507> flâneurin' Péret's Paris on autopilot, dadastreamin' to train ourself knot to think

ARChing INTrance to Montpellier

28 Nov 2016 | Montpellier, France> woke up wint running along th river Lez .. if u can call her that .. plus comme une canal .. tho more water in her now then o'er th summer when we ran her banks + this time farther out sints we stayng closer to th river, down in th sterile pre-fab fascist area of Montpellier .. hanging out waiting for evening train, had to check out, seems ∀ll we do in Montpellier = walk arounds searching for food never quite finding what we want .. ouais, je sais, same cumplaints as always about France .. but we aint here by choice, our bedder-½ has meetings + then we off to other parts of u-ropa aft'r this inklooting Paris where we dint git a chants to go last trip + Paris we dig more then le reste of France. Ate a chicken sandwich then edited (by hand) a draft of chapters 6-7 of A Raft Manifest we printed + brot w/ us sitting in th sun smack in th middle of plaza de la comedia, constint stream of people (lots of students + hobopunkabestias + street performers) milling all around us

awkworduck in montpellier


tram lines


sound baffle


comedy place



Reading The Leg of Lamb by Benjamin Péret .. letting Péret dictate our automatic writing style we aim to transition to now .. mustering to knot think si/no to dadastream .. let our cullective unconchus speak pour us .. them mixwell demon redgestures in our tête piecemealing a forking self-reflexive langue .. «On these little armchairs, people were typing feverishly on machines from which writings were emerging automatically, sliding along the tables and disappearing to who knows where.» .... Péret 1 of th lesser known surrealists @ least weed never herd of him but ∫1 we dont know sent us th book blind .. ∫1 who email'd us last month sayng they coont use PayPal in Pakistan, any udder way they cd pay? they aksed + we sed why not reciprocate in kind + next thing we know they kindly sent us some cool Pakistani artwork + books, thx MM! Things like this keep us doing what we do.

en train de lire Péret sur le train

Lost our train of thought, slipping into dadastream. Péret dint experiment much langue- or granmar wise (tho we read in x-lation), surreal assez les scénarios! Tho 1 intresting charactor in 1 story (a daughter of a Mexikin shoemmaker) parlays w/ no verbs, juste run-on nouns + prepositions, etc, pour x-ample: «Then a great wind and I out of the light. In the of an eye and I in a bowler hat. And here I.» And here dadastream we badass no use for verb «to be» she dont nada ni siquiera zapatos. In training, loose ourself in dadastream as we transition aways from rêve sintax to moss cunventional landgauge + grandmar (in our wriding of A Raft Manifest) that plotlines + hystorias git plus étrange. Series of nonsequitrs comme dans un rêver, but stated madder of fact .. news = nouvelles .. 1 or th utter (story or sintax) = abstrait, rite? Les deux, trop troppo.

Péret + his Parisian posse of surrealists (Breton, Aragon, Tzara et al) often induced their writing + art w/ séances .. in a trance d'say what comes to mind. Come dance les rêves cant help but to inkorporate EXT.urnal sensations. On a high-speed train now to Paris riting backwoods, dark outside purple (think papal) seats ppl jabbering in French dont mind when we cant comprehend pas, just chatter as long as not ∀merikin inglish. Sides automation th relentless cumpiling not stoppin pa pour nada come how she comes in rêves nada remanes what s/he == .. todo submits to seizeless tyrannickle b-coming, as Breton said (in What is Surrealism?): «one must take into account the property of uninterrupted becoming of any object of paranoiac activity» (paranoia we also train on our hone dadastream) what else = souprizing est-ce Péret rode most of hystorias in The Lag of Limb in the 1920s, ½ of them even preseeding Breton's Manifesto of Surrealism so who ℝeelly th 4-fodder, eh? Sea, we lie cuz we ride piecemeal not in 1 fell swoop based on notes we taking in as we read cumbined w/ EXT.urnal influenze just past th town of Valence wondering if valence electrons took their name from this town? We also edit ∫um aft'r th fact, want to git 2 a punt where we run w/ 1° draft, wear stet style comes 2° naychair .. started watching th SoundBreaking PBS series before this trip, about th recording industry, not so much th music herself but th act of getting her down on tape ± vinyl .. a topic we into mucho in fact we wint to sound engineering shcool did u know? + as a musician in our teens to 20s not intrestid in playng live just recording on our 4-track, collaging sound on tape juste comme how now we collage w/ words + image whatever fits on th page of th book.

arriving upskirts of Paris


Eiffel tower


29 Nov | Paris> typickle French hotel can hear ∀ll sorts of noises, 4 am soundid like ∫um douchebag taking a bath dans our tête, our room acts as an amplifier, not an insulator, pa, rumbling of machinery, beeping, buzzing, voices, doors slamming, steam hissing, radiators expanding, elevators grinding, pipes flowing—∀ll blending as 1 comme le film Delicatessen (1991). Aft'r a wile muster to embrace her, let her guide our dreamin' dadastream. Woont kill us nun to introduire un peu plus de lyrisme dans notre écriture, in plumming th depths, to sonar w/ sound not giving no crap what means just how sounds.

In meatspace we flâneured around .. dint look @ no map pa, juste wanderd aimless startin' near Ark de Triumph nearby where we stay (traverse la rue where Balzac lived) .. up Montmarte th backway .. back down along th river past th Louvre to th Latin Quarter .. Paris definitely has nice lighting .. probly cuz they dont have bldgs o'er 5 stories tall .. stop'd at Shakespeare + Co + also wint by 125 St Germain just cuz = th title of leadoff story in Péret's Leg of Lamb (he also namedrops Montmarte a few times) .. must of changed sints 1920s we imagine .. then back up Chomps eL-ezay (lined w/ tacky xmas souvenir stands) .. hard to avoid ∀ll th tourist crap in Paris .. sembles to have sold herself out .. aggressiv touts/pickpockets in packs harrassing tourists grabbin some guys phone then bump'd into me, feel pockets, check, steer clear of touristic areas ..

walkin int' th lite



parc monceau



making a carousing carrousel of th sacred cœur





125 St Germain (title of 1 of Péret's stories)


palais royal




Louvre metro


in Seine banks



Parisian sampietrini


Eiffel + Ferris


window shopping




In th evening metro'd way out to outskirts, Porte de Pantin, ∫um fancy performance space (Philharmonie de Paris .. funded by th group our bedder-½ here working with, hence), swanky dinner + then Wayne Shorter in this grand symphonic hall .. guess Shorter's quartet sounded good (specially his drummer) just dredfully formal + stuffy (strange space to see jazz) .. woe = me, rite? subjected to jazz after a nice meal in Paris .. but most of us jetlag'd + we aint jazz buffs by no means, just sorta spaced out tryng to stay awake lookin round dadastreaming that jazz ≈ poetry readings, no 1 ℝeely enjoys themselves just feeling an obligation to git «cultured» .. also occurs to us (in lite of what we seine about recording) that performance artists aks a lot of ppl, to just sit there .. wanting her to end .. but no, an encore .. + then anudder encore! .. encore! comme ∫um sick joke .. smelled like th previus occupants of our taxi threw up + th smell got superimposed on th sites + sounds driving back to th hotel ..

30 Nov | Paris> th Olympic committee added a new sport, in these long manmade tidepools w/ turbulent whitewater pump'd in to create chaos (perhaps induced by us watching french marine commandos swimming in Seine on purpoise blastin' bot engines to create turbulent conditions (to simulate a rescue?)). Th athletes (us inklooted) needed to swim along @ gather shrimp (dont recall shrimp, but crabs figger prominent in a few of Péret's storys) from underwater shoals, both on left + rite sides so amphidexterity help'd .. th arbitrator also dragged a hook'd shrimp along so u had to watch out to knot git hook'd .. th anxious contest-ants talk'd about a certain heightened state u reach'd holding yo breath where she b-comes x-tremely pleasureable to th point of near death + in fact ∫um died .. if this did happen, said 1 of th other olympians, make sure appears axidental + not suicide, for th sake of yo surviving family. Woke up + th guest above us deeply entrenched in who knows what stage of their bathing ritual @ 4 or 5 a.m. .. filling tub, sloshing, topping her off, draining + showering, feet squeegying on porcelain .. only today's ritual seem'd to incorporate ∫um electronic vibrating cuntraption + wint on endlessly for hours + hours .. + now plus tard dans la matinée they come barging in wile we douching .. dont b-leaf in do not disturb sines here .. even when we put th «dont derange our chambre pa, mercy» sine they come barging in sans knocking .... muster us now to block out such distractions + focus our dadastream on ℝeel riding not this here b-logging .. cant till ∆iffrents tween sleeping + waking state @ this point.

1 Dec | Rome> back in th eternal cheetah, smack sandwich'd entre il Foro e il arco di Giano. Stone's throw from Boca de veritas. Home away from home. Same plaze we stay'd for a week or so in 2015 when we nomadically bivouack'd in Roma. Our flight from Paris 2 hours late so dint git in til aft'r midnite, wich sort of sucks for coordinating an Airbnb but they cool. Unseasonably cold, like Paris. But sunny.

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