot .... + then like sissyfuss shuttling boxes around to make weigh to see wah a a piece of furnichair mite look like in 1 place or anudder .. wich weigh optimizes working potential + afishinsea .... then unpacking boxes despacio .. in th kitchen making sure each drawr + cabinet w/in optimal reach + like items together however that song gose we learn'd on sesame st .. inklined tward fighting entropy as gits baked int. our jeans .. creating a framework 4 order w/in ∀ll th disorder .. gits ez-ier w/ itch piece that falls in place .. w/ each box u unpack then brakedown + put outside more space gits created to work wit .... thinking th wile about afishinsea + optimizing thru-put .. our new digs in most ∀ll ways bedder than our old .. bedder backyard w/ a grill + patio furniture tho mossly brick'd so we got to git planter boxes sposing we want to grrow a garden .. a storedge shed back there too full of spyders + those weird-ass hoppity camel crickets they got here that scare th shit outta us in middle uv th nite aint seen them nowhere else cept may-b in a cave once in New Zealand .... bedder kitchen w/ a kick-ass stove .. proper offices for both of us @ th xpense of no proper bedroom for that we sleep up in a loft wich @ th momint = a bit percarious got do a monkey move to git up there climbing up a ladder w/ a dusie of a last step specially when in delirium middle of th nite + u gotta piss cunsidering gitting a chamber pot or hell u cd almost hook a hose up cuz th toilet direckly b-low where we sleep .. + a bit warm now (granted these dayz pushing upper 90s) .. but a skylite we kin sea stars out uv (grantid a bit frosty) ..

13 Sept> went scooby diving last nite .. off a beach under some big waves .. our bedder-½ = our «dive buddy» so concerned for her well-bean dint look around much an undertow sweeping us out + really murky but thru th murk glimpses of colorful fish + coral etc .. checking gayges + keeping tabs on our buddy-½ as we got swept out @ an alarming rate .. by desine, a «a drift dive», we surficed in ∫um underground grotto where we cod ketch a ferry back to this town where we went to an airport + wait'd for a plane home .... yeserday we orient'd ourself north of our new hood .. yah we know in this day + age u kin always google-map even street-vu to git th lay of th land but we old shcool .. running errorends @ el mismo tempo .. up thru Dunbarton Oaks .. saw a deer close enuff we cd reach out to pet her + she dint bother to run away nun .. mos poignant momints 4 us such eye-2-eye contack w/ fellow critters (sides humens) .. butt the deer got us thinking about deer ticks + that got us freak'd out about Lyme disease so we stuck to mane roads .. along Rock creek thru Embassy Row + Woodley Park up to Cleveland Park .. then cut over thru Mclean Gardens down Wisconsin ave by th natl cathedral .. down past Glover Park (Ian Mackaye's stomping ground) .. back thru Georgetown .. for th most part a big suburban sprawl but lots of nice green space .. great fo running fo sure ..

14 Sept> a'rived urly morn 2 our hotel + tons of homeless ppl camp'd outside in a perfect grid next to lounge chairs also in a perfect grid but only hotel guests cd use them so every 1 slept on th grnd + we cunsiderd weather we shd sleep on th grnd in solidarity or on a lounge chair wile we wait'd til check-in time .. 1 way we a posing liar but th udder we elitist dint know what = worse .... almost a fortnite sints we start'd this post but aint yet postid her .. making up (±down) for a summer probly posting mo then 1x/week .. + busy repositioning ourselves int. our new digs .. a full-on re-org, adapting to new surroundings, putting furniture, books, art, etc. in rite place for optimal functionality/feng shui .. a form of reset .. + mo purging .. stuff that dont got no place here .. + buying mo furnichair + whatnot to adapt .. smaller + mo modular .... helps w/ th riding to get oregonized .. + vice-versa riding here helps w/ ℝeel life .. o, got anudder xcerpt from A Raft Manifest publich'd in Tarpaulin Sky ..

.. spose u wantid to proob we rode A Raft Manifest u cd analies th fingure print fur yoself .. tru dat we got 4 creases on our left pinky if u ever meet us in flesh u kin c fur yoself ..

15 Sept > woke up metro'd o'er to our ol' digs to hand in our keys have our now x-landlord do walk-thru so officially done w/ Capitol Hill! .. hop'd our bike (th only thing of ours left) + rode back + rather than ride th short 6-mile way along th mall (wich we ran 2x alreddy to tie us psychogeographickly as we menshun'd above) we figger'd wah th hell mayas well go south to th next bridge down cross th Potomick cuz weed never done her b4 but allways curious (too far to run .. allways turn'd back round that air force base) .. coont find no d-sent bike path no fun riding on th sholder of 295 so cut inland deep into Anacostia/Congress heights .. perty sketch, good thing white boy on a bike not on foot .. cross'd into Maryland .. found ∫um nice bikepath thru Oxon Cove park past farms w/ cows + shit but th path dint go thru kept hitting dedends loop'd round an estuary back int. DC seem'd th only way to hit Woodrow Wilson bridge to ride along th hi-way .. big sholder @ least petaling fast tryng to limit our time .. finely got to th bridge + thru our bike over th barrier + climb'd o'er to th proper bikepath .. cross'd th weed-chock'd Potomic o'er to Alexandria, Virginia from there next bikepath along th waterfront .. past Reagan airport .. stop'd @ Gravelly pt + watch'd a few planes take off .. not as dramatic as when they land but still they swoop right ovahed not mo than a few hundrid feet o'er yo hed .. kept petaling along th Mt Vernon bikepath nice ride to the Francis Scott Key Bridge + back int G-town .. ~30 miles in all thru 3 states (well, 2 + 1 district) specially cunsidering th route-finding + dedends .... good workout nice change from running .. spose all this mooving + unpacking not bad exorcise shifting boxes round up + down stairs hammering nails braking down boxes .. still got mo shipments skeduled .. not just of furnichair, but books (Calamari) + green chilis ship'd frozen so got to make sure we here to receive yo .. still thinking th wile about entropy trying to create order from disorder that satisfaxion when recycling day comes along + they pick up th discardbord boxes ..

16 Sept | en route DC to NYC> got up @ butt crack of dawn almost got int. fistfight w/ drunk college kids hijacking our uber too old to sit on laps + share a ride aint nayborely we no but dint reqwest no carpool got a train to ketch bitches .. then th train stalls rite oudsite of Union stn need to check th injun they sed like theys popping th hood .. only now passing thru Baltimore Penn st .... think Junot Diaz just got on took th seat next to us reading a New Yorker probly reading his own story haha .. tho he ∀ll buff, Junot Diaz probly ∀ll scrawny, no? .... we ourselves reading Good People by Robert Lopez .. speaking of our murphy bed broLo crash'd her not too long ago passing thru DC w/ th Dude + a bottle of tekillya + ∫um sorta hydroponic pot .... helluva rider fo sure but a piece a work in ℝeal life as u kin imagin always needing to use th bathroom acting sorta like how we rides wich aint nutting like how we rite here mo like Beckett mo how she sounds to git red out loud ∀ll rico suave dude kin deliver out loud fo sure keep yo sisters + dotters away from him then u read his books + cant b'leave 1 uv th best living Amerikin riders slept on our murphy bed + we had th honor of publiching his 1° book! .. dam, furℝeal ..

> a'rived th shithole Penn st our bedder-½ had a meeting downtown so we walk'd th hi-line from Hudson Yards down to meatpacking to th Jane hotel but coont check in yet so drop'd our backpack off wander'd round down th riverfront then thru th west villaj over to Soho then downtown met our bedder-½ for sushi @ takahachi then walk'd back .. toto still baho perpetual reconstruction specially round Hudson Yards ..






(1 of th lat Zaha Hadid's works)








(wear we used 2 snake up + duck low avoiding cops now a touristic attraction)

> went to bklyn fo dinner korean bbq w/ M + L then mo drinks ∫umwhere else got back to th Jane hotel-cum-niteclub scene lobby chock'd full of drunk loud bridge + tunnel types bouncers trying to pat us down see if we hip enuff to enter .. our room only on th 1° floor (2nd in ∀merikin) window looking rite out onto her ∀ll whateva 2 tired 2 cumplain + move rooms just put a pillow ova yo hed ..

17 Sept> dint sleep mo then a wink no-good party ppl ∀ll out our window @ dawn went out running .. mo ppl than ever pour todos partes u go even running urly morn .. feel como un raton running in th rat race .. gotham crowd'd + loud everywhere @ ∀ll times makes us appreesheate DC we spose ..

INT. Jane


Good People in th Jane

18 Sept | G-town> break fast in Nolita @ cafe havana w/ my bro + niece then train'd home red mo of broLo's Good People but so cold on th fucking train w/ AC blaring hid under a shawl drinkng hot tea freezing our asses off .. why Amerikins gotta keep things so dam cold? .. whoever agreed on 68° or even 72° as «room temperature»? we keep our space around 80° so when we go out in public our asses freeze rite off .. + another bomb in our wake .. spose th po-lice kept tabs uv our whereabouts they might deem us suspeck .. as we walk'd up thru Chelsea on th way to Penn station earlier th same afternoon .. innyway now home safe butt gitten eaten alive .. mosquito-bites all ova our bodys .. ± may-b bedbugs from th Jane? deer ticks? fuck th east coast .. guess wheel post this now .. figger'd weed hold out + post pics of our new digs but dunno now still awaiting on some furnichair + stuff so u gotta wait to sea ..

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